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We Now Know What America Is

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/04/we-now-know-what-america


Americans are not thinkers, probably more than half. They are emoters, self-involved. “Freedom” means buy a huge polluting pick-up and ride around hauling air, or join the crowd and spread Covid. The Confederacy rides high, yee-haa! The rest of us–if we want to continue to live here–have our work cut out curtailing and marginalizing this element. They will destroy us if we can’t concentrate on this task.


I sure hate to admiringly quote Timothy Geithner, the lead Wall Street Apex Predator who Obama-Biden tapped for their cabinet’s Treasury Secretary, the President of the NY Federal Reserve Bank that remained silent as bubble after exuberantly enthusiastic economic bubble expanded in de-regulated business lines of pure financial fraud and fiscal malfeasance:

That statement is useful in trying to understand why the U.S. body politic remains at the ready to stand by its lying and self-serving CEO. Also, where the Democratic Leadership Councils have been these past 4 years, if not since the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Revolution That Was Not Televised back when Richard Nixon anointed a judicially inexperienced lawyer and Big Business Lobbyist named Lewis Powell to the Supreme Court and got that nomination approved by the Democratic Majority chamber of congress in the early 1970’s.

Not to mention as our Working Muddle Class was hollowed out as a result of the planned shift from a productive and diversified national economy of subsidized Ag, Pharma, Daddy Warbucks-led industry, research and development along with ever-growing service sectors to a speculative overwhelmingly financialized economy that was de-regulated and non-audited in the transition to electronic trading, a genie whose speed defies meaningful audits and regulatory oversight.

Why we’ve seen these Democratic Party heavy-hitters throw so little effective political and law enforcement resistance at this most aberrant of Presidential administrations and its colluding collaborators and profiteers along with privateers among the so-called PUBLIC INTEREST and PUBLIC SERVICE bureaucracies continually hollowed out under both political parties’ leaderships and within the Corporate Caliphate that has captured so much of U.S. Public Life.

There are myriad ways that Tim Geithner’s PLAN BEATS NO PLAN self-exoneration for the give-away of public funds and trust to the profit-maximizing and wealth concentrating SUPERMARKETS OF FINANCIAL SERVICES (our FEUDAL LORDS OF HIgh FInance\TECH) expresses the singular focus of our corporate-captured leadership of both of our political parties in our Pay2Play cartel system of Duopoly. The GOP led by an aberrant non-stop grifting and huckstering self-serving human with no discernible record of Public Interest involvement much less service and\or leadership? They definitely had a plan.

They stocked the U.S. courts and the Supreme Court. Not the former Ivy League Constitutional Law Professor and ‘Community Organizer’ who preceded them in the White House for two full Presidential terms (the first with a Democratic Party Majority in both chambers of congress, in filling the heads of our federal Public Interest agencies with appointees who were devout and evangelical Privatizers. Just as Trump Org has continued to do and added a dose of incompetent institutional sabotage to the mix (out of Boss Putin and Chairman Xi’s not to mention Al Qaeda and Islamic State’s wettest and wildest dreams).

Tragically for U.S. that included cutting the budget of the CDC on the cusp of Pandemic.

What was the DNC plan? To make sure any true reformers to the financialization of the U.S. economy from a once diversified and world’s most productive labor force in recorded human herstory\history would be side-lined and made to publicly align themselves with Status Quo Joe Biden. That was more important and prioritized well above any resistance to the actual policies of Trump Org which continued a bi-partisan half century that yielded WAGE STAGNATION, FOOD STAMP NATION, the NORMALIZATION OF HOMELESSNESS, GROWING DISPLACEMENT as criminally fraudulent lenders were bailed out while granted precedent-setting criminal immunity. Meanwhile the victimized borrowers were left to join the improperly and expressly foreclosed upon adding to the dispossessed and DISPLACED. Can we blame this on Islamist Terror or a Russian strong-man?

