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'We Need to Put Guardrails in Place': Senator Unveils Plan to Bar Use of US Military Force Against Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/we-need-put-guardrails-place-senator-unveils-plan-bar-use-us-military-force-against


Nor should former military be hired as local police. Different mission totally.


“I’m going to be pushing to ensure the president can’t treat the U.S. military as his personal palace guard to try to ward off peaceful protests,” Kaine added.

The very fact that Senator Kaine has to make a statement like this, means Trump will try to use the military and declare Martial Law eventually for his nefarious ends in November. Michael Cohen: " TRUMP WILL NOT LEAVE OFFICE IN 2020!"

Senator Kaine: Pleeeease! A new amendment! The only amendment I want to see is the 25th amendment!


Guardrails? WALLS are a pretty current topic. How about a "wall’ between Church and State? Police and Military? The Johnson Amendment and the Posse Comitatus Act have been stretched to the limit of common sense.


Trump should be forced to attend a class that teaches the difference between a presidency and a kingdom. At least then we are assured he is not stupid about this, only a power hungry fascist.

No need to fear any longer folks, Tim Kaine is on the job!
DINO Tim Kaine is the kind of guy that comes running in two weeks after the dam bursts with a bucket and sponge.
Grandstanding little shit. Why isn’t he standing with the people in front of the White House instead of proposing milquetoast legislation that he knows will never see the light of day? Typical democrat. None are willing to stick their necks out.


A knee is not a Military weapon.

A choke hold is not a military weapon.

This is yet another example of how the Democratic Party loves to make piece meal change but NEVER will disrupt the Systematic White Supremacy at the heart of the Government and the nations police depart and justice and banking system.

The Democrats are not our saviors and not the solution!!!
We must put down the Two party system to escape this Racist Oligarchy Rule we presently have.


I wouldn’t worry about democrats so much. The true enemy here are republicans.
While democrats are not showing any real bravery, the republicans piss their pants when confronted by the twin wind bags trump and Barr.


Waste of time. The laws are already in place. A new law is a fart in a windstorm. Trump has yet to find a law he’ll obey. No, he needs to be removed by whatever means in force. 25th Amendment, impeachment/removal. refusal of the military to follow an unlawful order…and a bit of snark, telling him that the law of gravity prevents him from flying from the top floor of Trump Tower. He’ll be off that balcony in a New York minute, saying, “MAGA! MAGA! Gravity is a hoax!”, until there’s a splat and then the street cleaners are called out with, “Clean up, Aisle Trump!”.


Right now it is not a democrat deficit, it is a voter deficit. 400 plus bills already languish at bitch Mitch’s desk. A few more is an act of futility while republicans own the senate.


Because Senator Kaine like all the DINO’s are the fake opposition Party and that is the way they play the game.

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This kind of thinking is exactly what brought us fascist Trump and repulsive candidates like Biden. Cozy liberals always clutching on to the folktale that the DNC is fine and never to blame and the Republicans are “the real” enemy.


Ever notice how overly equipped the cops and military are with kevlar vests,etc.? Contrast that with nurses and other health care professionals who use garbage bags for PPE and have to reuse masks. Gotta love the priorities.


Sorry, I don’t equate sincere progressive democrats with the DNC or any other part of the sell outs. Good democrats have a tough row to hoe. Stay in the party and try to fix it, or leave and not get elected to anything.
Believe it or not there are politicians that work toward the betterment of Americans. Without the positions of power it gets frustrating trying to make any headway. Just ask the 400 bills in the wings, many of them honest bills to improve our lot. Some are bogus, and we should be aware of who authored and supported those, and reject them.
Wouldn’t it be a lot easier being a trunk-to-tail republican when all you have to be able to say is “How high.”

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Trump always consults Putin and Moscow Mitch before each law breaking action…just to make sure he is in line with other autocrats’ tactics and will get all the cover he needs from the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP.

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Before being hired every police candidate needs to go thorough DEEP psychological exam, and,
ALL cops should be required to carry their own private Liability insurance. Let the free market weed them out

Stop with this red-baiting bs already. It is the worst sort of distraction from the real crimes that Trump and McConnell (Pelosi and Schumer as well) commit daily. It is also counterproductive in that the same smear is used on the regular against progressives and anyone who challenges the leadership of either party. Sanders and Gabbard for example.


There is a record of Trump’s telephone call to Putin prior to launching the Bible toting stunt…no baiting needed.

Recall Trump’s real estate development focused trip to Moscow during the 80s when Putin, a then KGB top dog put Trump under his thumb. Trump has owed Putin ever since.

The founders included emoluments in the US Constitution out of fear that a US POTUS becoming a foreign gubmit’s bitch would be a serious threat to the Republic itself.

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What is proposed by trump (likely with influence from Israeli supporters/agents) to use military force against civilians is right out of the Zionist Israeli playbook that does exactly that; use military force against unarmed civilians and protesters - all those Israeli racism and supremacist beliefs consider lower forms of life: Palestinians.

The training Israel has given our police, including in Minneapolis, seeks to “normalize” and shield Israeli crimes against the people/civilians by fully-armed, racist military forces by creating similar conditions in America. to make Black Americans into Palestinians!
Sounds nuts doesn’t it, but the trump regime and its lackey subservience to Israeli extremism and racism as well as the subversive influence of their agents, AIPAC, have sought to use America as both piggy-bank and shield against International Law and the World Court - not to mention snookering the US into ME/NA wars to destroy Israeli opponents (like Iran) and divert attention from endless Israeli occupation enforced by brutalization and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and destruction of their rich culture!

We should not be pawns for Israeli extremist and racism or military domination of the Occupied Territories or tolerate their subversion of our republic and politics another day longer!

BDS! Zionism IS racism!

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It’s funny how, ever since the days of Reagan, Republican and Democrat alike have wanted the government to run more like a business.
Dirty back room deals. Tax cheating, kleptocracy, cronyism, blown budgets, crippling debt, and bankruptcy, The government is being run like a Fortune 500 company. That’s what the last two generations have voted for and that’s what they got.
But we’re all choking on it now aren’t we?