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We Need Thoughtful Coverage of Gun Violence, Not Slow Pans Over Arsenals


We Need Thoughtful Coverage of Gun Violence, Not Slow Pans Over Arsenals

Janine Jackson

Part of the problem is the rush to coverage, which is—in part—responsible for nonsense like AP, Newsweek, and Time (among others) running online reports that ISIS claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas massacre.

The tragedy of American gun violence emerged from the banality of the American gun business,


Or keep it simple, as did the Khmer Rouge, and just kill the professionals and intellectuals.


Actually, Wayne, you are one of the three most dangerous voices in America! May you be haunted for eternity by the lives that you and your organization have helped to destroy!


It will not be truth we see and read about; Those of us with discerning minds full well know that, all we can do is try to sort fact from fiction.
When the medium we use, Google and Facebook and you tube begin censoring sites held by individuals that point out impossability and crisis actors from past false flag events, stories by rifle expert snipers etc; which they are doing as fast as we put them up they disapear.
Man was a CIA pilot that ran guns in and out of Pakistan and Afghanistan, As reported by pakistan intelligence and openly printed in rest of world, but so far only by RT in 35 seconds here in States.
An employee contractor what is not reported here, but is in IsraelI papers, that there was a large meeting of Russian Mafia with ties to Israel being watched by US Law and intel, now gone.
That all most all responders seem t be those who supposedly had been spectators at event, even dragging dead bodies and supposedly dead And wounded.bodies but where was the blood on ground or bodies?

How did he hit 500+ people. Time frame, means he hit 2 1/2 people per round fired and every second, From 390 yards and at an almost 45-60 degree angel while on full auto which lacks any aimed cotrol.
WHY does Homeland Security have full time 24/7 Crisis Actors on payroll?
No we will no more find truth in US today than asking our village idiots we ELECT tell truth


" Man was a CIA pilot that ran guns out of Pakistan and Afghanistan."

Link please.


There is the bit about not letting people suffering from mental illness be allowed to own weapons. Since there are all kinds of mental illnesses, some of which lead a person to kill other people and some which don’t lead a person to kill other people, we have to be careful about which mental illness victims we target. One of the easiest ways to identify someone with a mental illness that likely will lead them to kill other people is to identify those people who buy more firearms than they can shoot at one time and firearms that have no use other than killing large numbers of people quickly. People who buy a dozen guns, especially those types of firearms that substitute for sexual incompetence, should be automatically designated as dangerously mentally ill and lose their firearms.


I’m not saying sensationalistic coverage is meant to encourage such horrors, with an eye toward the outlet’s bottom line

But do you think that knowing that it does will in any way change the corpress’ approach?

Remember what Moonves said about Trump …


The quick one on the Las Vegas massacre: go to: (We the one people. com) Click on “Russia Identifies Vegas Shooter as a CIA Arms Pilot” dated Oct 7, 2017 click on that scroll to the video,“Las Vegas Muliple Shooters Confirmed PROOF Part 2” and watch a man caught on video running up to the crowd, stop, takes aim and fires on full auto into the crowd a military grade machine gun pistol rounds( bullets) then runs away out of the video. Lone gunman, damage control narrative fix by the MS propaganda media. PS a friend of mine states theres info that Paddock surfaced after he was supposed to be dead. While your on the We the One people site Look at the dead Paddock photo, that Paddock photo does not look real at all, the CIA did the Paddock photo in a hurry. That is a bogus photo if I ever seen one, Paddocks still alive.


It’s kind of crazy to me that we get these type of articles over and over that state “what we need is…,” with respect to journalism and media response, when there is no mainstream journalism anymore, and the media conglomerates would fight to the death to be sure it stays that way; to be sure that “what we need” never happens.

It’s like some kind of intellectual disconnect from the blatant facts that lead to the unambiguous conclusion that none of the myriad systems that deliver the mass media has any motivation whatsoever to inform, educate or enlighten anyone. They don’t. That they claim they do should be easily dismissed as the lie is must certainly be.

Quite the contrary. They have every interest in creating an ignorant, fearful, divided consumer base, whose only solace is the act of consumption. This is their sole ambition and purpose. They will not, under any circumstance change this business model, no matter how much they insist otherwise.