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'We Need to Ban Fracking': New Analysis of 1,500 Scientific Studies Details Threat to Health and Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/we-need-ban-fracking-new-analysis-1500-scientific-studies-details-threat-health-and

It was not so many years ago on these very boards where we had peoples defending fracking as the science did not show it posed a significant threat to the environment. Those peoples now long since gone, would link to studies done by various University departments leaving out the fact that the persons and institutions publishing those reports were receiving funds from the Oil and Gas Industry.

I myself recall linking to many of the reports that indicated that the practice did indeed pose significant health risks with the defenders of Oil and gas labeling it all as nonsense.

Now the harm done and it too late to put the genie back in the bottle as the Industry was allowed all but free reign wreaking havoc on the environment.

It my personal opinion that those “Scientists” and “Researchers” that were publishing those lies a decade and more back committed criminal acts. Science, Industry and Governments must adopt the precautionary principle. Outcomes such as this demonstrate clearly that “waiting for all the science to come in” is not conducive to ensuring the best of outcomes.




Exactly, People have been talking about this for a long time. It’s never to late to begin cleaning up after capitalist pigs who won’t behave as if they are part of society.


Okay, I will put this on my facebook page, which is what I do with most all articles such as this… and climate articles … trying to educate those I know… however…I get practically, 0 response… the only people who do, are those I found in climate groups… so, about 5-7 people, go on my page and see these and comment… those I know personally?.. Nada… Southern Tier of N.Y.

When the big push for N.Y to make fracking legal here was going strong, I went door to door for the Democrats, trying to get votes… and to educate against fracking… almost got thrown out of a few old farmers’ homes…

My house is exactly on top of a fracked well. My community has so many in and around it that it would be difficult to count them and it’s impossible to drive anywhere in the area without driving over dozens of them. Some how there’s just not much trouble from them. Go figure.

Well i am certainly convinced.

Come to Ft. Worth Texas. I’ll show you around and we won’t have to go looking for wells, because they are literally everywhere. They are not near the boogie man you are being led to believe. If they were it would be major news.

These are only the top producing wells. There are literally hundreds and quite possibly thousands more than that in this county. My home is about 4 miles to the east of the two southern most wells on that map, and there are literally dozens of wells between there and my home. If a fraction of what you are reading was true, Tarrant County and all of the counties to the west of here would be having major troubles. We aren’t. You are being lied to.

We have a lot of fracking here in Pennsylvania also and the biggest issue that seems to be related health-wise is in birth defects (not so much in the way of things directly affecting adult health) which seems to go with what the report described in this article indicates. Now, I notice that Tarrant county has about triple the rate of birth defects than the rest of the country…

Fracking, fossil fuel and nuclear power are all too dangerous, too expensive and totally unnecessary for our energy needs. Go to http://thesolutionsproject.org/ for a plan for all 50 states and the rest of the planet. Contrary to the profit addicted fossil fuel industry, we will not “starve and freeze in the dark,” nor “wreck our economy” by transitioning to safe, renewable energy. We have the technology and the natural resources now. All we lack is the political will because the politicians of both parties have been bought out by the fossil fuel industry.

Yes. They behaved criminally, and should be prosecuted as such. Won’t happen. but it should…only a moron could believe we could carpet bomb deep earth…use untold quantities of water and sand to shatter shale formations…and nothing would be damaged.

Science was against them…but it didn’t need science to tell an intelligent earthling that what they were doing was dangerous, short sighted…and blasphemous. What comes of worshipping a sky god and ignoring the great mother.

A plague rot them.

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