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We Need to Fight for a World That Prioritizes People Over Economic Growth and Endless Consumption

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/12/we-need-fight-world-prioritizes-people-over-economic-growth-and-endless-consumption

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Why do think people become Marxists?

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Note the headlines cited and consequences noted from history and economic theory

This ain’t rocket science

Bonne chance, madam! American cultural methodology has been to monetize everything. It is so inbred, ingrained and brainwashed into young folks that even the women such as Elizabeth Warren as well as Marianne Williamson running for POTUS support capitalism, foolishly still believing neoliberalism can be fixed, moderated, regulated or perhaps, made more humane. And cows may fly soon too.

The children striking from school get it with their marching signage: "System change not climate change!"

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Why do think people become Marxists?

Because it makes sense.

Destroy your world by turning it into profit – Capitalism is insane.


A lesson from these movements is that the key to social change is concerted work by diverse groups of people to shift power from states and corporations to communities.

But what does this mean? Communities? The very word “community” is loaded with politically correct bafflegab. It really means “a bad area of town.” Nobody calls rich neighborhoods “communities.” It’s always the most violent, drug-torn areas of a city that sport “Community Centers.”

The truth is that the only thing that will change anything is violence or the spectre of violence. CEOs start waking up dead, or their cars start getting shot up, and they’ll change their ways. Talking won’t do it.

Now, I’m not advocating that. I’m merely pointing out the only thing that kills the beast.


By jove, I think you got it.

Unfortunately, very few in this country are willing to get their hands dirty, so to speak.

The elites will never relinquish their hold on power, unless they’re challenged.

And I am not talking about arm-wrestling.

Corporate hegemony has constrained the political discourse and the political imagination we need to envision and fight for a world that prioritizes people and communities over economic growth and endless consumption.

Good riddance capitalism. Hello eco-socialism.


If justice for the people the ultimate end goal , it can only happen with the dismantling of Capitalism. Capitalism is about MONEY and one small group of people acquiring as much of it as they can. When people sleep under bridges even as the Business Journals speculate on who will be the first trillionaire one is not talking about a world focusing on prioritizing people,


The logical conclusion is to end capitalism, not just corporations and not by just reforming it, and instead create a global socialist society.

There is only one political party in America advocating such a change and that is the World Socialist Party of the United States.


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Amen. I live 60 miles outside of Dallas. Suburban cancer has devoured every small town within a 45 mile radius of Dallas. At least. The metastasized cancer has spread across Hwy 380 which is 15 miles from my house. And shows no sign of slowing. Coyotes are attacking people in the 'burbs. They are surrounded and have no where to go. Coyotes who will usually run very fast from a vehicle or human if they see one. I’ve actually seen them lay down in tall grass to hide from cars on the roadway. Now they are fighting humans for survival. Apocalypse anyone? Growth is unsustainable. When will people figure this out? Dallas was a distant and mysterious place when I was a kid. Now it’s coming for me. Hopefully, I’ll be dead and gone before it gets here.

Correction: We need to fight for a world that prioritizes all species and the biosphere…rather than increasing human population, economic growth and consumption that are killing the biosphere.