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'We Need Healthcare Champions, Not Puppets': Docs Expose Big Pharma's Scheme to Turn Democratic Candidates Against Medicare for All


'We Need Healthcare Champions, Not Puppets': Docs Expose Big Pharma's Scheme to Turn Democratic Candidates Against Medicare for All

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As a growing number of political candidates facing November elections proclaim their support for single-payer healthcare—which the majority of Americans want to replace the nation's current for-profit system—the Democratic primary for Hawaii's 1st Congressional District is shedding light on the insurance and pharmaceutical industry forces working against a transition to Medicare for All.


The amount of money the medical extortion cartel will spend during the next year to push back against progressive health care reform is likely to bolster US economic activity metrics by at least 1 or 2 percentage points. The cartel will spend as much of their war chest as they need to assure that the DC politicians they own are able to keep the medical extortion gravy train rolling down the track at full speed.


From Health Over Profit and note that they are talking about the expanded and improved versions–Big Pharma is fighting tooth and nail for its own survival:


We need Healthcare Champions like the Green Party which most Americans don’t even give a second thought to, not Democrat Puppet politicians.

The Democrats and Republicans have had over 200 years to perfect their governance, and all they have perfected is representing the 1%.


This is unheard of, political candidates not being sincere about their campaign promises. Can’t believe this is taking place in America. What’s next?


What’s next?

Hillary’s third attempt at the Presidency.

Just joking.


Its no joke. Many of our local Hillbots and Obamabots gush at the thought of Hillary, or perhaps Chelsea running in 2020.

Not sure if there is any hope of funding Medicare for All, no matter how reasonable the cost, as long as we continue witnessing 40 of 48 Democratic Party Senators rubber stamping ever larger military budgets.


Aint no joke. You heard it here first.


Reality Check: Sanders’ S. 1804 IS NOT Single Payer!


I think you have one of those things people used to buy, where they would ask a question, shake it, and something would come up with an answer, and all your answers are wrong and dated. Ask the 8 ball. I’m sure the toy you use was produced in 1994.


Kidding, right?


Well, with the environmental crisis unfolding, ecosystems collapsing all else will be a moot point.


I would not vote for any corporate bribe taking Democrat. But who are they if they don’t have the bribe money to buy publicity?

You have to give the oligarchy’s people credit. They did a great job rigging the system.


yes! we may have a lousy congress, but it’s still the best congress money can buy! this morning didn’t i see the headline “40 Senate Democrats Join GOP to Send $717 Billion Military Spending Bill to Trump’s Desk” here on common dreams?

should be pretty obvious by now our legislators care only about money. we can march around and carry signs with catchy slogans, but as long as wall street rules over main street our health and our environment will continue deteriorating.

let’s do everything we can to keep our money out of their hands as if your life depends on it!


It is the Trojan Horse Medicare for All


Yeah sure we’re going to get Medicare for all, when pigs fly. I’m not talking about these politicians taking a plane ride.


OK, that woman, Kim, will be top of the list to be primaried out ASAP. The only way to get better, more honest candidates is to primary out the bad ones like this woman. The same things would happen no matter what the party is called, because once a party becomes powerful, the bad guys start lobbying the candidates with easy corporate campagn money. This is how we get ripped off as voters. What do we have to do, lie detector all the candidates right before every election in order to be sure they haven’t sold out on us?

Too bad I am disabled and in chronic pain, or I would run. I wouldn’t ever sell out. If I wanted the money perhaps I would take it but it would not change my vote. I would vote as the majority of my constituents wished, they can contribute to my campagn if they wish, but they cannot buy my vote or change what I see as right and wrong. I would have to vote as those whom I represent wish. If I strongly disagree with what the majority wants then it would be up to me to convince them to change their minds as I am there for them. I could interpret bills as they come up and give the pros and cons and my best opinion and then the people must decide. Everyone only gets one vote, no matter how much money they give, if they don’t like it they don’t have to contribute. I would set up some kind of call center where we would tally the calls and a hotline you can call that will keep people informed about bills coming up and or a web page where bills could be scanned in for everyone to read and where I could keep everyone informed. Perhaps even an app where constituents could vote on issues up or down or undecided, that might make communication easier?! We need to pay more attention to the little people and look out for their needs that have been eroded and sorely neglected. Our elected officials need to put more effort into serving us, the people and not deep pockets.


Occasionally I pull a newspaper out of the dumpster, looking at the obituaries the number of people dying in their 40s 50s and early 60s is very high every time I look. Life expectancy is definitely falling in the US thanks to the current lack of affordable healthcare. New US motto needed below the pyramid on the reverse of the $1 dollar bill: kill them all so there is more for us


Put those 40 democrats on the DINO list and get them primaried out! We must hold our elected officials accountable by voting them out in the primaries when they have been bad and voted against our wishes. The government can never work for we the people unless many more people get involved and educate themselves about our government and studies both sides of every issue thouroughly, pro and con. More of us need to care and never give up. Giving up will only mean loss, we can’t win if we ever give up.

Try making politics a hobby and devote some real time to doing whatever you can about issues you care about. We cannot afford to give up. Any candidate can easily be primaried out if even just a few more concerned citizens turn up and vote in primaries. Get to know the candidates better. Get them to agree never to sell out and if they do then get the word out and primary them out in the next election. Also try to pay more attention to bills coming up and contact your representatives frequently on issues you care about. Perhaps we ought to make a simple basic handout about how to be a good citizen and do the basic things that everyone can easily do, and hand them out to new graduates and all people. We could also add on how to do more and more things to help with our self government, or just put the few most important very basic things on a card as a reminder to vote and vote in primaries, and refer them to a website or phone number for more ideas.

Don’t give up on the democrats yet. Changes are coming. We are going to have a big change this November. Even if the best candidate did not win the primary we could also start a write in campagn and tell people to do that instead of voting in a DINO, all of those 40 democrats are up for reelection in November. So vote them out in November, write in a better candidate, and get others to do so also.

All we can do is to do our best to do whatever we can do. Perhaps in some cases, even bad democrats still might be better than a much worse republican. We must vote them out if we can and keep up the pressure on them by barraging them with letters and petitions and phone calls, etc. on issues we care about, and try to vote them out next time. Every bit counts. This is a long and arduous fight for the long term. But it’s the only way save Civil War and we don’t want it to come to that.

We are behind, way behind on organizing and getting the massive job done on every front. We need more free radio exposure and better programs to the public. Democrats are bad at media and bad at getting our message out to the public. More good candidates need to run to compete with bad candidates. It will just take a lot of hard work and all the money we can get without being beholden to it. Campagn reform and voting rights and free and fair elections must be our top priority because if these things are not functioning properly, then neither can our government.

Also our civil servants are neither a swamp nor a Deep State, this is a hideous right wing lie. Some of our best and most patriotic people in government and the least corrupt members of our government are our civil servants. It is the contractors and the corrupt elected officials and the lobbyists that need watching and investigation instead. This is just a ruse and a deflection. The republicans want to eliminate all the watchdogs in the civil service, so that they can raid the henhouse and get away with it. Mark my words this is the truth! The Trumpites are just jealous of their jobs that they cannot qualify for without a better education that they are loathe to undertake. It may seem fun to put down people whom you envy and are jealous of for awhile, but envy and hate are poor foundations for any kind of decent life.


Yes, we must do them one better and tax the wealthy and then eat them if you can stand the taste or the stench! Then see how they like a taste of their own medicine! These wealthy guys have lost touch. They are the ones who could benefit from a little more austerity, not the American people. We have had enough of austerity and highway robbery by right wing republicans and DINOs. We must get better candidates on the ballot and vote them in.