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We’re Failing the US Citizens of Puerto Rico


We’re Failing the US Citizens of Puerto Rico

Jill Richardson

Wanting federal aid in a natural disaster isn't wanting "everything done for you." It's what we should all expect.


The situation in PR has significant similarities to a company store. Coal miners in particular will understand that a company store makes it impossible for anyone to get ahead, and the way the shipping companies, Big Pharm, and others treat PR and Puerto Riquenians is no different from the way coal companies treated, and to an extent still treat, the miners.

For drumpf to blame them for their condition while he walked on a multimillion dollar golf course bankruptcy that the PR taxpayers had to cover is truly disgusting. For drumpf, however, it is all in a day’s work. I’ve often thought that drumpf was something that slithered under the fence out of a sewage settling tank one night, but he may be an escapee from one of Smithfield’s factory farms.


The establishment has sent out minions among you to speak for the inevitability of rule by the wealthy few. Now more than ever we stand, perhaps as more than one generation or age, in cognizance of the measure of what is required of those who speak to the planet for the well-being of all, quite apart from the ancient ways that have led us to environmental devastation and indifference, along with a predominantly self-destructive, exclusively seller-centric greed on the part of that ruling class.