Don’t forget to factor in A HIGHER SUICIDE RATE THAN DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION with its COLLAPSE OF WALL STREET and BANK RUNS, the DUST BOWL and acceleration of Big Ag and Big Pharma built upon Daddy Warbucks Chemical Warfare private profits paying dividends to often Christian Evangelical share-holders in the Gospel of Prosperity self-fulfilling prophecy. WORLD WARS OR THE CIVIL WAR were profit centers as is our publicly researched and developed mass communications systems that were auctioned off to the highest bidders. Even through-out the Neo-Liberal\Neo-Con E-CONomic model of PERMA WAR, the Anti-War Movement’s only temporary triumph in ending the Vietnam human tragedies and ongoing Afghani Factory of Martyrdom and booming Poppie\Opium markets notwithstanding.

While the Democrat Party bench was filled with true reformers who had a PLAN TO BEAT THE GOP’s LACK OF POLICY PLAN, Prof Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and former Goldman Sachs Banking and Trading wunderkind turned Whistle Blower and author of IT TAKES A PILLAGE, the anti-Hillary Clinton in Nomi Prins to name just a few who spent decades out on the Town Hall and Public Forum circuit discussing particulars and deepening the understanding of over-worked and underpaid while non-represented Uber-ized Wage Slaves from this Planet of the Clock Punchers.

That would be the vast majority of U.S. who live pay-check to pay-check toiling and being ‘screened’ in our indoctri**-NATION** horizon-less lives of quiet desperation. Our reality checks being the piped in narratives of unceasing Economic Miracles afoot, with content provided and approved by those parameter setters of our most powerful screens THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET, MARKETPLACE, BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS , FORBES and PLANET MONEY.

I’ll give President Obama his due amid my critiques, notwithstanding his cabinet of Wall Street Apex Predators. Obama the candidate led with a PLAN and it did beat NO PLAN just like the self-serving Timothy Geithner who signed the U.S. currency and electronic transfers of the Bush-Cheney-Paulson TARP tax-payer funded bail-out of the GREED IS GOOD Supermarket of Financial Services.

Obama’s corporate-appeasing and health insurance preserving AFFORDABLE CARE ACT beats NO PLAN as Trumplicans came to find out too late once the Public Health National Security Risk hit with the CDC laid off and its funding slashed while the Pentagon and Daddy Warbucks budgets of Trump received Adam Schiff-shepherded Democratic Party congressional approval.

That is why Obama stole, errr honored the Conservative Governor then of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, who years earlier instituted the very same Right Wing Conservative Heritage Foundation National Health Care Plan as ACA dba OBAMA-CARE was modeled on. All without anyone back then shouting COMMIE or SOCIALIST SELL-OUT!

We can do better than Obama’s ACA aka ObamaCare with MEDICARE 4 ALL as nearly all of our Global Trading Rival Nations have with even more of a social safety net and better economic returns than anything the obscenely magnified wealth-concentrating U.S. can point to.


“The league tables created by conservative think-tanks show that neo-liberalism is about ring-fencing economic power” by Quinn Slobodian 11-11-2019


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Monday, July 02, 2018


Common Dreams

After Long Career Bailing Out Big Banks, Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Now Runs Predatory Firm That Exploits the Poor for Profit

“Your economy, rigged to redistribute wealth to the top.”

by Jake Johnson, staff writer

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They vote for him because he Validated their kkk views on non-white people, disable people, other religions. The hate that grandma, grandpa, uncle, auntie, talked on the dinner table and behind close doors has been validated by the grand wizard saluting in front of a burning cross…
Surprise that so many people voted for him… They do talk bad about me when I turn my back.


We are what the DLC has made us. If there had been anyone to vote FOR, s/he would have won in a landslide. But when asked to choose between being killed by a mugger with a knife, or one with a gun, it is no wonder that half chose knife, and half chose gun. Dead is dead.


Biden is getting the most votes of any person running for President over 70 million-----what is really sad are these clowns in red states who keep electing corrupt dinosaurs to the Senate.

