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'We Need Medicare for All': Tens of Millions More Expected to Lose Employer-Based Insurance by 2021

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/we-need-medicare-all-tens-millions-more-expected-lose-employer-based-insurance-2021

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Add to that the possibility of millions of impoverished seniors and disabled people if the new nominee to the Supreme Court gets her way. Without Medicaid they will not be able to afford to keep Medicare. I will be one of them.

Improved Medicare For All is not only the most cost effective plan but the most dignified because it does not rob Paul to pay Peter and everyone has the same coverage.


My wife works in administration at our local hospital. She has said that they have been planning for the ACA to be gutted soon. They have also started to make plans for the loss of revenue that will come with a large cutback in Medicaid patients as well as another potential cut In Medicare reimbursements come 2021.
In short, if the ACA disappears, and any more cutbacks in Medicaid or Medicare occur, most rural hospitals will not survive. And large urban hospitals, often linked to large colleges and universities, will see an enormous decrease in revenue, causing major cutbacks or flat out closures as well. These issues, combined with a major shrinking of the amount of employer sponsored group plans, will collapse the privatized American healthcare system.


And that might be a very good thing.

I’m afraid that’s going to have to happen to overhaul the healthcare system in the US, however, I do not believe it will be allowed to go that far. The democrats will come to the rescue(sic), they’ll pass out just enough in subsidies or freecarecoupons or shove people into Medicare (yes, Medicare) or Medicaid (without funding either), all in the private system, to keep the hoi polloi from actually organizing.

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Yea, WE know that. Now go beat it in to the thick 3rd Way skulls of Biden and the right wing “Private Corporation that is not obligated to adhere to it’s own charter”


“Add to that the possibility of millions of impoverished seniors and disabled people if the new nominee to the Supreme Court gets her way. Without Medicaid they will not be able to afford to keep Medicare. I will be one of them.”

  1. Congressional Dem’s can take away the power of the SC to outlaw the ACA by an amendment dropping the already inoperative “mandate” that everyone buys it. The idea that the SC - v Congress - will determine the fate of the ACA is a Democratic Party extortionate ruse to force nearly half its electoral base to vote for a candidate way right of left libs/progressives.

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VFuHGg5prE

  1. Truly sorry about your perilous healthcare under US government.

As truly useful healthcare reform morphed into RomneyCare in 2010, I started to argue that perhaps it would be best to let the private insurance companies go belly up based on their own business model of pricing people out of their pool of potential customers – at the time, they were bleeding customers badly.

Now it may come down to that anyway. And still, Biden and the d-party establishment cling to those insurance parasites like a barnacle to a rock, the party base be damned.


I think that’s it’s wonderful for soldiers to have the VA available—although I have heard some horror stories from vets about that form of medical coverage too. BUT, as the soldiers serve the nation in many ways, it only seems fair to give health care to people who could die on the job or get shipped far away from their families.

But then, we the taxpayers are paying for warriors and military office workers and it only seems fair that we should get medical care for our tax dollars too.WHY do we pay for other nation’s health care and not for everyone —and coverage from birth to death in America is a necessity for a functioning America.
I think private medical services needs to be nationalized. Not only would more people be covered—but think of all the jobs that Medicare 4 All would bring! ( psst; government )MORE jobs = MORE tax dollars---------and pandemics kill more and cost more so WHY can’t you all support Medicare 4ALL?

True, but know what’s not off the table, Biden reinstating the ACA individual mandates (penalties) for not having insurance.


Ole Joe never misses an opportunity to inflict pain on the working class.

