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We Need More Than Disaster Recovery—We Need Green Jobs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/02/we-need-more-disaster-recovery-we-need-green-jobs

I agree with everything this piece says about green jobs being the deeper, more farsighted approach to disaster recovery. But I fear the problem is FAR too big to be solved by a single piece of legislation that seems highly unlikely to get passed.

It’s interesting that this piece mentions the mental health effects of disasters, because mental health is part of the MUCH bigger problem we need to solve. Glenn Greenwald just did a shocking, eye-opening podcast on widespread suicidal despair–something that has itself become a U.S. pandemic.

Though Greenwald doesn’t mention the Green New Deal, I find uniting around it the only real remedy sized to the scale of our national ills. Sadly, I’m not allowed to link to my new piece touting this idea (or to Greenwald’s), but my piece (linking to Greenwald’s) is available at various online sites as “Greenwald’s Bombshell, the GND, and Democrat Extortion.”