We need universal healthcare with healthcare centers in every neighborhood>>>>because we live in a very SICK country.


It isn’t just the same Americans who voted for him in 2016, he increased his share of every electoral demographic group except white males! Perhaps the already in-progress extinction event is serving a useful purpose.

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Fine essay, Mr. Mitrovica!


Great essay.

“This is not who we are!” trumpet the dems, Biden/Obama, Harris and the MSM pundits in response to the now blatant/obvious levels of racism, misogyny and willful denial of science that is rooted in a huge parentage of the u.s. population and has been unleashed by trump et al.

Is that a form of gaslighting by denying the truth of who many americans are?
I don’t see “that is not who we are” much at all. I see more people now given permission by trump to show their true colors which are dark and ominous looking.

I agree with Joan Walsh who said:

I’m sure there are folks who will blame Biden and Harris for real and imagined campaign flaws. Right now, I can’t. I blame us. Way too much of our country consists of racists who prefer white supremacy to equality. I can’t see this any other way right now. h-ttps://www.thenation.com/article/politics/biden-election-polling/

Morris Berman has been calling out what Joan Walsh describes above for decades.
He points out many other destructive, pathological dimensions of the u.s. as well.

I believe it easier to simply get angry at the democrats, the DNC, blah, blah, blah than to face the truth about the level of willful ignorance, deep seated racism and misogyny in this country.

To fully accept how many people in the u.s. are choosing to cling to their racist hate, and willful ignorance of science would mean facing deep grief.

It would mean facing the possibility that no political group could change their minds and make them compassionate truth seekers who care for all life forms on earth.

Instead we have to figure out how to cope being surrounded by such stupid cruel people or leaving the u.s. which Morris Berman did many decades ago. He got the hell out of the u.s. because he saw it as unchangeable and destined for a brutal collapse.

Now our options for getting out of this country are very limited if not impossible.

It is much easier to rail against the dems and/or hope for a third party to be the answer. This may be a psychological/sociological/cultural issue that politics can’t solve.

What does one do when almost half the population of this country are racist, cruel, stupid people?


I believe it is simpler to ignore the fact that the democrats are just as evil, and believe that there is a party that will somehow save you. I believe that it is easier to demonize people who make different choices than to listen to them, and understand why they made their choices.

Yes, there is racism, but even without that aspect, Trump would still get almost as many votes, because neither party gives anything to hope for.


You’re right to be concerned about the fate of your children and the fate of the world in light of this grotesque election.

Biden and the democrats - beholden to the same “money-power” as the republicans - will do nothing to slow down our march towards fascism. After we have been subjected to four years of watching Biden’s weak and ridiculous attempts to reach across the aisle whilst republicans spit in his face, after 4 years of watching the corrupt neoliberal establishment continue to destroy the progressive wing of the party, after 4 years of continued covid-19 deaths (have we found a cure for the common cold?? NO, we have not.) and still there will be no universal healthcare in this country - then the American public will be sure to elect an even worse monster than Trump.

America needs a non-corrupt choice - a 3rd party with a pledge to take no corporate money.
Until that happens, the slide towards fascism is inevitable.


I’ve never condoned the duopoly and have been consistent in my comments here about how it, this murderous machine of u.s. politics, helped get us to trump.

Re: your comment about listening to why people make their choices I will focus on trump supporters (there are just as many damaging issues with dems/neoliberals)

If you can figure out how people choose to be a racist and get them to be anti-racist please give me some insights. If you can figure out how to get people to believe the science of AGW and covid, please pass along. I am not kidding here.

I’ve tried with certain acquaintances and family members for years to “understand” why they made those choices" and am left empty, frustrated and very concerned.

It helps those in power to keep people stupid and afraid. Our education system doesn’t even come close to teaching children basic truths about our history, political system, environmental science and so much more. Frankly---- it sucks.

