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We Need an Ecological Civilization Before It’s Too Late


We Need an Ecological Civilization Before It’s Too Late

Jeremy Lent

We’ve now been warned by the world’s leading climate scientists that we have just twelve years to limit climate catastrophe. The UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has put the world on notice that going from a 1.5° to 2.0° C rise in temperature above preindustrial levels would have disastrous consequences across the board, with unprecedented flooding, drought, ocean devastation, and famine.


An Ecological Civilization could be achieved more easily than we think:


Brilliant article from Mr Lent .This would only happen with a raising of collective conciousness .
The solution to humanity’s most persistent problems are all Spiritual .
Who are we ? Why are we here ? What does the human race wish to be ? …or do we wish to be at all ?
We have met the enemy and the enemy is us .


I love this article but surprised it didn’t get many comments.


Perhaps because we must and we need to are turn-offs.


Attaining prices that include the holistic impact social and ecological costs of any commodity are part of a way to solve this problem. Very in depth interdisciplinary holistical research is required to arrive at these real ecosocial prices. To finance the research to reach a complete holistical understanding of ecosocial costs, may be attained in two stages. First a shallow generalized taxation of suspected freeriders, or under payers of ecosocial costs will generate funds for appointing the idoneous expert teams and negotiators for each suspected sector. Second the appropriate charges may be levied and replace current income and sales tax
at least partially as sources for governemnt income while the expert and negotiator teams and new ecosocial prices including social contribution fair wages and the market adapt interrelatedly. This is the way for economic incentives and more iluminated market actors arrive at a possible ecosocial equilibrium.


Ssssoooo…do you really think…enough people KNOW and UNDERSTAND …the climate situation …enough …to give up the cushy life they have??..I like. Will rich people stop flying their sses all over the place world when ever they want??..or .to Superbowls…?..will we give up professional sports …at all?..will we stop Disney ?..will we stop making stupid plastic stuff…will we go to No CONTAINER.GROCERY STORES?? not just …bring your own bag…but. use that old tide container to refill it with…a bit greener soap… ??? All bill grocery stores…then we would not have to drive deiel truck around to pick up the recycling stuff … (Which. Makes no sense at all …'specially since you are using petroleim to make the damn plasticnkn the first place
I mean…I can not believe anyone here thinks we are going to be ablle to reduce emissions…just by witching out our energy system will renewable…that would probably only have worked say…starting from. …oh .1940-1950…??..
…Now…I will say what I really think…the real to line of temperature that we should be starting at is 1750. .when .we first began to ramp up our burning coal on a mass scale… so …so .looking at that…??..we see that we are already at love. 1.3 ish. . ha!!..So…now remember …if we were going to be serious. Another stopping our infinite growth on a finite planet…and cut the sh
t manufacturing. …we then would experience the lossnof GLOBAL DIMMING …and …the temps would AUTOMATICALLY GO IP. …I forget …like. At least .5 degrees. IMMEDIATELY…so…we are screwed…20× o er folks. It is too late… the Blue Ocean Event is coming any year now…probably 2019…once that happens…the methane hydrtes are melted. We get the 50GTON BURP of methane and …we are toasted in a couple of months. The nuclear power plants go off and …bye bye Earthly atmophere…


Please forgive me if I have a lot of typical. MY laptop is broken and I am typing with my thumbs…bery annoying


Yes…and…we have lost…


Because. It is too late… Lost cause. .


A profoundly important post. One of the best on CD