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'We Need Medicare for All,' Says Warren, But Until That's Achieved Her New Bill Aims to Curb Pain of For-Profit System

'We Need Medicare for All,' Says Warren, But Until That's Achieved Her New Bill Aims to Curb Pain of For-Profit System

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Acknowledging that Medicare for All must be the end goal for an ultra-wealthy nation in which tens of thousands die each year due to lack of health insurance, Sen.

Amen. My Dad is on it, and he pays a lot of out of pocket expenses, and he is even a VET as well.


Is incrementalism the way to go? I think Hillary Clinton would support this bill. Definitely a bill the Democratic establishment could get behind. It should get a lot of support, at least from Democrats.

I’m on the Health Over Profit mailing list, and today Dr. Margaret Flowers writes:

"The next National Health Over Profit for Everyone call will be Monday, March 26 at 9:00 pm Eastern/ 6:00 pm Pacific.

If you missed the last call, we spoke about the camp and the Center for American Progress’ new proposal called Medicare Extra for All, described by Glen Ford as a “Bait and Switch.” We ought to call it Medicare Advantage for Some. It is designed to cement the private insurance industry in Medicare for All. We can’t let that happen. Listen to the call here."

Glen Ford’s piece is here:


The Insurance Companies have made their Billions.

It’s time for the People to get Health Care and never again have to pay a “Middleman.”

The Patient Doctor relationship should never include a third party again.


In Medicare for all HR676 the middle man will be the government and the insurance industry will be given priority for retraining for those positions. The Companies themselves will be paid for their losses.

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I appreciate Warren, but this legislation is so moderate and just plain common sense. In other words, it’s nothing special. It’s pathetic to think this legislation probably won’t even pass still. So many morons in this country with a false consciousness.


Who cares what Hillary would do?


Don’t you think Warren is trying to have it both ways, trying to get progressive support by saying Medicare-for-All is needed but writing incremental legislation that would appeal to the so-called Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party?

That smell is HR 676 but not all of the rats have crawled out of the shadows yet.

btw it would still be a for-profit system just different people would profit.

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There is a reason to believe that a non-violent and pro-Medicare-For-All president combined with 1/3 congress being pro-Medicare-For-All could make Medicare-For-All a reality.

The plan would be for the president to ask his attorney general if the age restriction on the existing Medicare Act violates subsequently passed laws. A descent attorney general would write back yes it violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 etc.

At that point the president can use an executive order to nullify the age limitation in the existing Medicare Act, thereby instructing the Medicare office to accept claims for all ages under the condition Medicare insurance companies pass the reimbursements along to the insured in the form of reduced premiums. Some insurance companies will start fighting for customers offering zero premiums, thereby covering 100%.

The president would also issue an executive order to cancel the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) and terminate hostilities abroad, thereby reducing federal “defense” expenditures.

At this point the DoD has a surplus and Medicare is running a deficit and congress is trying to pass a law to reverse the actions of the president. This law is not veto proof.

The president has to offer up something to the wolves on wall street to get a bill to correct the federal budget. Not sure what that would be at this point. Ideas?

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Or, they could just use the fee structure and expand medicaid which would actually strengthen both programs.

Oh yeah, and fully fund them.


Medicare sucks, you’d still go broke when you get sick


It isn’t the Doc’s, it’s all the tests they want. I am still paying on an MRI I got 8 months ago, one test. On Medicare you just can’t get sick. If you do you will, as you say, go broke really fast.

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Why are we still talking about this demented piece of Killary? She is history.

I don’t- wish she would just disappear.

No MS. Warren, we are tired of being treated like a 3rd world country. We want what every other industrialized nation has had for quite a while now, Universal Healthcare, birth to death. We’re tired of the “redheaded stepchild routine”. It’s what we deserve, so FIGHT FOR IT.

And you can relay this message to “never gonna happen” Hillary and her crowd.


As long as the corporations run our government things will only get worse


Pure rabid Republican BS. Democrats still have a few quality legislators like Bernie and Elizabeth while Republicans have a nauseating monotony of Trumpbots. Excuse me but all I see is Trump leading this country down the toilette with a huge flushing sound!. And that is what you are defending. Excuse me for noticing, but Trump is racist and sexist, but he is your hero, completely unfit to be the president ofr ALL americans.

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Thank you, Sen. Warren –

However, I see no possibility that the US will move to a SINGLE PAYER
Health Care system unless Americans come out into the streets.

Start slowly if we have to. Start wearing little pins that call for SINGLE PAYER
Then begin coming out into the streets … at least to march to your Senator’s
or USHR’s offices in your home towns.

Also, STATES can begin national health care/SINGLE PAYER programs statewide.
Why not begin there.

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