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We Need to Talk About Palm Oil


We Need to Talk About Palm Oil

Dominique Mosbergen

We wash our hair with it, brush our teeth with it, smother our skin in it and use it to powder our cheeks, plump our lashes and color our lips. We clean our houses with it, fuel our cars with it and eat it in chocolate, bread, ice cream, pizza, breakfast cereal and candy bars.


Great Article.

“Indonesia’s peatlands alone now release more than 500 megatons of carbon dioxide every year ― an amount greater than California’s entire annual emissions, The New York Times reported in November. And the deforestation of Borneo, an island shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, has contributed to “the largest single-year global increase in carbon emissions in two millenniums,” the paper said, citing NASA research.”


The deforestation and species extinctions brought with the greed of palm oil are an existential threat to all life.
Such is the consequence of a world run by money and profits above all else with zero regard for science, genetic diversity or any semblance of sustainability.

We are governed by a system of wealth and profits above all else, and those that serve that “system”. Wealth gained by ignorance and arrogance is paramount to government, with manufacturers allowed to rape the environment - our common environment - use any substance regardless how toxic, destructive to life, exploitation, and despoliation of the Earth and/or Her resources and creatures with zero accountability except in the most extreme cases that are very few by regulatory standard history and current events.

Unless the rule of money and the corrupt fools that control wealth are replaced by science, sustainability, care for the Earth as the living entity She is - Gaia - life will be pushed to the brink (if not already there) and humans along with the rest…false belief in technology to replace Mother Nature will soon become apparent, even to the deaf, dumb, and blind…


Don’t forget



Palm oil sales are booming so the environmental destruction inherent in palm oil production will continue unabated. Sorry, but in all likelihood the impact of outrage and resistance will be negligible. This is a huge agribusiness and big business owns the politicians and the courts and the armies and the police, and they don’t care about forests or CO2 or human rights or human survival or anything else besides money. The leadership of nations is made up of hollow, insipid, amoral people, hardly human at all.


“…these companies cannot be trusted to police themselves”
No company or corporation can be trusted to police themselves, except possibly worker owned businesses.


We’ve needed to “talk” about Palm Oil some time ago. At this point the impact on the environment and the dependence on this commodity could be unstoppable and irreversible.


It’s all about short term maximum profit extraction to make already rich people richer .
If it didn’t create huge profit for a few it wouldn’t even get a look in .
Wake up humans there’s no profit in corporations destroying nature .
A new economic model of balance must be the new norm.


Yes! It’s not as if there was a huge consumer demand for this oil. The giant agri-business corporations just discovered at some point a cheaper source of oils and fats for their processed food and other household products. The ever-increasing demand for the stuff is totally about increasing profits to appease investors who demand double-digit returns.

Just as with everything else, the root cause is greed.


Look down while landing at the Kuala Lumpur and you realize that most of the damage is already done as there are hectares of palm trees as far as the eye can see. Is the destruction of forest for palm any different than the destruction of natural grasslands in the midwest USA or draining the Colorado River for California almonds? Seems like another case of goose not gander.


Ponytail, the leadership of nation is a faithful image of the peoples of those nations.


Indeed on these very boards I had mentioned many times that there was just as much deforestation going on to grow things like Palm Oil, as there was to raise cattle.

Any system of production that promotes “monoculture” be it to produce meat or plants is ultimately harmful to the environment. Again this is how Capitalism and the concept of private property works. In order to maximize profits costs are externalized and under the guise of “property rights” the Corporations owning these plantations “Do what they like with their own Property”. Doing what they like with their own property, absent of any sort of checks or regulations is deemed “Freedom and liberty” and is the ROT that is promoted by the Ayn Rand crowd.


The approaching catastrophe is as fascinating as is terrifying. Evolution created the bacteria that transformed the inhospitable early atmosphere of Earth into the oxygen-rich air we can breath. Evolution went on tinkering and eventually created a species that is replenishing the atmosphere with the CO2 what was there to begin with.
But humans aren’t completely undoing what evolution did with the atmosphere. When finally the Earth becomes too hot for animal life, the atmosphere will still have the oxygen it has today. A new chapter in evolution will start, with life forms we can’t even imagine.


WHO decided that the commercial was to political? I think people would like to know which companies or servile and bought Congress people or government workers said YES to that awfulness! OMG NESTLE uses palm oil too !!! I think they need to change their motto "Nestle makes the very best ruined Earth, " instead of chocolate.

It is amazing how the corporatists see no value in other life forms. The orangutans are amazing----much more amazing than any corporation or any product. One orangutan is worth any number of CEOs.


The only reason that huge profits are being made from the production and sale of palm oil is because producers and sellers of palm oil are permitted to externalize the social and environmental costs via government protections and the inherent nature of big business (corporate) capitalism.

Under such a system, there is absolutely no legal (or moral) obligation for the massive, unsustainable production of palm oil to be socially and environmentally responsible and accountable.

The ruling capitalists reap the profits while the commoners are left paying for – in money and quality of life – the social and environmental costs.


You and I and many others have know about these radically destructive practices of private corporate world for ages and probably have cried about the demise of our earth. But so many more are oblivious and indifferent however those of use who are aware and able must continue in our role of sisyphus by trying to at least inform others of these harmful FREEDOM AND LIBERTY CROWD.

I do know how impossible it is to change the views of solid rock minded fools but I remind myself that it took over half a century for women to “win” the right to vote in the oosa and of the many ongoing battles in civil society that we must continue even if it seems as if we will not win.


Yep Greed and more violence will end us all …


Yes so we have to end ownership of the planet’s finite resources by corporations and individuals.
In Highly Evolved Cultures individuals would be given land to care for ( be good stewards).
If found unable or proven to be poor stewards of the land ,the land is no longer kept in their care .If this was the model half the industries in the world would have to give up their property.
A corporation would never be allowed to pollute the land ,air and water in order to make a profit.

This is what must happen for the highest good of all.A New Economic Model based on our Oneness and make Life Prime Value not profit .


And, never mind the oil that could be had from hemp…
Another oil source that’s already planted and yet completely ignored is from acorns.
Every year, many municipalities clean up and dispose of countless tons of acorns.


One thing the Harper administration did while it was in power was try and end the concept of “The Commons” on Native Reservations. They claimed that having “Private property” rather then seeing the land owned in Common would create more wealth for First Nations peoples. What the real goal was to break up the land holdings on reservations so they owned by individuals . Some entity could then come around and offer the INDIVIDUAL more money for the land and those pipelines could be pushed through.