We could start there (with education)—but given we will have at best 4 more years of status quo with Biden or— even worse— 4 + more years of anti science, racist, mentally ill trump who fuels racial divisions and recently said:

"Democrats and educators are attempting a “liberal indoctrination of America’s youth” through alternative views of the nation’s history.
Our mission is to defend the legacy of America’s founding, the virtue of America’s heroes, and the nobility of the American character," Trump said during what aides billed as the first “White House Conference on American History.”

And I believe you are correct that even without racism there would be a lot of people—too many people— who vote for trump due to not understanding science and growing up in a culture that promotes rugged (toxic) individualism as well as materialism.

There is minimal to zero teaching in the u.s. of how to maintain, nurture and have reverence for our ecosystems that we depend on. Nor is there sufficient (any?) education about systemic racism. I should have been taught, along with everyone else, the history of redlining as but one example. And the truth of what white people have done and continue to do to indigenous peoples. I could go on---- too many examples of our shitty “educational” system in the u.s. to list on this cyber page.

I would be very curious to see you in conversation with the people in the trump caravans and ask them what they “hope” for.

I’ve talked with, listened to many republicans who hope for zero environmental regulations.
They believe : “this is our land dammit, who is the government to tell us what we can do with it” and “the only good wolf is a dead wolf” and more.
They call people who care for nature “tree huggers”. They hope for the green new deal to be obliterated. They want to keep drilling, fracking, clearing trees, mining for minerals, frack sand . . . .

They “hope” to be able have a president that allows them to shoot as many wolves as they can. As many bears as they can in or out of their dens. They hope to do with the soil, water, trees . … all the flora and fauna around THEIR homes whatever the f$ck they want.

Many trump supporters I’ve spoken with “hope” we have someone who kicks out anyone of color in this country. They “hope” they can carry semi-automatic weapons anywhere they want.

Good luck exploring what these people “hope for”.

U.S. individualism isn’t rugged, it’s toxic — and it’s killing us
We live in a culture of rugged individualism run amok. Call it toxic individualism . Because in the case of this pandemic, it is literally toxic.
The focus on individual rights over the greater good is one for which we are paying with our health and our lives.



I think “Trump” gets WAY TOO MUCH credit…

just sayin’

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No, you’ve never condoned the duopoly. You’ve simply told them that you are willing to vote for someone who offers nothing. Someone who brags about being against what you claim is important to you.

I’ve spent my life surrounded by trumpers. I have had conversations with them. But then, it takes two to have a conversation.

With respect, all of what you say here is true to one degree or another, but the Dems have their own lists of horrible ideas, too, such as placing faith in tech monopolies and social media companies to patrol and de-platform anyone who doesn’t agree with them, using intelligence agencies to exact political revenge, and thinking that wars are just, hey, like inevitable because we are very good and other countries are very bad. They are just as willfully blind to the inherent racism and destructive consequences of their own ideology. Just look at how they are reacting to the near-total failure of their national strategy, such as it was, and Biden’s candidacy. Their explanations for the tightness of the presidential contest and the losses on down ballot races seem to be that racist, dumb voters let the party down. The entitlement! Even while it looks now like Biden will win handily. So, which is it…dumb voters let you down, or you were right all along? You can’t have it both ways. And then there’s the Lincoln Project being praised by (surprise) MSNBC. What a sham. This is today’s Democratic party. Utterly divorced from reality, forever wedded to Wall Street, and always ready to blame those they see as poor, ignorant, racists for their refusal to hand them the decisive victories they feel they deserve (“but they’re worse, you idiots.”) A large portion of the population absolutely hates this message, including myself.

So, it looks like Biden will win his race, and there are other Dem victories worth celebrating, but overall I see this whole election cycle as a failure that managed to stumble over a finish line by appealing to a very narrow slice of wealthy, educated, suburbanites and learning none of the real lessons of 2016. If Biden wins, and it looks like he will, Dems will rub it in Progressives’ faces, even after we got on board, held our noses and voted for him. Something is very rotten here.