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We Need a Public Option for Prescription Drugs

We Need a Public Option for Prescription Drugs

Stephanie Taylor

Kara Eastman, the Democratic nominee in Nebraska’s Second Congressional District, tells a story while campaigning about visiting her mother while she was dying from cancer. Her mother’s medicals bills were stacked so high on the kitchen table, Eastman says, that when she visited, they couldn’t see each other through the piles. Just one of her mother’s pills cost $2,500 a month.

We need a Public Option for the Presidency and Congress.


After having recent first hand experience with our medical system, the whole dam thing needs scraping, and start over, with universal healthcare - birth to death.


We don’t need a public option for prescription drugs, we need freedom from prescription drugs and predatory drug-pushing on a gullible, lied-to public. The conspiracy of collusion between doctors, the insurance industry, and big-Pharma to push their damn deadly junk that kills over 100,000 annually (not including opioid deaths) is the problem - aided by a complicit TV and media and corporate takeover of hospitals. Of course some medicines are needed for conditions and diseases and both the obscene costs must be forced lower and universal not-for-profit single-payer instituted to help the public - not what we got from Barry, the great progressive fraud.


Yes. We need to live, eat, and play like human beings rather than cogs in the hyper-financialized world in which we find ourselves. True, some drugs have been incredible helpful to maintenance of life, but what is needed most is balance–something the monied interests abhor.


Food IS medicine - “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates circa 450 BC?


We need a Public Option for Weed.


That’s called growing…



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Fvck the public option. Single payer is the ONLY financial and moral solution.