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We Need Our Fathers and Our Mothers To Be By Our Side


We Need Our Fathers and Our Mothers To Be By Our Side

Jesus. America's trigger-happy police just shot dead another unarmed man, this time reportedly for having an epileptic seizure while black. The same day, nine-year-old Zianna Oliphant told Charlotte's City Council how she feels and why this must stop. "I don't like how we are treated," she said, starting to sob. "We are black people, and we shouldn’t have to feel like this...Our fathers and mothers are killed and we can’t even see them anymore. We have tears and we shouldn’t have tears."


And some wonder why black people run when confronted by police. Obviously, its harder to hit a moving target. Stop the militarization of the police!


Maybe it's time for a little revolution in this police country... I can't imagine all those murders of black people by cops happening in Europe, where I am from. There would be war on the streets.


Don't worry everyone! They're giving the cops body cameras so that the thugs can film us and monitor/disclose the footage at their leisure. They're improving the surveillance, see? Problem solved.


Many police departments are using the excuse to NOT use body cameras because it costs too much to store the collected video/images for the allotted amount of time: their budgets simply cannot handle the extra cost. Total BS. Besides, the cameras in both the cars and on the officers conveniently malfunction, which is why it is imperative that any witnesses to police brutality need to film it. The militarization of police departments nationwide (arming in addition to hiring already brainwashed, trigger happy former military with little to no vetting of their experience therein). The use of Tasers and the SWAT teams is out of control. Backlash is inevitable.


Lost in the rush by Abby to link the Charlotte NC shooting to those in Tulsa and El Cajon are the facts that not only was the cop who shot the Charlotte victim Black, but the chief of police is also African American. The videos taken of the incident do not show the victim holding a book as was claimed initially.
And the gaggle of vehicles at the scene of the crime effectively made the dash and body cam video inconclusive.
However, in the search for new fuel to stoke the racial fires smoldering in the country, such facts are trifling matters not worthy of consideration.


What does a Constitutionally patriotic, 1776 Declaration of Independence minded Citizen do? It's a country in decay. The wealthy elite has a death grip on power. Not even "representatives" are pretending anymore. The Coup d'état of 2000 should have been the death knell. September 11, 2001 and its circus proved, without a doubt, that they can do anything and get away with it.

The police? Well, they stand between the citizens and the power elite. Th give police 'weapons' of war...right?


I agree, except for the fact that the coup d'etat began in Dallas in 1963.


I know it undermines one's genuine sympathy to point out that each case needs to be looked at specifically, and in some cases the unarmed black man turns out to have been pointing an object at the officers (and some were black themselves), or acting defiantly and so supposedly deserved to be tried and executed in seconds; but I get the point you're making and the need to make it. However, the "racial fires" won't snuff themselves out if CD and the MSM simply stop "stoking" by reporting the near daily slayings.
Sometimes, I watch these state-sanctioned murders and I find myself defending the power of the state by exclaiming, "If they'd only listened to what the officer was saying and obeyed the orders, they would've lived," but I can't imagine what the last few years, decades, centuries of "white" club members acting pathologically, violently superior to black people especially, would teach and how everyday, shamelessly institutionalized reinforcements would weigh on the mind. The financial fear I feel of getting a ticket would be replaced by the immediate suspicion that this cop already has a twitchy, hate-filled finger on a trigger. Municipal police, as we all know, grew out of the metropolitan elite trying to find a halfway point to martial law in order or defend the sure-to-increase inequality structure. We must begin to shed the 1% by simply absorbing their foot-soldiers and rewriting their roles as locally responsive peace and justice custodians.


That is one brave little girl. I wouldn't be able too speak in front of all those people. I believe that something major must and is going to happen in the US before things get better. I sure hope for all our children's sake that it happens soon.


State funded domestic terrorism.


