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We Need Healthcare Professionals in Washington to Fight Back Against a Reckless President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/18/we-need-healthcare-professionals-washington-fight-back-against-reckless-president


There an old mantra that “it the economy stupid” when it comes to how a given Political Party should Govern , the premise being that the Voter will always put economic issues above anything else come election time.

Here in British Columbia we have a minority Government with the left leaning NDP in a coalition with the Green party allowing them to govern as a majority.

The last election saw the Liberals get 40.36 percent of the vote and the NDP 40.28. Polls now show Premier John Horgan seeing his popularity increase to 74 percent as the NDP itself has opened an 8 percent gap over the liberals. This in an an economy that has suffered greatly under COVID.

One of the major reasons for this is in the handling of the Pandemic. Mr Horgan has deferred to the health Care professionals as to how it should be handled and how quickly the economy should be reopened. He is not butting in try and accelerate reopening as the science does not support it.

The people are given detailed plans of action by the Government including regular press interviews with Dr Bonnie Henry detailing what it is they are doing and the people in being informed are generally onboard even if they might be hurting financially.

The people CAN handle the truth. Where handling the truth becomes an issue is when they have been lied to all the time.