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'We Need More People Like' Regan Russell: Mourning Over Animal Rights Activist Killed at Slaughterhouse Protest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/we-need-more-people-regan-russell-mourning-over-animal-rights-activist-killed

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How terribly sad. Must be an investigation. In the link it states the driver of the truck accelerated and videos were confiscated. ( State of Denmark.)

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Sounds like it could be voluntary manslaughter.

We have been slaughtering animals for food since the dawn of man.

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Yes but in those times man had to go out and hunt and kill those animals. Now they are offered as unrecognisable lumps of flesh. (Covered in salmonella and viruses.)

Pigs are intelligent, and can often solve simple puzzles far better than human children of the same age… We should not eat them.