By "State", I mean the corporate industrial state that occupies the US.
Steel magnates, robber barons of last century...
Ford: funded the Reich (Henry Ford got a German medal for donating so much).
GM: funded the Reich.
Rockefeller's Standard Oil: funded the Reich.
Walker's Union Bank, which hired Prescott Bush: funded the Reich (treason leads to the presidency).
IBM: funded the Reich.
So on with Carnegie, and all the industrialists that pushed the "German-American Friendship" propaganda during the 1930's.
Their boogie man is reported as fallen, the highly visible symbols fall away, but the corporations keep control of the US.

Now we have domestic terrorism funded by the "1%", who utilize terrorism and propaganda to control the US unlawfully.

These corporations funded the killing of US servicemen.
They're the biggest corporations going, now.
Treason pays, apparently.


So, these 'police' who erroneously shoot people are perhaps heroes.
They're clearly showing that we're in a society of hypocrisy and terror, which lacks justice, and has one-way laws, where such 'laws' only protect the status quo.
If they didn't explicitly show us this fiasco by semi-randomly killing the innocent, what could they do to get our attention, such that we might fully believe that the system is a farce that's as far gone as it is?
Then again, maybe not. It could just be anti-human tyranny as usual.

Bayer tried to sell HIV tainted sera to the US, it was caught and blocked, so it was sold to South American, African, and Asian nations. (Bayer is a Reich corporation.)
Johnson & Johnson was caught adding formaldehyde to the US formula of their baby shampoo [only the US version].
In 1974, the DEA ordered studies on cannabis [marijuana], to find that it's the cure for inoperable, cancerous brain tumors. They've maintained its illegality, which constitutes genocide of US citizens. However there are expensive, ineffective treatments available from DEA approved chemical factories. Obama says, "Crimes against humanity? Yes we can!," and maintains the cure for cancer as an unlawful schedule-1 narcotic.
Drummond Coal has labor leaders openly assassinated in South America, which is international terrorism.
These companies and the Death Enforcement Agency all still operate happily in the US; the president's non-scientific, non-medical, assessment of cannabis is officially unchallenged.

Black lives matter, sure, all human life should matter. Yet our lives matter far less than corporate profits matter, in this reality, as it is.


"Police shot and killed Alfred Orlango, 30, reportedly for having an epileptic seizure while black"

Actually, no....According to the first link and to a widely circulated image:

"The subject paced back and forth while officers tried to talk to him. At one point, the subject rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance."

In other news, in Nov 2015 two police officers opened fire on vehicle and shot dead 6 year old. They are both indicted of second degree murder and second degree attempted murder. I don't remember seeing anything about this story last year.

BTW, both officers are black. The kid was white.

looks like some people are doing everything in their power to create a race divide. Not sure what the underlying agenda is but i would keep an eye out.


The fact that you are a middle class white guy probably goes a long way to explaining how you can think to blame unnamred, non-violent citizens for having been murdered by thug cops by having "failed an IQ test".

Actually, Black people and people in general don't get murdered by cops because they are dumb. They get murdered by cops because cops are fucking thugs.


The underlying agenda? Black men are 9 times more likely to be killed by cops in the United States than other groups. 5 times more likely than white men of the same age. There's your fucking "race divide".



Flagged for the racist garbage that it is. I would flag it for being logical garbage if that were an offense, as well.

I can't believe you would point to cops killing black women as evidence that cops killing black men isn't a problem. Jesus.


Flag whatever you want.

My point was you get a lot more compassion with the grandmas being shot instead of armed men with prior convictions. Yet, it's always those guys that get most publicity. How come?


“Yet, it's always those guys that get most publicity. How come?”

Since you started your own narrative why are you asking anyone else to finish it? I realize that numeracy is not a strong point among right-wingers but the 'publicity' is correlated to the preponderance. The armed men with prior violations are statistically those working for municipalities and states. Strange that. Yet those violations are rarely a hinderance to their 'activities'. Stranger still. The agencies these 'bad apples' work for are supposed to filter out those bad apples. However, not only does that rarely happen but those agencies appear to defend bad apple behavior. Even though it's always those bad apples that get the most publicity. How come?



I would remove the work armed the statement might be true.