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We Need A Moral Movement


We Need A Moral Movement

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

In our travels to more than 32 states, we bore personal witness to the extreme poverty and systemic inequality that plague the world’s wealthiest democracy.

The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis visited with individuals and families at the US/Mexico Border as a part of The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call For Moral Revival on October 23, 2017.


The Moral Majority is what has put us into our pit. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?


re “…the Breach that has opened in this country between nation and citizen, government and governed…”

It was the pinnacle of achievement for the cabal fronted by Grandpa Caligula Reagan: convincing people that government was the problem, rather than the solution. This has continued apace, as exemplified by Steve Bannon’s public pledge to “dismantle the administrative state” (except for the Dep’t of Defense, Homeland Security and Bureau of Prisons, of course).

It will be the pinnacle of achievement for the Moral Movement when it’s able to convince people to pick up the reins of government, throw off the corporations and the predatory rich, and rule themselves once again.


Reverend Barber! Welcome. “The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival” ROCKS!


Not that “Moral Majority”! lol The actual Moral Majority of working Americans, is We the People, you know - Us! Bernie. Medea. Cornel. Keith. Bill. The Greens. Millions of “Berners” who are Indy voters! The moral majority of us Good People, who fight the Good Fight, will expose the corporate machine as the pitiful naked lie that it is and always has been - morally corrupt!!


We definitely need a moral movement which can address and push from outside the elected political realm for social and economic change. While government can address the many wrongs, it seems incapable of confronting them. As with so many in the US, many of the elected leaders are self-interested. They can’t see beyond their own nose and definitely don’t seem to relate to or understand the suffering or struggles of other people. This is a cultural/spiritual phenomena which has a lot to do with materialism and the ego. There needs to be a revolution in fundamental values. Investment and quality and integrity should be the guiding principles instead of consumption and expediency and fear which can so easily be abused in acts of cruelty and violence. Each person needs to look in themselves and ask themselves the fundamental questions. Maybe we can find answers if enough of us commit to it.


In the US as in the book 1984, much of the verbiage is upside down. Moral actually means immoral. Good means bad. Do you ever get the feeling that if you want to know the truth - take the exact opposite of what government, businesses and many of the politicians say- and you will find it. Unfortunately - government controlled by an elite, wealthy and corporate global business class does not have the best interests of people at heart and lies about almost everything.


The moral majority never was moral or a majority, they were Archie Bunker fans who became just another fake news subject that the 1%, their corporations and media contrived and foisted upon the world.

“In an era of deceit, telling the truth becomes a radical act” - George Orwell

We entered that era well before 1984.


Not a fair swipe at all. The Moral Majority, founded by the Anti-Christian psycho Falwell led the right wing Crusades against poor people.

Although I’m not entirely comfortable with this group branding themselves “moral” i.e., because of understandable resistance by those already having been branded “immoral” by right wing “Christians” like Falwell, I do appreciate their activism as it does way more good than harm.

Hats off to their commitment to bring the issue of poverty into the fore.


The so-called “Moral Majority” of the 1980’s was neither of those things; but yes, they became an important factor in the Republican takeover of the white South!


Legislating morality (which imo, is what it will take) has always been a thorny issue. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Until, for example, actions like the s*itheel Mnuchin took when he was head of One West Financial (throwing hundreds of people off of their mortgages and thus out of their homes, without time to respond) are without exception punishable, the sordid march will go on.


Reverend Barber could be the new MLK or Gandhi.


Essentially, Dr. Barber calls for a religious value centered poor people’s movement in the mold of the civil rights movement - like that earlier movement, mobilizing both the poor and a liberal to progressive spectrum of middle classes, but this time focused not on racial but economic inequality.

Of course, racial and economic inequality are connected. But, by contrast, the earlier movement had concrete and immediate goals - prominently, equal rights in relation to commercial services (equal access to housing, drinking fountains etc.) and public services (buses and schools and voting booths). Mobilizations - actions by a poor-centered movement to achieve these goals - was likewise concrete: individual, small group and mass nonviolent resistance to state laws.

In the above cases, poor people - supported by allied movements and liberal political and journalistic elements - had opportunities to be direct actors to achieve their goals.

As has often been argued, Dr. King was moving beyond racial equality into a greater, economic and political critique of inequality and injustice when he was assassinated. And Dr. Barber may be thought to be taking up the reins of that broken project. I support Dr. Barber, I think it is vital to mobilize the poor, and will continue to think of how his project might be realized. But imo the goal is more difficult - in terms of both ends and means.

The end goal of overturning systemic inequality - after we agree on the goal and the values, what are the proximate goals, what is being called for in the short term,? And the means - the mobilization of the poor? What are the poor mobilizing for, what are they demanding - what actions can they take that express a direct intervention into the workings of capitalism in the way that occupying a white only lunch counter did?

I don’t really have an answer - though I think national healthcare-centered demands could form a starting point.


And We the People will become citizens, again. The corporate “its” will be undressed for all Good People to finally see “its” corrupted, immoral machine-self.


The demand should be for the Second Bill of Rights as proposed by FDR in 1944. I contacted this group about just this topic and linked them to my site and never got a reply, why is that?


Hm…1) Re FDR’s Second Bill of Rights - wonder if the target publics would be up to that history lesson. 2) Re not being contacted back - few funds, few staff? The right has more money. I’ve reached out some myself w/uneven responses. Calls for progressive unity - aka ‘a movement’ - is one progressive leitmotif. But one basic cause of left wing balkanization the U.S. is lack of funds, imo.

Have a Good New Year, In Solidarity…


through the stat’s page for my site I can see who has visited and from where…no visit from them…


I got that part, Ditton…plus suggested a possible reason why…


maybe I’ll cut them some slack, it maybe lack of funds, it maybe lack of staff…maybe I’m a grumpy old man, no, wait, no maybe about it I am a grumpy old man :-)…they were looking for art for their movement, I offered them anything on my site, any size for free, over 140 photographs, poems and the like, they were looking for endorsements and I was willing…I’m just a grumpy old man


One recommendation for progressive NGOs. Don’t use big corporations “free email” . Read the fine print of the EULA. Also, don’t use voicemail, it vanishes. Have emails on your site for real people. Have a real address. Be real. Be intelligent people

Realize whats being done to squelch any voices people have.

Realize they have been gutting democracy. Stop whining about Democrats vs. Republicans and falling into the divide and conquer trap.

I think we could learn a lot from the nonviolence movement and - gasp- what we know of the real, pre - religious-zealotry Jesus.

What I am saying is great amounts of effort are being put into dividing people and dehumanizing other people. But its BS. Reject it.

They are trying to cool up excuses to ‘justify’ stealing the nation, which they already decided to do 20 years ago without any justification. For at least that time, we’ve been scammed. all of us. Both parties followers have been scammed. They are basically if anything, two factions of the same party, the worst actors party. And they are acting. Its totally phony at this point.