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We’re Flying the Trump Baby Blimp Again—Because the US President Doesn’t Deserve Our Respect

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/03/were-flying-trump-baby-blimp-again-because-us-president-doesnt-deserve-our-respect


Nectarine Nero’s vitriolic, bile-filled diatribes have earned him every bit of derision that he receives and then some. If there is such a thing as a derision deficit, he is owed bigly. Perhaps it’s the only account payable that he maintains.


While I’m no fan of Trump, I’m no fan of the the previous train of presidents that waged endless war, undermined democracy at home and abroad, stood idly by as the mass incarceration of people of colour continued, fought universal healthcare at every turn, did nothing to curb fossil fuel extraction, buddied up with the worst dictatorships around the world and took money from the most evil corporations that roam the planet to do their bidding.
The blimp should represent the U.S. government instead of one person. The problem with protests like this is that the people believe that all of America’s troubles will be washed away simply by getting rid of Trump, when in reality Trump’s replacement will be just as bad if not worse, except that the replacement may be more ‘presentable’, speak more eloquently and behave more respectably in mixed company. But the policies will be the same.
Despite all of the hateful vitriol Trump has spewed since he was elected, he is the only president who hasn’t started a new war on his watch. This in itself is a major accomplishment and if he ends his term on that note, it will be hard for the public to ignore. Clinton, Obama and Bush were all “weak on peace”. That is only one positive development in Trump’s otherwise shameful record, but it’s a big one.


You are right, so far. Let’s hope that he can resist the influence of Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Rubio and Graham.

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Rather than waste time and money on impeachment of this state-of-the-art fraud, better yet he is exiled.
No lengthy hearings; just get the eff out. If you return, you will be arrested.

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Which country will take him off the hands of the USA?? We spawned him, we’re stuck with
him, in or out of prison!!

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That would be his problem, not ours. As with much else related, it can happen…if the will is there.

You gotta love the British humour. God save the Queen, oh, and that old lady in Buckingham Palace too!
“We are the champions my friend…!”

Let’s hope he can resist the influence of Israel, and AIPAC, and let’s hope the tail (the Mainstream Corporate Media) stops wagging the Nectarine Dog.
I wonder who are the undersecretaries to Bolton, Pompeo, Pence etc.? I wonder who advised Trump to hire that rogue’s gallery.