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'We Need a Moment of Transcendence in the United States' to Reignite National Imagination Says Sanders Na to Reignite National Imagination Says Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turnertiona Co-Chair Nina Turner

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/we-need-moment-transcendence-united-states-reignite-national-imagination-says

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You tell me Nina is not going to be Bernie’s running mate and I will tell you, you are crazy.

Nina is NOT going to be Bernie’s running mate.


You are crazy…I warned you! lol (seriously though, who is your choice?)

" Says Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turnertiona Co-Chair Nina Turner"

Please proofread the title.

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Probably Julian Castro.

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While singing with the choir might I suggest a little Plato with your cawfee? To place what Nina and Bernie are getting at in the long view it is a righteous for justice . It is a short read.



The important factor not mentioned is that in the wake of 2016 coronation of Hillary as the d-party’s surefire loser of a nominee, Bernie became the most popular politician in the country, the DNC installed him as a leader in their outreach efforts, and his policy proposals set the standard for what gets debated by the party’s base (even if the party honchos are committed to making sure most of his legislation never sees the light of day). The energy in the d-party room emanates from Bernie’s ideas.

All of that is what a movement looks like. Also, I read a trustworthy poll after the Detroit debates that revealed that the number 2 choice of ByeDone supporters was Bernie. And the majority of Bernie’s support is people of color, urban residents, and women. So that ‘Bernie Bro’ bullshit is nonsense.


Feelin the Bern Bernie 2020 ! Anything less is unacceptable !

And don’t forget young people. They love the old fart! lol (coming from another old fart! 68 years young!)

hmmmm…ok…didn’t see that coming. To each their own.

Actually, young white voters have drifted to Warren. Young people of color support Bernie/ByeDone.

Reason??? Is your choice based on “identity politics” because I can find no ther reason for your choice given policy.

First thing to do after our new president is sworn in is to lay the trump disaster on a funeral pyre, with a ton of explosives under it and ceremoniously blow it to kingdom come.
Then deprogram the deplorables, and press them to hopefully never watch Fox Noise ever again.
History will show a never ending stain on the republic. Maybe we can forget this nightmare some day.

As long as it is not Tim Kaine.


LIZ WARREN, it must be a Female and between Bernie and Liz they control the Progressive Wing and will ignite young voters and lead us to a Victory.

I am not in favor of Warren as VP. With Nina, if Bernie can’t make it through his term, for whatever reason (god forbid), then his ‘revolution’ will not miss a beat with Nina there to take up the mantle. The two are on the same page all the way through the ending of the book and its two sequels. Warren, not so much. I would like her to be the new Senate Majority Leader though! With Ro Khanna the Speaker of the House.

Looks like some of the stuff my auto check spits out on my cell phone on occasion.

My feeling is if the DNC can’t stop Bernie without tearing the party completely asunder and empowering a Green Party, they’ll agree to support his run if he takes their neoliberal choice for running mate. Stacey Abrams comes to mind. Do you think Nina Turner has the political chops to take on Washington as his Chief-of-Staff? She’s never worked the corrupt halls of Congress in her career so I wonder if she could face off with Pelosi, Hoyer or Chuckles and come away a consistent winner. The Democratic leadership is not going to want to play ball with Bernie so his CoS is going to have to be one tough cookie willing to go to the mattresses.

Good point, though I will counter with if Bernie is the nominee he will have won without the DNC’s support and won’t need them in the general election so can effectively tell them to eff off. He will be, for all intents and purposes, the leader of the Democratic Party. As for a tough Chief of Staff, Richard Ojeda anyone!?