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We — or Him?

We — or Him?

Ronald Aronson

When President Donald Trump last week began a tweet with “we” and then deleted it, Trumpwatchers on Twitter seized on the opportunity to turn it back on him.

The We as opposed to the I - let’s hope this collective hope carries us through.

I say carry us through because Trump is at this moment trying to find his way to war.

War our money maker in this our war economy has been the way since 1945. California and other areas were developed by the weapons manufacturing. We need more than hope for this country. We need a sustainable lifestyle with sustainable farming and sustainable infrastructure and industries.


Yes we do but it won’t be easy. People were ready to elect Bernie because they knew we needed a reformer who wasn’t corrupt. Look how both parties and the corporate media trashed democracy and sabotaged the obvious choice of the people.

This as we see has backfired and suddenly our country is in actual trouble. Trump is unsuited to be president and the power elites know it themselves but time marches on and it isn’t easy to correct some mistakes.

They cheated Americans out of our democracy and like an evil spell gone bad…we are all becoming very afraid that it is getting out of control on us.


You be dat messiah thingie?

Very strange article - Simplistic Maybe?
Not sure at all if it is kind of contrast that needs to be drawn, or whether it has its finger on fleshed out event that is pointing to the conclusion.

If “we” has such appeal then Hillary Clinton would have won with a landslide with her “We are stronger together” campaign. She lost because the election was mainly about race and of course the crazy results the electoral college can produce when the least popular candidate is able to win. Much of Trump’s support was a backlash against having a black president and Clinton campaigned on largely keeping Obama’s agenda intact. For many of Trump’s supporters it comes down to us against them.

Most of Trump’s support came from the fact that he campaigned as a white supremacist. This gave him a lot of support from the alt-right, the latest name for white supremacists. The fact that Trump campaigned as fascist dictator was probably less important then campaigning as a racist. And he was helped when he brought in Steve Bannon to his campaign leaving no doubt that white supremacy was central to his campaign.

I think it is more We than Him now that he is realizing the global pressures he has to deal with. Did you see the reaction of world leaders and the press to his speech in France last week? He will have to change to become successful. Read my predictions of the situation in Essay.expert

Well i think allow him sometime, he will improve!

What ever Trump doing or already done, i still like him as he is the man with words and he is very straight forwarded. He is one of the best US president.
Love you Mr. President