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'We Plan to Stay Relentless': After Pepper-Spray Attack by Police, NC Poll Marchers Vow Return on Election Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/we-plan-stay-relentless-after-pepper-spray-attack-police-nc-poll-marchers-vow-return

I’d like to see signs saying “we are Americans.” Another saying “we are the majority.”

The NC governor responded by saying “this is not acceptable” and now the state AG calls the event “troubling”. How about you two do your dam jobs and protect the citizens your supposed to serve, and file charges against these bully cops?


I will not relate Bobby Kennedy’s response.
anymore per CD poster request.
just that kkk deppittees would have stood very still, no flinching.

Are you trying to say these cops aren’t racist, or am I misunderstanding your post?

Yes, they are rascist and they are wrong.
I am saying this type of voter intimidation
was stopped a few generations ago by
US army soldiers using an over the top
show force. Northern Alabama.- which was
settled by people of three religions from
north central Europe. None believed in
slavery. 1830’s

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If the racist voters of the county won’t defeat the racist Sheriff, then he needs to be assassinated and the police station needs to be burned to the ground. And that needs to start happening every time the pigs do things like this to unarmed people of color until they get the message that the People will no longer put up with it.

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please note: we have been thru this cycle before.
Once it starts, it continues for five years.
Use the ballot box for the real change needed.

the deputees could not have qualified for any other job.
Sheriff is defending deputies and governor and attorney
general are questioning.

An AP (Another Propaganda) piece in my local rag bears next to no resemblance to the account here, omitting salient facts and “both siding” to beat the band.

SOP for the SOBs.

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