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'We Need Water!' San Juan Mayor Slams Trump's Inadequate Response to Puerto Rico Crisis


'We Need Water!' San Juan Mayor Slams Trump's Inadequate Response to Puerto Rico Crisis

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"What you do when devastation hits you and there is no help on the horizon?"

Carmen Cruz San Juan Puerto Rico Mayor


Old Donny picked on the wrong politician to bang heads with The Tweeting twit has apparently met his match.


There is a great irony here where water has destroyed the ability to function here and now there is not enough water. Wouldn’t it be easier to set up a water treatment system to at least have something?

Something like this:


Good idea but they need water now. Also, there is talk of turning Puerto Rican energy system Green, as in solar, possibly wind. After all that, I hope Puerto Rican kiss the US good riddance as in “filtering out” and declare their independence.


Sure by everyone else but the USA.


What is going on here with this administration’s cover up of its incompetence? This highly responsible mayor is doing her duty and Puerto Rico is lucky that she is fighting so hard because the Trump con artist version of a presidency has ‘filtered out’ her critical voice! Is this our Republicans in charge government that they simply filter out criticism and blithely go about telling people how good they are from the golf course while people are desperate for water in a disaster zone? Imagine what it would be like to be without water for weeks and without power too.

It is shaming all Americans that the republicans under Trump are proving that our once great country has become a sham and a fraudulent con game of self promotion rather than an example of ability and competency to the rest of the world.

Trump is making us fools and patsies instead of making us great!

This mayor is an example of what it means to be great. She should know that America is proud of her and her efforts!


How would that help Puerto Rico to obtain water now for the entire island?


I agree also. They need immediate help and then like so many places they need a plan for sustainability and independence however they think would be the best way. The U.S. has many unsustainable practices that we usually don’t address until we have to. This is impacting Puerto Rico in a bad way.

There are solutions though and with the right help they could have a good future.


President Trump’s administration where image is reality and reality is denied while people needlessly suffer and die ignored - health care, disaster response and ever increasing threats of major wars. It does not touch them so it does not matter. Some day it will.


"image is reality and reality is denied " – BINGO!! Republicans are pissing on us all and telling us it’s raining.


"Long refused to even acknowledge criticism…, saying that the Trump administration has “filtered out"
the San Juan mayor.”

Welcome to the Digital Death, One is simply “Filtered Out”

Your Data Pattern is no longer allowed Access to the CPU.

No Recources Available for You.


My point was that a water filtering system is a long term solution for future emergencies. For now, a simple google search would provide you with places to go to donate to organizations that can get water to Puerto Rico.

Here is a page chuck full of ideas:


You can also go to the web page for Nurses United to donate.


This is not incompetence. When the British East India Company took over India, they destroyed the historical system for dealing with famines. When multiple famines started to devastate regions of the country, the Brits showed absolutely zero concern. Even when food was available, they continued to extract full taxes, and tens of millions died. I think the white middle class has been seduced into believing it can never happen to them. That they are the beneficiaries of this system. Just wait. Drought is coming to the south-west. Ground water will be running out. There will be occasional severe floods. None of us will get help. Psychopaths will horde food and water, selling to the highest bidder.


Trump won’t give shit, much less water, as Puerto Rico has no electoral votes.


Too bad, I watched ‘Meet the Press’ instead of ‘This Week’ today and missed this lying response from Long. Apparently the tragedy in Puerto Rico is to trivial for the current crop of fools in charge to listen to the begging and pleading for assistance. The military has unbelievable amounts of resources and manpower, so where the hell are they?? Who’s in charge of this clown car anyway? The leadership in this country just wants to harass small nations and launch more needless wars but can’t even help their own citizens and claims they’re doing a “grand” or “greatest response ever” to the cheering audiences, similar to ancient Rome when leaders tossed coins to adoring crowds while the empire collapsed in ruins. We are rapidly approaching this point these days.


As I’ve stated elsewhere, I live in NM so hurricanes aren’t a big concern, droughts on the other hand are a growing concern as lakes become depleted. On a better note, this year has seen more rain in years and has eased, but not removed, to overall situation of growing droughts here in the Southwest as a whole. This will only grow worse in years to come.


If FEMA can’t (or won’t) supply water to U.S. citizens within 18 days of a disaster, there’s no reason for them to exist.


I have long loved the Southwest and almost moved to Silver City/San Vicente but reflected on how many people, too many, were moving to an area that simply cannot sustain significant numbers of people. But the real point is that none of us, including the climate catastrophe denying imbeciles, cannot escape what is happening to our planet.


This sounds a lot like the war against the indigenes of the the US by the US State. They shared everything but decent people do that as there have been farmers helping out drought stricken areas with food and as nurses, doctors, labor are arriving to PR to give the needed help.


Trump es absolutamente patético. ¡ no sólo un mal Presidente! Trump is absolutely pathetic! Not just a bad president!