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'We Need to Ban It Entirely': Beyond Regulation, New US Campaign Calls for Moratorium on Facial Recognition Surveillance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/we-need-ban-it-entirely-beyond-regulation-new-us-campaign-calls-moratorium-facial

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Too late kids. We needed to step up against the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, surveillance cameras everywhere, eavesdropping, drone spying, satellite spying, and Facebook.
If you want real privacy, you’re f - - -k ed.


The corporate military industrial complex, and the surveillance state in particular, are breaking laws on an hourly basis without anyone even pretending to hold them accountable.
The CIA became a rogue agency almost as soon as it was created, and no amount of laws or bans will curb their behavior now.
Corporations are in a similar situation with the worst “punishment” they can expect being a fine that adds up to a fraction of what they made from whatever they were caught doing.
The surveillance genie is not going back in the bottle while corporations and secret intelligence agencies are allowed to exist.


Quaint to think back when Americans bitched about the Russian KGB and East German Stasi spying on their citizens! It was said they were ‘suppressing’ their rights. It is a good thing the Russians and East Germans did not have the US Constitution to protect them …


Facial expressions, cadence, voices, clothes, blogging, and so on can be used to read emotions, lies detection, and precrimes persecution. AI has a hunger for big data.


Sci-fi movies are a good guide to where we’re headed with AI, robots, GMOs, the surveillance state, chimeras and other technology.
In regard to this article’s topic, the movies Minority Report, Elysium, THX 1138, Gattaca, and They Live are all quite relevant.
Of course, the greatest political sci-fi of all time, a movie that now is more a documentary than a feature film, is Idiocracy.
America is the Idiocracy.


When serving as Director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith B. Alexander voiced the official position about data: “Collect it all.”

The horse left the barn a long time ago, the genie is out of the bottle, insert your favorite apropos cliche here. The Fourth Amendment is essentially passé. It was nice while it lasted. Since the face is one significant window into the mind we can assume that thought policing is fully underway. By remaining an Independent, I know that I can frustrate the powers that be the most. Unpredictability is anathema to them.


A small detail: it is also unconstitutional and drives a tank through the 4th amendment. But of course both of the ruling class parties will wave the bloody shirt of terrorism and scare Americans into their fearful silence .


We can learn something from the people of Hong Kong who have the moxie taking on the oppressive Chinese government.


Oh yes, the thought police have been working overtime. Rush Limpdick, propaganda, Fox Noise, have been around for a while. And now we having lying trump to play into it all.

Disagree, it’s never “too late”, yes all that you listed is happening in real time, but it can be stopped and reversed, we must not ask, but demand it stop now.


OTOH, Harry, the government here in Hong Kong has backed down on its extradition bill. For the foreseeable future, it is dead in the water. When’s the last time the US government backed down on anything just because the people wanted it too?

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" Women and people of color ", hmmm…the most false positives in facial recognition happen to these two groups. Say the Good Ol’ Boys in the Police & Security State.
Why, whodda thunk that was happening, more than occasionally, nowadays?
Probably just an anomaly. I’m sure the Good Ol’ Boy Network will fix all those glitches, pronto.

And if all of those devices missed you, you were picked out by Smart people carrying their Smart phones, or maybe you’re at home and your Smart meter is telling people on the street which eletrical circuit in your home you are closest to.

Give me back the days when people you pass in the street nodded and said hello. Here, it is stll happening with the over-70 age group!

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I dont care how perfect facial recognition is. I want a little privacy.

Privacy doesn’t feed the Capitalists’ bear, Helen. Don’t be so selfish, it’s not always just about you, right? ( tongue firmly in cheek ).

I see the delivery guys on motorcycles in this city wearing full face, neck, and arm cover for sun protection. I want that, too! But i dont think it would go over too well.

Whatever happened to: Government for the people, by the people? Who’s pulling the strings, making all these decisions that take away our liberties and freedoms and force us to accept these tyrannies such as facial recognition? It’s pretty obvious, the norm that used to provide for our personal privacy and security has been torn from our grasp, as our rights have been slowly eaten away by people we elect, but who do not really represent us.