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'We’re in the Business of Killing Terrorists and Business is Good'

'We’re in the Business of Killing Terrorists and Business is Good'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the U.S. military continues its war against the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), the Air Force is reportedly dropping so many bombs that it is struggling to find more.

"We’re in the business of killing terrorists and business is good," Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said in statement quoted by USA Today on Thursday.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter told a House Armed Services Committee Tuesday, “Over the past several weeks, because of improved intelligence and understanding of ISIL’s operations, we’ve intensified the air campaign against ISIL’s war-sustaining oil enterprise, a critical pillar of ISIL’s financial infrastructure,” and added, “There’s more to come, too.”

Oh sure Ash. The many months that that US has been mucking it up in Syria, no one from the Pentagon, CIA, DIA, NSA, could figure out how to stop ISIS from making money from stolen oil. Of course not. Nor could the US allies in the ME, including Turkey whose malevolent dictator’s brother has been personally profiting dealing with a ISIS.

Gosh Ash, you should thank Putin for pointing this crap out to you, fucking lying sack of shit.


We’re in the business of indiscriminately killing around the world, and business IS good.


trying their best to stop refugees while lining pockets of the merchants of death and their shareholders…


The U.S. military is not dropping bombs on ISIS. ISIS and “the Syrian opposition” are controlled by the CIA and used as an excuse to drop bombs on the Syrian army. The U.S., NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, as proxies for the international banking cartel, are intent on destroying Syria because (like all nations destroyed since 9-11) it owns its own central bank and controls its own currency. It also is geographically one of the keys to a pipeline for getting cartel oil to Europe, to break the Russian monopoly on the continent’s energy supplies.

When Putin cleverly called the cartel’s bluff and started bombing its mercenaries (ISIS and "the Syrian opposition), the cartel responded by creating a terrorist act in Paris, so that the French could declare a war on terrorism (they did not do this after 9-11), thus we now have French and British jets bombing the Syrians. The Russians have put their best anti-aircraft guns in place in Syria, and the U.S. has done the same in Turkey.


USA Today sez: … (T)he Air Force is “depleting its stocks of munitions” and has been forced
to “scour depots around the world for more weapons and to find money to
buy them.”

Perhaps a car wash or bake sale? In any case, it’s super groovy the Air Force is is going to “find” money rather than raid the public treasury.


…just helpin’ 'em off along the way to their ParadISIS…BRAVO!

If the US government kills to solve their problems then US citizens call kill to solve theirs.

Wonder no more why mass shootings happen in the US.


I listened this morning to another moving interview on KPFA with author Deborah Felmeth who lived in Syria for several years. Her new book is: Syria, Remember Me.

“The book Syria - Remember Me bears witness in word and image to the strong, dignified, beautiful, and complex lives of the Syrian people—from the fertile Euphrates River Valley to the wide-open expanse of the great Syrian Desert, from the maze of overflowing markets to the spacious interiors of gold-domed mosques. The photographs in this collection were taken over two decades, between 1991 and 2011 and precede the war that now sweeps the beleaguered land.”


Tragic destruction of a beautiful land and peoples. There’s got to be a better way.


‘Trust me, we’re totally into equal opportunity murder’, as we fight to make the wars grow and expand and work on from all sides for more and more Wall Street profits.


So we are killing 140 people for every 1,000 bombs dropped. I am guessing that the smart bombs are quite expensive and it would be interesting to know the dollar figure expended to kill each terrorist. Consider that the handful of 9/11 terrorists used box cutters as their primary weapons to very effectively kill over 3,000 people and bring a nation temporarily to its knees. Their terrorist contemporaries are winning a jihad in several nations using the ubiquitous AK 47 as their primary weapon. Is it just me or is there really a serious tactical policy mistake being pursued here. Ya think?

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Russia has released imagery of targets the USA has struck and have suggested in their diplomatic manner that the US must be bombing a lot of empty desert.

Early in the campaign I posted an article wherein the US bombed a warehouse of sorts where those who had been inside of it (ISIS fighters) claimed they got a warning to leave some 40 minutes before.

In striking those convoys Of trucks carrying oil to turkey which the US apparently only made aware of after the Russians released satellite images of the same, the US claimed they issued warnings to ensure no innocent lives lost.

This as they blow up hospitals in Afghanistan because email is down.

I suppose with 70000 moderate fighters in Syria battling ISIS as per British claims and with all of those innocent lives that might be lost resulting in warnings issued prior to an attack, it pretty hard for the USA to find legitimate targets where their allies would not get killed.

I guess this means all of those bombs now in short supply, as Russia suggests , are dropped on empty desert.


There is no business like the war business! The only reason business is so good is: Amerika is a military dictatorship! Soooooo many people are completely brainwashed with false patriotism; wrapped in the flag of the war racket; blinded by church insanity; and a complicit and corrupt congress that has given the Pentagon carte blanche access to unlimited taxpayer funds in order to murder people in foreign countries with impunity. The war racket is probably the best racket ever devised by man!


It’s chilling how people are dehumanized as “terrorists” This nihilism is at the heart of U.S. foreign policy, even more chilling. Its all a business for them, profiting off the killing of other human beings, or should I say fully amortizing their assets?

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Aggression has failed? Not for the aggressors: business is good!

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Just imagine if we dropped foods and medicines at the same price level as that of bombs rather than the bombs. We would be gaining friends rather than enemies. But our culture wont allow that. We can assess our culture by the amount of money spent on killing as compared to the amount of money spent in helping people live a decent life.


Yup, it’s how these people get it off.

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