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We Need to Explode the Myth That Hillary Clinton Is the Stronger Candidate – and We Need to Do it Fast


We Need to Explode the Myth That Hillary Clinton Is the Stronger Candidate – and We Need to Do it Fast

Tom Gallagher

Wisconsin was another great Sanders campaign success story. When the voters realized their choices were not limited to the usual corporate options, a state where a poll once showed Hillary Clinton with a 53 point lead went for Bernie Sanders by 13 points. And yet Wisconsin polls show us that there is still a gap between the campaign’s potential and the vote it actually gets. That’s a gap we’re going to have to close in a hurry if we hope to get the numbers of votes we need in the late primaries and caucuses.


Your article compares favorably to an Open Letter to Sanders on Daily Kos that claims the opposite. Thank you.


"We in the Sanders campaign must share some of the responsibility for the lingering illusion of Clinton’s greater electability."

Ridiculous! NO mention is made regarding the incessant drumbeat of a very powerful mass media constantly hammering in the idea that Bernie has no chance.

By making a statement like this WITHOUT providing media background as the obvious explanation, a Faux Mystery is created in lieu of speaking the truth!

"When ABC News pollsters asked Wisconsin Democratic Primary voters, “Which candidate inspires you more about the future of the country?” they named Sanders by a 21 point margin (59-38%). So why didn’t he carry the state by that much? One principal reason is surely the fact that when asked “Who would have the better chance to defeat Donald J. Trump in November?” those same voters gave Clinton an 11 point edge (54-43%) – a position for which there is no evidence, although you would never know it from the day-to-day news coverage of the race."

But don't mention the mass media's mantras that DAMN Bernie Sanders. Instead, blame Bernie supporters!



The reason that polls show Sanders doing better than Clinton against the GOP in November is that Clinton has more baggage than all of the other 2016 candidates, Democrat and GOP combined. The GOP will have no constraints in exploiting that baggage. The challenge for the Sanders campaign is that if they mention that fact, the media will demand that the campaign provide details.

Running in a Democratic Party primary when your opponent's platform includes continuing the two term incumbent's agenda severely limits how much of Clinton's baggage Bernie can mention. Clinton has serially played this card against Bernie whenever he gets close.


Sanders recent interview with the New York Daily News shows that he may be more vulnerable than previously thought. Also, his comment that Clinton is unqualified to be president one day and then saying she is well qualified the next day shows that he doesn't always say what he believes and can flip flop with the best of them. He has benefited from having an image that he is somehow not a politician but as the campaign gets more intense it is evident that he is a politician. But given the problems the Republicans are having Sanders or Clinton should be able to win. Sanders main problem now is that he is too far behind. In 2008 Clinton never trailed Obama by this much and she never could catch him despite winning a lot of primaries.


Oh bullshit. Sanders saying Hillary wasn't "qualified" was a figure of speech. The real context is that she isn't going to be a GOOD president! Of course she's "qualified" in a job-application resume sort of way; first lady, senator, Sec of State, etc. It's her record in those jobs he was referring to and it ain't great. No flip flop. Wait until after New York and we'll see if he's "too far behind."