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'We Need Answers Now,' Says Warren After Explosive Reports Indicate Top Trump Officials Ordered Changes to CDC Covid-19 Guidelines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/we-need-answers-now-says-warren-after-explosive-reports-indicate-top-trump-officials


IMHO, Trump’s handling of Covid-19 is an impeachable offense.


Decisions (not just talk) by the Trump admin, Birx, and Redfield show they do not have the best interests of all people in mind. They are not doing their jobs.


Hasn’t trump regime “Top Trump Officials Ordered Changes” to every federal agency to destroy, reduce, politicize and/or privatize them? Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services , Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, as well as Border Patrol, immigration, all of them.

the effect is to enrich some, disenfranchise millions, pollute airt and water, destroy habitat and wildlife, end protections of human health and safety and - well name them - all designed by the trump regime and its bosses, using lobbyists and the corporate media to buffalo and silence the public as they are left to rot while the 1% gain billions from the organized crime rule of trump.


Orange $hit ozzz! has surrounded himself with “yes” men at the highest levels.

This “exceptionalism” we have been indoctrinated since we were school children is getting in the way of “rational/critical” thinking.

Now we have no choice in this election, we have worst and worstest (not a word ). Those in the highest levels of power have had their candidate for many years, obama was so nice to them “wallstreet”


Every single scientist and support staff at the CDC should literally leave the building and stage a sit in protest. For how ever long it takes. Redfield is a dirty little toady And Birx is an appeasing swine…
Yes I understand they have mortgages and bills to pay. Sometimes it COSTS to be a good citizen. I resigned when a firm I worked for began to do shady stuff. Worked two lousy jobs until I got another decent job… they can too.


Well, if criminal negligent homicide is impeachable …


“We have a criminal lunatic in the WH, stupid!” Was there ever any doubt from the moment you heard about these changes where they came from!


A couple positives and one really bad negative.

  1. Sending veterans to local clinics and physicians for their check ups, evaluations, etc.
  2. Permitting the firing of bad employees.

Bad is the post office slow down because Veterans prescriptions are only delivered by our Post Office.
If late or lost or stolen, the veteran is in serious health difficulty - usually.

If not delivered, it is a war to go to the VA hospital for the medicines needed to last just a few more days


Senator Warren, you should know by now , Trump can do whatever he wants!


Yes, the SCOTUS and Senate have gone beyond tacit approval, they have actively sanctioned GOP crimes without exception.

Is there any federal agency that Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP has NOT co-opted ?


Brilliant plan, only test those that are already sick with the virus …

On the other hand, Trump Admin is sanctioning other country’s medical
scientist developing vaccines for the virus. Greed will triump over need any time.


Glorify the veterans for they are the ones who preserve American oppression and most of them LOVE Trump.
Save your empathy for the real victims.

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We should be S C A R E D !
Too many TOP Officials of our Government Do Not Believe In REALITY !!

Their only concern is the IMPRESSIONS of REALITY.
— So they spend TIME & MONEY controlling those IMPRESSIONS.
… Reality, disease, death, be damned!!

America is being turned into: a Trump Ego-Exercise!

NO COUNTRY should be hung up on the desires of One Person — especially an illiterate one.


How many times were you drafted to serve in our army, marines or navy?

There are about 16 million veterans.

They all vote.

I am not hearing locally that Trump is loved by active duty or veterans. I will look for a decent quality poll for your remark.

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I’m a veteran.


2016 exit polls without the needed statistical details that i need to endorse as accurate.
60% active duty voted for Trump.
Only democrats were drafted four generations ago in my Ohio county!

I should note that Detroit area exit polls have had severe problems. Also demographic changes 2008 to 2016 were not factored in.


Few veterans vote for anti-war candidates but those that do (Veterans for Peace) are adamant because they have experienced the despair and hopelessness of combat/service and see the senselessness. Wars define many Americans for the rest of their lives and give meaning to their lives. Instead of glorifying past wars we should analyze their causes (lies). War is a lie, constantly preparing for war is a burden. Government should help people, not cause terror and intimidation. Cut the military budget by 80% and our country could do great things for the populace.


Trump has been trying to pu-pu this pandemic from the start, because it stands in the way of the Adolf Hitler proven method of using economics ti win popularity and influence politics. With Hitler it was military spending and, with the Republicans today, it is both tax cuts and military spending.

And, Trump doesn’t care , like Hitler, how many people his fascist juggernaut has to kill.


The government is no longer looking out for the welfare of most Americans, considering them to at best be superfluous to the aims of businesses, but more realistically sees most of us as a burden. Both parties are captured to lock in policy that behaves accordingly.

If we invested more in education we would be smart enough to turn this around. But our current leadership is totally out of touch with the needs of the country. Especially the GOP but the Democrats arent that far behind. We need direct democracy. No more parties.