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We Need to Stop Using Fox News as an Alibi for Trump’s Islamophobia


We Need to Stop Using Fox News as an Alibi for Trump’s Islamophobia

Christian Christensen

Fox News is a godsend for US journalism.


Journalism is dead. And we have killed it. --Nietzsche 2.0


I like this article's basic thrust, but I have one quibble.

Mr. Christensen says:
" ... when hundreds of thousands of Muslim Iraqi civilians were killed as a result of what was a Bush/Cheney neo-colonial failure? "
Replace the word "failure" with the word "crime" and it would be correct. This event was no "failure".



Up until the final sentence this analysis is right on.

It is true that there's not a lot of noise since it's not white Christians being exterminated; but that doesn't comport to this all-inclusive conclusion:

"US citizens have been utterly disinterested in the massive bloodshed committed in their name."

It is quite true that "respected media" made the case for war. However, before the blame is universally laid over ALL U.S. citizens, I think what's more factual is listing--in hierarchical order, since that's how matters operate--those entities that had the clout to alter the narrative and with it, mass response.

  1. The architects behind the False Flag used to traumatize a lot (but hardly all) of citizens into blind rage. That blind rage was then directed at already planned (P.N.A.C.) Middle East wars.

  2. The oil barons: Those who set their sights on the rich oil fields of the Middle East.

  3. The weapons makers, designers, and salesmen (Carlyle, for example) who require war for their blood lust and livelihoods.

  4. The mass media--playing the role of cheerleader for wars predicated on wholly fabricated evidence

  5. The Churches that pushed the "faith-based" idea of a Holy war, and tied it to a false prophecy of End Times (a sort of football match between one god and another).

5 is important because it's the White Christian Fundamentalists who like Trump, religiously watch Fox News, and see the world in terms of a Holy War.


I have no idea why the last part of my comment went into such a large font and I don't know how to fix that.

In any case, EVERY society's morality is held together by 3 essential sectors: Its teachers (media, educators), its religious/spiritual authorities, and its legal scholars/judges/lawyers.

The failure of morality comes largely from those 3.

I would add that the use of Trauma (911 followed by Anthrax letters) is known to decrease rational thought and up the ante on the reptilian--fight or fright--portion of the brain (and related behaviors).

The emphasis on militarism inside the U.S. is a CONSTANT. Boys go to military run camps at a young age (very Nazi-like). The military funds warfare video games. Movies are full of salutes to soldiers and glamorized stories about war and "heroes." And football is really war on a sports-spectacle level.

When the voices of reason, diplomacy, and peace-making are closed off and/or silenced, and when protests are rendered invisible, and when churches go along with the carnage, and the mass media lies the public into a false sense of necessity (for war), and when the legal system stands passive... THEN it's moral systems collapse.

Making the bifurcated argument that the public's response is either about Fox News or what other networks deceptively broadcast is to leave out the key factors that lead to any population's subduction by Necessary Illusions (as Chomsky put it). In this case, the Necessary Illusion in support of war.


If the MSM is your source for news and views, you are either casually interested or seek reinforcement.


The no spin zone? If Geobbels were alive today he would love it! I agree that Fox News is no better or no worse than the rest of the fascist,corporate MSM. But Foxy news has the highest ratings and so are brainwashing more people pretending to be " fair and balanced" when nothing could be further from the truth!


Excellent arguments and article. Takes the blinds off our perceived reality. The Trump phenomenon is really just a symptom.


I believe that the quoted sentence from Mr. Christensen's article represents a fact. I understand that you do not agree with Mr. Christensen's opinion that some blame for this state of affairs should accrue towards the US citizens (and you have a right to your opinion, just as the author has to his), but I hope you do recognize the fact.

Do you think that the ordinary German citizens of the Nazi era should not be blamed at all for what the Nazi elite were able to do in their name?