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'We Need a #PeoplesVaccine': After Hopeful Findings From Pfizer, Campaigners Demand Suspension of Patents

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/we-need-peoplesvaccine-after-hopeful-findings-pfizer-campaigners-demand-suspension


pharma designs a particular medicine for a particular ailment.
Receives one patent and deserves it if private funding was used.
Then, they apply for another 117 patents for unrelated illnesses
and none have been even tested for . Patents granted.

something is wrong.


Jonas Salk = Morality!


The American public has invested $75 million that we know of in this vaccine,
Nationalize these profit mongers now!


Polio is the past, covid is the present and climate is coming fast.

One way to probably get the engineering tools that we need for climate is to give away many billions of dollars to the government’s friends. It will probably work. Or maybe it won’t.

In the 1930s kids were sending their dimes in to President Roosevelt, who was in a wheelchair because of polio. That’s how Dr. Jonas Salk was funded. Dr. Salk created the first polio vaccine because he was funded, and then he gave it back free and unpatented to the world’s people.

If you want fast and effective climate responses then you will adequately fund the government's wealthy friends HEY WHO EDITED MY POST?


“Pfizer and BioNTech need to share this vaccine with the world, not hoard it for profit.”
—Heidi Chow, Global Justice Now

Heidi I know you mean right, but I use to be stockholder in Pfizer. **** NOOOOOO WAY!

…and then Fossil Fuels

And BTW the chance of Biden or any of teh Dem ‘leadership’ busting this patents on this is pure fantasy.


But, it’s good to see intelligent people saving lives, and who cares if the bill ever gets paid.

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I have hearted nearly every one of your posts, but not this time, as it sounds like you would put stockholders’ profits over the lives of millions, if not billions of people. As with any universal resources, like energy and water, payments to companies who develop, process, or provide products and services need to be made internationally and the companies rewarded for their efforts. But I’m with Chief Seattle about ownership on this one. Just because one geographic area is blessed with abundant resources, and that includes research labs, doesn’t mean they own or have exclusive rights to what rightfully belongs to the world’s peoples.


There is supposed to be a public health exception at the WTO (no thanks to Clinton) for stuff like this. Life saving drugs, and drugs developed with public sector support, should not have pattents and a public sector enterprise should be formed to sell these drugs at cost. Capitalism is a system ill suited to deal with society’s needs.


Regarding the Polio vaccine, Jonas Salk asked "Can you patent the sun?

Given the embrace of capitalist paradigm of universal commodification and unending push for profit, from Pharma to Green New Profiteers and every other realm of business enterprise, it seems more likely to hear the question: “How can we patent the sun?”


ChristieC: Sorry, I did not make myself clearer. When I posted no way I meant that no way would Pfizer ever agree to the suggestion. I sold my stock a long time ago when I realized I wanted nothing to do with Pfizer. Thanks for your reply.


I agree, Pfizer is part of the greed of bid Pharma. By the way, if no one wants to buy your bridge, tell them to contact me, I have one in Alaska they might like better!

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$19.50 each for 100,000,000 vaccinations purchased by federal government from Pfizer.
These will be provided to individuals for free.

Two shots needed, so 50 million americans can recieve beginning about next August / September. Medical, miltary, all elected and their staffs, police and fire, gov’t employyees and contractors.

I do not know about children and elderly status. Rest homes are still death parlors.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Explains Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines


  • Coronavirus vaccine development has proven very difficult over the past 30 years, as the vaccines create very robust antibody response, but when the patient encounters the wild virus, they become severely ill and often die — a reaction known as paradoxical immune response or paradoxical immune enhancement.

  • Dangerous coronavirus experiments led by Dr. Anthony Fauci went on in the U.S. until 2014 when President Obama ordered the work to stop due to safety violations at three biolabs. Fauci then moved the operations to the Wuhan lab in China and continued coronavirus experiments right up until the time that the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic may have been generated to ensure that dangerous coronavirus research would continue and receive fresh funding.

  • To accelerate a virus’ evolution, you grow it in several types of animal tissue, such as pangolin kidney tissue followed by feral monkey kidney cells and mouse brain tissue.

  • Each time you transfer the virus to another animal tissue, mutations occur. There’s also evidence showing these animal cell lines are contaminated with coronaviruses and retroviruses, which end up contaminating the vaccines grown in them.

Full article is on Dr. Mercola’s website


Hi JoanRobinson
I just saw a 60 Miinutes show today where the army is in charge and it said they wlli have the vaccine shortly. The head Army man also said that the vaccine must be taken in 2 doses with the second dose taken 21 days later . However this vaccine appears to have to be kept very cold in order for it to be stored. sigh—it already sounds like a nightmare! : (

Even if it ain’t snake oil, we must be wary of the reptiles in the room


Did Trumps head just explode------They are saying they will have it by the end of the year–50 million doses -and they are saying it must be kept very cold or it will spoil —

The SEC should be investigating Pfizer’s announcement given that the company’s stock has skyrocketed due to a company’s “media announcement.” Their findings have not been peer-reviewed and there are still tons of questions, such as how long is it effective, which Covid-19 variants does it immunize against, etc. The government should be named as co-owners of any patents granted that used tax-payer money in development and should share in any profits generated.

So, people with access to top-tier healthcare will get vaccinated first. The rest of us can F.O. and die.