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We Need a Systematic Analysis of the Racism in this Country


We Need a Systematic Analysis of the Racism in this Country

Joanne Braxton, Michael Sainato

Dylann Roof, a young white man armed with a virulent, toxic hatred and a 45 caliber pistol walked into a historic black church and was welcomed with open arms as a stranger, into a Bible study. Taking advantage of the well-known hospitality of this sanctuary, he sat for an hour with a group of 10 people, none of whom had any idea that nine of them would be dead within an hour.


Having taught (now retired) at the university level for twenty-five years, I would like to note that education does diminish racism. Seriously, I saw a great softening of hearts and blending of groups on the campuses on which I worked. Any activities that keep education at bay promote the environment in which the ignorant folly of racism flourishes. Progress has been made, but it is not homogeneous, perfect, or timely for the losses we suffer.


My first reaction to the title of the article was, “somebody is looking for a nice big fat open-ended grant to keep them employed for as long as possible”. This is not to say that racism is not endemic throughout the culture and society of the US–it is. Do we really need a whole flock of social scientists conducting endless focus groups, administering tedious “test instruments”, and issuing ponderous reports that are ignored and not acted upon anyway? I think not. (Google “Kerner Commission” to better understand what a boondoggle such studies are).
If you want to understand racism in the US, set aside about 18 minutes to watch the link below and let James Baldwin show you why things are the way they are now, have always been so, and will continue to be so:



Everyone needs to conduct their own analysis and there are a number of good programs on racial equity that can facilitate and support the process.


Racism is a bridge to hatred.
‘Hatred’ is the motivation and forward-desire of the hurt-child.

Heal the inner-child; end both the desire for hatred and the cause of racism

How is the done? What are our first steps?

The answers are found in The Science of Mind: the Oral Law.

  • Syncretic Reality : biochemical individuality :blush: each to their own cure.


Wouldn’t it be easier just to have neighborhood and community based medical and mental health clinics starting with pre-natal care and ending with death with dignity and right to die hospices? For those lucky enough to survive the death cult insanity practiced by our present " pay to play " political/economic elites and their corporate facades, that is.


A defective teaching of history is surely an important part of American racism. How many know that the reason we are all white, instead of being Scots, English, Irish, French, Italian, German etc is because of the common need of the European immigrants to contain the black slaves? Or that the British High Court decreed in 1772 that on British soil there could be no slave?
Much comforting mythology must be discarded before one can see where we are coming from. And we must see from whence we have come to sense where we must go.


News programs encourage us now to debate whether it was terrorism or not. Language matters. But we are taught to moralise to no end instead of collecting the facts about this systemic racism and taking action. Look at John Stewart’s reaction to the massacre:: He showed his grieve and frustration and then turned to a liberal icon, M. Yousefzai. Why not talk about Mumia Jamal? Or have as a guest a Native American to talk about how the genocide of the indigenous populations on Turtle Island is connected to the need to import slave laborers without a connection to the land. (Look at how Israel is pushing Palestinians out and importing cheap labor from other Asian countries.) The powers that are always try to deprive us of the necessary context.