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We Need an Agroecological Revolution—So Why Are Governments Investing in Agribusiness?


We Need an Agroecological Revolution—So Why Are Governments Investing in Agribusiness?

Kirtana Chandrasekaran

Agriculture is under pressure to perform on this World Food Day. As governments pay lip service to combatting climate change in the Paris Agreement, few of them are taking the real action necessary to reduce emissions. While just this month Hurricane Matthew, almost certainly made worse by climate change, battered Haiti and El Nino related drought is wreaking farming across South and East Africa.

Agroecology cools the planet


"Why Are Governments Investing in Agribusiness?"

Because Pop-Tarts yield profits yielding campaign cash.


We Need an Agroecological Revolution—So Why Are Governments Investing in Agribusiness?
Do we really need to ask this question? If this government was of the people and for the people, planet and security, then the government would be implementing Agro Eco Methods and policies..

We have a rogue government, a cabal amongst various partners interested only in supporting the elite of this world...there are many signs, this is but one more. One only needs to look at Hillary's inner circle for the near future continuance of this partnership....she is so much a reflection of the elite and its inner circles...it just seeps out of her....like rays of black light....oh how she shines...


Why Are Governments Investing in Agribusiness?

Because it uses semi slave labor and centralize land ownership to immortals. Both of these weaken citizens to make them docile democrats and republicans brainwashed into endless war against democracy and Earth.


Governments invest in agribusiness because governments are owned by agribusiness.

Corporations including agribusiness can buy three or four Congresscritters from the amber waves of grain states for the price of one Congresscritter on the east or west coasts where advertising and other "campaign costs" are exponentially higher and the agribusiness interests need to compete with many other industries that buy Congresscritters.


People can bypass the political agribusiness complex by wisely using their forks and wallets every day. Sustainably produced food can actually reverse global warming by storing carbon in the soil which can hold 2-3 times the amount of carbon than the atmosphere and above ground plant matter combined. Source your food from local organic farmers. Politically influencing the procurement decisions made on the local level by schools, city and county governments and other institutions where people work and eat.
Cargill, ConAgra and Archer Daniels Midland all started on The Great Plains and that is where they are still based. Before the invasion of the plow the carbon rich and moisture laden top soil was 6 feet deep and the aquifers were full to overflowing. The Plains supported 100 million grazing animals and their predators including humans and now the grasslands have been destroyed and the top soil almost eliminated to support 100 million animals and humans and at the same time poisoned the environment and driven global warming by releasing more carbon than has been burned by all the coal fired plants.
If we eat organic vegetables and grains and grass fed meat, poultry, dairy and eggs three times a day global warming could be reversed and at the same time build a local food economy that flourishes and serves everyone but the 1%. We can leave big government and agribusiness to their own devices. As they lose business and the campaign donations that goes with it, they may even wake up and change their ways. The fork can be a powerful instrument for change.