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'We Need to Get Off the Current Road to Hell,' Say Former UN Climate Leaders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/we-need-get-current-road-hell-say-former-un-climate-leaders

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The “Highway to Hell” is paved with bad intentions.

This is scary about the TISA, which was put forward by Obama and Biden.

Biden may revive TISA and TTIP and try to rush it through with his short remaining Fast Track authority. People in the US incredibly hwave been completely denied by our six media corporations (that control most of the US’s media) of information on these scary permanent “agreements” which like GATS represent the opposite of what most people likely want.

Fast Track basically prevents the kind of understanding that legislators would need to have to make even remotely intelligent decisions - GATS similarly was never really examined. What they needed to know about GATS, was never presented to Congress. now would similarly Congress thus would seem to me to be getting an excuse to claim they didn’t know anything about TISA and TTIP.

I recently found and read this publication - I hadn’t seen it when it came out.

TISA and Climate Action - Trading Away Democracy,

by Victor Menotti

It was made for the huge global union for public servants, PSI.

I understand that its likely an issue that our political class in Washington feel very strongly about. Otherwise they wouldn’t be going to such lengths to keep it out of the public eye, instead trying to seem agreeable without actually covering the key issues at all- all of them.

The PSI pdf is worth reading. I hope that we can restore and then maintain a sane world in the coming years, a world with honesty in high places we lack today. Not the global grab.

lets not see all the resources of the world grabbed and sold off for a few peoples profits while millions cannot even afford the basics of life because greedy people have turned them all into commercial commodities, putting them out of most peoples reach. I am particularly worried about water mining. But energy is important too because poor people will freeze if they cannot afford it.

The following was written by PSI’s Rosa Pavanelli

"We only know about this because Wikileaks leaked the chapter. PSI was
proud to release the first analysis that showed the deal could expand fos-
sil fuel exploitation, exacerbating climate change.
Reviving a proposed framework first floated a decade ago during the
United States’ Bush-Cheney administration known as “Halliburton’s WTO
Agenda,”2 TiSA’s proposed new deal will recklessly undermine urgent work
to reduce dangerous carbon emissions, create clean energy jobs, and
increase energy security for people everywhere.
Among the most inappropriate ideas included in TiSA’s ERS proposal are
:black_small_square::black_small_square:establish as Article 1 a principle of “technological neutrality” whereby
commitments would extend across all energy sectors regardless of the
fuel source or technology, denying regulators the right to distinguish so-
lar from nuclear, wind from coal, or geothermal from fracking;
:black_small_square::black_small_square:reduce states’ sovereignty over energy resources (regardless of Article
V’s declaring otherwise) by requiring states to establish free markets for
foreign suppliers of energy related services thereby removing the right
to nurture infant industries and ensure domestic economic benefits from
exploiting energy resources.
:black_small_square::black_small_square:shift political power over energy and climate policies from people using
their governments for shaping fair and sustainable economies to global
corporations using TiSA for restricting governments from regulating en-
ergy sources, markets, companies, and industry infrastructure.
The purpose of this analytical paper is to explain the proposed TiSA Annex’s potential implications for climate and energy policies.
The results are disturbing and we urge governments to abandon the fos-
silized paradigm of the secret so-called ‘free trade’ deals and corporate
control, and to build instead a clean, fair energy future for all.