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'We Need Congress to Get a Grip': Democrats Urged to End Delay, Fight Like Hell for Covid-19 Relief That Puts People First

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/24/we-need-congress-get-grip-democrats-urged-end-delay-fight-hell-covid-19-relief-puts


With P’Loser as Speaker of the House and Moscow Mitch in charge of the Senate?   Good Luck With THAT!!!


I am so incredibly sick and tired of idiotic stories that say “we” need the congress to do something. Why don’t you ask Trump and McConnell to do something while you are at it? Or ask your boss for a raise right while he’s firing you. It will never cease to amaze me how stupid people are; it’s exactly like Charlie Brown kicking that football no matter how many times Lucy pulls it away at the last second. Only 100 billion times later they still think democrats are the answer! IDIOTS! I cannot bear another stupid article telling me to put my faith in democrats. It’s almost to the point where I cannot read the articles, or even the headlines, at what is supposedly a progressive site; one that after a trillion betrayals asks me to pledge fealty, and place my faith, my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor in the hands of radical right wing extremist democrats.

Also , please no more pictures of Pelosi, are they trying to torture us?

Relieved to see nobody commenting made the idiot list …so far.


Right… pelosi “fight like Hell”? That’s wishful thinking at best; slim to none; pelosi is, like milquetoast schumer, a capitulate before negotiations even begin DINO fraud. “The Democrats” are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the oligarchy and for-profit war machine, not a party Of, By, or For the People, only big-money. Pelosi will never “get a grip” but can choke on it. as far as I’m concerned!


Lordy, take a clue, do NOT attempt to try and explain anything over at HP. Sheesh, what an enlightening experience. WOW, i had no idea the DNC DIMS are so ignorant and eager for more from these a holes? WHAT is wrong with that party, and what the hell happened to the party of the people and voters with brains?


Humans in the near future will understand there is only the divine .

Just stop .


Obama owned both the House and the Senate his first two years, and didn’t get jack-shit done for the people. To think that the Dems are for the people- as opposed to their corporate pimps- is to not think at all. And they will take further in November. They will allow Biden to get crushed by Trump rather than being exposed by one of their own. The party- with the exception of AOC and a few other newbee’s is a pathetic bin of trash. It’s worse than the Repub party! At least the Repubs admit that they work for their corporate pimps. Better to be shot in the gut by your enemy than stabbed in the back by your friend.


I’ll vote anti-corruption. That’s it. Which rules out the DNC and the GOP. I’m just that pure.
What a farce this evil versus evil choice is. The Dims, and tools like Sanders, AOC, Big-O, Chomsky, etc., want to tell me it’s my fault for not supporting a demented-corrupt-war criminal-rapist that they railroaded though the primary using every form of election fraud available. OK it’s my fault. I should have gotten behind the demented-corrupt-war criminal-rapist but I didn’t because I am just too pure.


Don’t put too much trust in AOC, she is in Pelosi’s orbit.


Getting the Dems to deal with this crisis is like riding a jackass in the Kentucky Derby.


Extinction Rebellion demand #3 - form a People’s Assembly to direct decision-making and implementation because our government has failed and is failing us.


I guess that all of these strongly worded letters are what some leftists mean by “holding their feet to the fire”.

That “feet to the fire” thing isn’t working very well, is it?


Yep, I gave up on that place about 6-8 months ago. It’s at least as bad ad DU minus the loyalty oath


This NYC comedian sums up our deplorable government, or whatever you want to call it. At least the Guardian had the courage to publish this poetic rant. Enjoy while your sharpen those pitch forks.



I gave up on Huff the day Arianna Huffington sold the site for $300 Million
–after paying writers ZERO. Imagine the gaul, setting up a post for voluntary posts from professional journalists, and selling for mega millions, and the people who warranted all that dough get zip!


They all get bribed by the same corporations. I tell you things you know but I can tell you this. This election is incredibly important because if braindead Biden gets elected we at least get humans back in government and have another footing to better the incremental parts of our lives and fight global warming and it does make a difference, court appointees make a difference. I do know about the bankers. They shot Abe. Lincoln wanted a Bank of the United States, not private European bankers. But this election makes a difference and Biden has to win. Trump is insane and we all know how rigged it is but four more years of Trump and there won’t even be anything recognizable. Have a nice weekend. Republicans need socialism to save them. Imagine that.

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Let’s see, the DNC neoliberal establishment fighting the RNC neoliberal establishment, Ain’t going to happen. They are all neoliberal capitalist now.


We now know beyond all doubt that the only group the Democrats will slap around is the Progressive Wing. And I don’t know what Pelosi threatened AOC with, but she now won’t call out the refusal of her and Hoyer to take on the Republicans. Could it be that they have no intention of ever trying to thwart the Republicans? Seems to be true. And what about Nancy not expressing any outrage about a democratic primary challenger against AOC. Has the DCCC offered any assistance to the challenger? Most likely. So disgusting!


Hi Adam:
RE: Pix of Pelosi:
Well—at least no pix with her wearing a scarf round her neck per the included photo----that’s bound to give people bad ideas.

Hi alcid:
Happy Anniversary—in spite of the sad Congress.