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We Need 'Single Payer Like Yesterday': Medicare for All Case Made as 16.2 Million Lose Employer-Tied Insurance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/we-need-single-payer-yesterday-medicare-all-case-made-162-million-lose-employer-tied


Here’s Biden and Nancy’s “solution” for healthcare as posted here in another thread by a Biden supported

2.Subsidies and Medicaid funding, along with a public option, in order to achieve universal health care.

Pragmatic Triangulated Incrementalism


Some day we’ll get there - TRUST ME.

Sorry folks MFA is not going to happen under BIden, Pelosi, Chuck, Steny, Harris, etc, etc, etc

Remember Pelosi said recently “I want to make healthcare AFFORDABLE”
She didn’t bother to mention how people without jobs could “AFFORD” it


The coin-operated Democratic Party on display.


Here is the thing: Expanded & Improved M4A with no-copays, no deductibles will give everyone of these employer-provided-healthcare-“loving” folks who lose their love as soon as they lose their jobs will at least not have to worry about this and have more options. We combine Medicare and Medicaid with everyone paying a small tax according to income.


How many of the 16 million are on their way to Washington.
That’s what I thought, few to none.

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The progressive caucus can make all the demands it wants but if they are not willing to be strategic, to use power, to withhold the vote, to go on live TV exposing Pelosi and Schumer as the corporate stooges they are and engage in some hard-ball tactics, making demands is all the movement will be reduced to, especially if Biden wins. I dont think AOC’s constituents or Ilhan Omar’s or Rashina Tlaib’s or Ro Khanna’s voted them into office so they can cower behind Nancy Antoinette and NOT stand up to her and NOT fight for them. We have enough cowards and sell outs in Congress as is and I am starting to realize that merely voting for progressive candidates or green candidates when they are not willing to put up a fight is NOT enough. Then you might as well just keep voting for the corporate Dems. or not vote at all and stay home.

These people HAVE to change their tactics or this will be a road to hell.

As Frederick Douglass once said "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”


Their “solution” also doesn’t solve the problem of 60 million uninsured, nor does it address the deaths because of no insurance or under insurance. And finally, this so-called affordable healthcare doesn’t prevent bankruptcy, whether insured or not.

But the donor class has no moral compass.


Dear Miss Nancy and Uncle Chuckie,

Will you ask your wall street owners if its OK for you to help us get over our sickness.

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I went to a neighborhood meeting where they were discussing the demolition of a number of older apartment buildings so as to put in newer buildings. The people giving the presentation indicated that there would be as many “low cost and affordable” suites as the number that were being demolished . I pushed them on this to ask what they meant. They meant “10 percent under market value”.

The people in those apartments were paying about 1000$ a month rent. Market value for the same is around 2200$$. Do the math.


Correct, MfA is not going to happen as long as we have to contend with widespread corruption in the government:

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How much of a tax? Medicare for just those over 65 (16% of the population) now costs about 12.4% of ALL wages paid in the US plus each covered person contributing (at a minimum) an additional $145/month. To extend the same coverage to the additional 84% would seem an extremely expensive proposition. I don’t understand how it can be economically feasible, especially with the economy headed down.

Yet other Countries can afford to pay for their systems while the richest Country in the world , a country so wealthy it spends a trillion dollars a year on the military , can not afford it?

That dog don’t hunt.


And those same people will fund medicare at a higher rate while business will do what business does, avoid taxes.

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Between 11 to 15 states voted NOT to expand healthcare to their citizens, they even sued the federal government up to and including the Supreme Court that ruled it unconstitutional.


I fear you are comparing apples and oranges. for example doctors in most other countries make far less than in the US (UK vs US, 25% less for a GP and 40% less for most specialists). Yes we spend a trillion on the military and other nations spend almost nothing depending on us to protect them - this frees up money for other expenses. Would MFA be great? Of course but the numbers don’t seem to work. It is incredibly easy to fall back on “somebody will think of something, sometime” but my experience is that doesn’t always pan out. Medicare isn’t all its cracked up to be. Unless you purchase a $400-500 monthly supplement, you cant find dioctors or hospitals who will accept you as a patient (unless you are dying)

That Obama mantra about Murkins loving their private medical insurance was 100% bogus. The polling pitted private insurance verses no insurance, so of course most respondents picked private over none.


Americans do love their private insurance and have consistently chosen it over single payer, they don’t like paying for it, and government no longer regulates it in the interest of the people.

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These idiots in DC are just asking for riots that will make the LA riots look like a birthday party. It’s gonna blow and soon, they’re hoping for it then they can have the military eliminate several million more of us.


A whole lot of rubbish in one place. The USA does NOT pay to defend other Countries. The USA spends more on its Military in aggressive warfare , not defensive.

The USA was not defending any country when it attacked Vietnam and Granada and Panama and Iraq and Syria and Yemen and Libya. These are all wars of AGGRESSION. Cuba is no threat to anyone. Venezuela is no threat to anyone. Iraq was no threat to anyone. Need I go on?

As to Doctors paying paid more. Say what? So you admit that the US system by design is required so they can pay their Doctors more? Why do Doctors need to be paid more? Why is paying Doctors a higher salary more important then providing people with health care?

The mean Doctor Salary in Canada is 198000 per year. The mean Doctor Salary in the USA is 294000 per year. Are you suggesting that the Doctor in Canada can not make it on 198,000 a year?

You already spend 18 percent of GDP(and climbing) on health care. Canada spends nearly half of that. You can afford to spend twice as much but can not afford to spend half as much?

Sweden has a debt to GDP ratio of 35 percent. The USA is well above 100 percent. Sweden has universal health care. The USA does not. The USA is far wealthier then Sweden. This crap that the USA can not afford Medicare for all is exactly that. Crap.


But the donor class has no moral compass.
Neither do the “elected” of either Party

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