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'We Need to See His Plan': Rights Groups Push Biden to Commit to Ending All Abortion Coverage Restrictions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/we-need-see-his-plan-rights-groups-push-biden-commit-ending-all-abortion-coverage

While we’re on Wish Lists –

We need a President and AG committed to holding anti-abortion groups
and individuals responsible for their violence over past decades –
make them financially responsible –

Should have happened via Supreme Court and RICO laws – Racketeering Laws –
Appeal by Feminist Majority was turned down by a SC committed to right wing and
and lawlessness.

NOTE: "presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden"
Nothing is official yet –
We should be blasting them with calls to make Bernie Sanders the official candidate.

Of all the things Biden is getting pushed on by progressives (Green New Deal, M4A, Legalizing Marijuana, Foreign Policy, and many others), I think softening his stance on the Hyde amendment was a stupid move from a political standpoint (he stands to alienate more voters than he will gain). This story from slate has plenty of background (~https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/06/joe-biden-hyde-amendment-democratic-support.html):

In every poll, a plurality of Americans opposes public funding of abortions. In every poll but one, that plurality is a majority. […] When they’re told that “the Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funds from being used to fund abortions, except in the case of incest, rape or to save the life of the mother,” they endorse the amendment. These polls aren’t close. The average gap between the pro-funding and anti-funding positions is 19 percentage points.

This issue gets even thornier when we are pushing for M4A (which we probably aren’t going to get under Biden). I’m fully aware that Sanders and others pushing for M4A all wanted to get rid of Hyde and have M4A cover any abortion which met the guidelines (and I’m not sure there were any restrictions even in late term under the Sanders or Jayapal bills). I would hope that when we do get to go to battle there is some rational thought as to whether this vision can be achieved politically or not and if not, does an M4A with the Hyde amendment in place (which is to say any abortion due to rape, incest, or life of the mother is covered) have a much better chance? Any abortion that falls under Hyde but is allowed with private funding (it’s a separate discussion on what is allowed - my opinion is I don’t want to be any stricter than Scandinavian countries and as long we actually get M4A, I personally don’t care how permissive we are) is up to the patient to pay for it if they have the money or private charities to put up the money if they don’t.

But on the topic of birth control - all birth control in M4A should be covered, I see no political need to compromise on that point and the idea is to minimize the abortion demand that falls under the Hyde amendment which means free birth control is a plus.

How many of the people who are most against abortions need to become test subjects for trials of who this method of making people pregnant works?