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Insurance companies negotiate lower costs. For every dollar collected 80% must go towards claims. They run off 20%. With original Medicare if you go in the hospital it’s $1408 deductible the first day. You pay doctors 20% after a $198 yearly deductible. With private insurance Medicare Advantage plans you pay around $10 to see you doctor. Hospital is normally $150 a day for the first 5 days then it’s covered 100%. The private Medicare plans normally cover dental,vision,transportation unlike Medicare. Most waived Covid hospital copay unlike Medicare. Most are providing food to the elderly at no charge, unlike original Medicare and it’s done at less cost to the tax payers then what it costs for those only on Medicare. The system needs help but watch out for Medicare for all when you don’t understand how original Medicare works vs private Medicare Advantage plans

Understand how original Medicare works first. Why do 80% on Medicare either purchase a Medigap plan from a private company or a Medicare Advantage plan from a private company? Because with Medicare only you can easily have medical bills over $10K a year. Understand Medicare first before you say you want it for all

time to face reality–our political parties could care less if we live or die as long as they can continue to get the money needed to keep their jobs from the corporate parasites who are profiting from our pain and suffering

corporate crap–all you really need to do is look at the profits and extremely high compensation of the administrations to see this–we feed the beast like a business buys "insurance " from the mob-and with M4A these criminals will lose their money machine

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And there will still be alternative health insurance available to the wealthy that can afford it.
Eliminate the tit for tat between the medicare plans, medicare advantage plans, military, and government employees, and VA.
Full coverage for all.

The GATS agreement was signed in 1994 and the financial services additions were approved in 1998. It froze financial services at the 1998 level, and the GATS is filled with commitments to open up our uniquely profitable and unregulated financial services and healthcare markets to developing countries.

Some candidates pretended this agreement wasnt there but it is and its not something TPTB are about to leave, quite the opposite. I am not joking.

Biden is certain to try to expand it because its obviously illegitimate to many people like me and if people become aware of it they might be forced to try to explain the one to two million deaths. Its a preemptive strike against the middle class and poor thats working very well up until now. People on this site have certainly drunk the kool aid.

So unless everything changes, it doesnt look good. Whatever we do we cant expand Medicare without leaving GATS first because that will destroy it! This is obvious and easy to prove in 5 minutes from the first paragraph of the WTO’s Annex on Financial Services first paragraph.

Don’t believe politicians, especially not ones who want desperate gullible people to vote for them.

We need a single payer healthcare system which BIDEN because he is behind TISA which blocks all progressive changes is blocked, TISA only allows deregulation, not reregulation.

Like GATS which does that with financial services, like it does with health insurance too.

We have locked in this horrible system, keeping things the same isnt applicable either because a destruction of our public services is on autopilot. We need to dump the GATS and not revive TISA. If Biden were to turn 180 degrees and explain how he was going to do it. I’d basically make a call based on how fothcoming he was. If he keeeps on lying, keeps on hiding this, he wont get my vote.

Only if he comes out and admits they lied to us for 26 years, and that its killed more than a million people, then he gets my vote. Because only then is it likely he will fix it.

We traded away potentially millions of jobs but we’ve been dragging outr feet on the visas needed to actually do them. Trump has held it up, but Biden will probably let it go forward. But what is Biden rebukes this horrible deal that was made in the 80s and 90s.

If we honor it we could lose 26% (Alan Blinder, how many US jobs are offshorable) or a replication study of his study 46% - but Blinder left out the public services. They could easily add 15% or more to the jobs lost. So we could lose 60% or more, we dont know. We’re already going to lose a lot of jobs due to automation. Does it make sense to send them to Indian firms that wont even hire any Americans, even though they are supposed to?

We cant afford to trade our jobs away.

Actually, it seems you don’t understand that the Medicare for All bill proposed by Sanders is not literally original Medicare. It is actually an EXPANDED version of Medicare that covers the full amount, not 80 percent, its essentially single payer. Please do your research about Medicare for All. Google “Understanding the Medicare for All Act of 2019” and Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP dot org). That is a good site for information. I tried to include the link, but apparently this site doesn’t allow links in the comments.

Wendell Potter, a former executive with insurance industry who now fights for single payer, is a good source for info on the kind of manipulation done by the private insurance industry to dissuade people from Medicare for All. He has written a book entitled “Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans”.

Nope. We need to expand Medicaid and give it stronger protections. There is difference. There is greater flexibility to meet needs and you don’t have to change healthcare to an economic model in the process.

Good advice except I would try reading the bill and finding resources other than a biased physician based analysis. The most significant changes are administrative.