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We’re Not Opposing Donald Trump with the Unified Fierceness He Deserves


We’re Not Opposing Donald Trump with the Unified Fierceness He Deserves

Shaun King

A man who some believe to be a pretty terrible human being is scheduled to become our next President in less than three weeks. I won't make yet another rundown of all of the awful things he has said and done. I've done that a dozen times. Pretty much every reputable news outlet in the country has covered Trump's lies, deceit, failed commitments, his unethical business dealings, and his personal admissions on mistreating and sexually assaulting women.


It most certainly is NOT enough. Even some people who are secure in their futures and are retired are worried about the country. We need to continue to organize at the grass roots, volunteer in our communities, and reach across aisle. We need to stand for progressive not neo liberal causes, and continue to work outside of congress. Look at NYS- first state to grant free college for low and middle income families. The state where Bernie grew up, and Hillary lives.


"Maybe we are exhausted or overwhelmed or so bewildered that we don't quite know what to do?"
Just as likely we are too complacent.
If Don tries to take our iPhones though...


The big difference between S Korea and the US? A communal society versus an individualist. One can create unity and power through collective action, the other will struggle against "I, Me, My" syndrome and centuries of "taking care of number one" mentality. It will have to get pretty bad before Americans turn out by the millions.


Agree with you, we do not have the venom including the media exposure the Republicans can always expel. Other than Bernie or E. Warren the Dems seem lame and passive. How else could so many voters turn away from the Democrats and vote against their own self interest? Many did not even vote, assured by the pollsters that Hillary had it in the bag.
We may have to look in the face of fascism to get off our complacency.
If we do not get creative in mobilization then it will be a long and degrading 4 years.


I think Shaun is right! I get this feelin' that I'm going to be spending my remaining days on the street....PROTESTING!


We need to oppose more than just Donald Trump but realize he is but a symptom of the problem. We need to oppose the crazy system that brought him here on both sides of the aisle. The $$$ that rules politics, and our Justice System along with the Legislature and all the rest. We need a full Revolution of ideas and change in this country and I am not talking about taking up arms but using our voices and our votes and whatever else we can bring to the bargaining table. We need to make sure that the powers that be understand we will not simply allow for this to carry on. We need a National Conversation that crosses all political lines.


Exactly it's all about apathy. We need required community service in this country for ALL including the one per cent elties. Remember what Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country? I phones indeed


If you do that well that you can afford an i phone you probably do not care who is in office.


I thought we have had a "conversation"- it's called apathy.


How about volunteering in your community - besides protesting?


Get real! Most people ( unless they are directly affected like illegal immigrants for instance ) are probably apathetic otherwise they would have been in the streets during the recession at its height.


Millions protested during the civil rights era ( which never went away) and during the VietNam war when the draft was in effect.


It appears our representatives won't be representing the American majority for the next few years. More planned tax breaks for the 1% and well-to-do, repealing Dodd-Frank and gutting retirement benefit plans like Social Security will serve to cause major problems for many of us.

A Federal Right-to-Work scheme is a strong possibility coming out of a Republican controlled Washington which will help to cut wages and benefits for many working people and put those who currently have some semblance of personal security, into an unstable world trying to survive on less.


Well I would recommend that we unite against the various wars the US has been waging for the last two decades! Peace with Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Russia!. How about ditch Israel and make peace with the Palestinians? How about we push for an end to the international trade deals! What about an upgrade of our train system! How about tariffs on all imported manufactured goods! How about we get rid of the crap heads in the Senate and House, like McCain and Graham and Wyden!
Lots of things to unite about!


" He continues to pour profuse praise on Vladimir Putin".

Ah; that Putin fellow again. It seems that USAian commentators are obsessed with the fellow. Oh; he is a RUSSIAN. Gee Willikins Dinah, cain't have them Rooskies running fer Persidunt.They ain't Murkin!


I keep expecting our leaders to take to the airways and denounce this horrendous fool en masse. I was listening to retro news about how Panamanians called on the Pope to denounce Noriega. The news coverage of huge irate Panamanian crowds in the streets was quite heartening.....Our leaders seem to be afraid of civil war...I think they should admit that it has already begun and can only turn out worse if they don't take the bull by the horns. The a__h___s are going to win this conflict if we don't strap on some cajones. There's nothing wrong with one party dominating the narrative for a while; but we all know this scenario is ruled by extremists who see DJT just as Putin does...their useful fool. This is not democracy and DJT is soooo compromised internationally as well as psychologically. He's corrupt and compromised and has no business playing president. He hasn't earned the part and isn't capable.


Good ideas. However, only achievable if a major segment of the voting electorate walks away from the Two-party Duopoly. By the masses continuing to vote for these two extremely corrupt parties, they are insuring we are all ruled by the Corporations and the Banks who will never do anything for the masses. It utterly amazes me how people I know can vote for any Democrat or Republican when all they do is lie in order to get you to vote for them. If any of what I am saying here resonates with any of you who think you can reform the Democratic Party, I'm afraid you are too hung up on labeling yourself a liberal, or a progressive, or a Democrat. If you are a Republican and you voted for Trump, I would be interested in hearing how you think things are shaping up in D.C. I'm willing to give him 6 months, and if he hasn't started a war or had people killed by drones or as a result of failed policies, we'll give him another 6 months. If he gets out of line, it's up to us to make the world know we want him gone. So, begin organizing at the local level.


Yeah, about that free TUITION.... I was listening to NPR tonight... and it was explained that... yeah, free tuition... but what about, housing, meals etc.... that cost 1/2 to 2/3 of what it is to go to college... they made the point that most low and mid income kids, already get their tuition paid for .... and so.... they said .... this free tuition... won't be helping anymore kids to go to college.... there is still too much money left over to be paid....
I think they are right... I really do... HOWEVER, ... there is this.... if tuition is free, then, what one should do is this.... work for a while... save up money for one- or two courses.... and take that while you work... save for another one or two... and keep going, UNTIL YOU GET TO 12 CREDITS... most schools, allow you to take up to 12 credits, before your have to matriculate.... Is this still the case?...
This is what I did.... (al though, credits were a hell of a lot less).... but, still it is a way to get started.... AND THEN.... when you matriculate... getting free tuition.... you keep working... BUT... you only take the basic 12 credits required to be full time.>> is that still the case?... that way, you are not stressed while you work and go to school... oh, and of course, you are LIVING OFF CAMPUS... hopefully, with a room mate to lower you rent.... OKAY, IT'S NOT A GREAT PLAN... but, until they really fix the problem... it's a start for some kid who is dying to get to school...hope it made sense... it's how I went... to finish my bachelors....after I already attended a two year school before that....


But he can't get OUT of line....He's never been IN line and no one but Putin seems to influence him. You want a Putin puppet in the WH for 6 mos.? This character is multiple walking disasters waiting to happen and he's going to rubber stamp everything this extremist retro-congress wants along with his own and his cabinet-from-hell's nightmarish ideas. And not because he believes in anything but because he doesn't believe in anything except saving his financial ass and his godawful public image as a very creepy wheelerdealer. You want this?