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We’re Not the Good Guys

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/were-not-good-guys


And have not been since 1776.


And yet, just ask yourself what Washington and the Pentagon might do if an Iranian drone were spotted off the East Coast of the United States (no less in actual U.S. air space). No more need be said, right?

It would not even have to be flying of the East Coast. The war on Iraq was justified in part because the Bush Administration claimed that Hussein might one day use drones to attack New York City with poison gas and that the “Freedom loving” United States of America had to act preemptively to ensure that would never happen.


The United States was founded on the blood and slave labor of Natives and slaves from Africa. When some atrocity or bigotry happens and people say “this is not what this country is about” or “these are not the values we were built on” I say bullshit because yes actually these are precisely the values this nation was built on. We’ve always been a bully and we’ve always been genocidal and war mongering. That’s the one constant. The thing is that the hard won good things that we see have been used to mask our bullying and genocidal, war mongering ambitions.

When the grand Founding Fathers that everyone keep’s worshiping as these supposedly amazing human beings wrote that “all men are created equal” they actually meant only male, white landowners. Not poor people, definitely not women and let alone blacks that were considered actually 3/5th of a human being.

And they are the good guys in this scenario, see.

Whatever freedoms and equalities and progress that;s been achieved in that regard was not put in there by design via the damn founding fathers but fought for hard during the second half of the 20th century (and this some 200 years after what the Founding Father penned) by the same people the US has been keeping in subjugation and treating like second and third class citizens and human beings since its beginnings.

We are a nation built on genocide and slavery and wars. We have the things we have, because we take them away from others, including peace in their regions. We didnt work hard for it, we just stole it more efficiently (from them and then our own people) and with better lies and euphemisms. Remember the DoD was called the WAR Department until after WWII when the oligarchs, who had tasted blood after the war and how lucrative it can be, decided to make it the american way of life so they euphemistically renamed it the Department of Defense so they can keep selling more wars to the american people by pretending that our military was there solely for defensive purposes.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our militarism is our lifeline and eventually it will be our undoing, if not the undoing of this planet. That and billionaires. “Be aware of the military industrial complex” Eisenhower said.

To see people be in denial about such realities and engage in gross revisionism and jingoism, pretending that we are a peace loving nation that’s based on great values is sickening. AND NOT TRUE!! it is factually wrong. In fact I distinctly recall George W Bush once saying during a speech “we are a peace loving nation.”

No we are not.

The US has not fought one legitimate war since the end of WWII. NOT A SINGLE ONE. All our wars have been those of choice and opportunity, mostly designed to maintain the geopolitical and economic status quo of the oligarchs. Under the guise and lie of “duty” and “patriotism” (a truly gross word and concept if you ask me - more like jingoism). and “serving one’s country” (more like serving the oligarchs) this nation had engaged in one war of choice and opportunity after another. To the point where we are actually a nation of war criminals. Anyone who voluntarily signs up for this military is a war criminal. Anyone who funds it, is a war criminals - even if by mere association. And anyone who looks the other way or worse, cheers for the troops, is an accomplice to said war criminals - which at this point would make a large percentage of the US population.

I mean have you ever looked at the face of someone, even liberal, when you criticize the damn troops? They look like you had just ran over a puppy dog or something. It is scary.

Our military is a terrorist organization basically. I mean, using violence for political purposes - isnt that the textbook definition of terrorism? The only difference between some common terrorist org and the US military is that we are better funded, better organized and operate under the supposed legitimacy given to us by Congress. A congress that is occupied by said oligarchs who are sitting in office thanks to the all the votes Koch Brother and Walton Family money can buy. For the most part it is not even a legitimately elected Congress given things like gerrymandering, voter suppression etc.

Pepper it up with some jingoism and propaganda about us being a peace loving nation and our troops to protect our freedoms from all these meany mean aggressors, and you got yourself a well oiled, beautifully organized and seemingly legit military that, together with the intelligence agencies we run, act more like a terrorist organization than government agencies beholden to US and working on behalf of us, the people, whom this is all is supposed to be about.

We are not the good guys. And the fact the MSM rarely, if ever, challenges that perception is why we have a bloated military budget and a nation run by oligarchs, for oligarchs, by oligarchs.


“The CIA has longstanding secret plans for responding to Iranian provocations”
Just like the American people in general, the CIA has gotten dumber over the years. Many of the citizens here are now up to speed about their true purpose (and it ain’t intelligence), something the rest of the world has known for a long time.

Slightly off topic, the protesting in HK, is CIA sponsored.


They break it down in the video.


True, just ask any Native American!


Who are the good guys?


Couldn’t have said it better

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Boom! - Mic Drop


Amerika is the bad guys, but so many " good Americans" have been so brainwashed by what Noam Chomsky calls" MANUFACTURED CONSENT" with slogans like: “SUPPORT THE TROOPS”; “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” and so many others, that no wonder it has become so bad that Trump will probably be reelected in 2020!


Amerika is the bad guys, but so many " good Americans" have been so brainwashed by what Noam Chomsky calls" MANUFACTURED CONSENT" with slogans like: “SUPPORT THE TROOPS”; “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” and so many others,

…or that somehow living in a world where billionaires exist was a good thing and beneficial to humanity and the planet or that giving rich people more of our money or being forced to pay more taxes so they dont have to pay a dime on their massive wealth was somehow in the best interest of the people and that anything short of complete predatory capitalism is communism and tyranny. The architects of the ownership society have turned this whole “stealing from everyone to enrich the wealthy” into an art-form via myths and right-out lies about meritocracy and hard work. No doubt a lot of the abuses we see here happen with the consent of the people. Gerrymandering would not even be an issue if people did the right thing and did not consistently vote against their own self interest and thus for swine like the McConnells and Steve Kings and even Pelosis of the world.

Troop worship is the most disgusting of them all and sadly also has become the most effective tool for propaganda and manipulation. It goes nearly 100% unquestioned and if you dare to have anything but complete and utter reverence for the men and women who voluntarily sign up to be part of this death machine that is our military, you are viewed as a heartless monster and traitor.

So yes, you are right, the manipulation has happened so deeply and so profoundly that no one even notices it anymore, everyone just plays along. Those who do question it are seen as “radicals” which I guess is a fair assessment since not worshiping the military and the troops, not seeing them as heroes, opposing endless war and war mongering as well as speaking out against our economic system of predatory capitalism is a truly radical concept in this country.


I believe the simple fact is that a vast vast majority of Americans don’t care if we bomb innocent people around the world. The populace may think it’s not nice, but they don’t lose any sleep over it.
The proof is that Tulsi Gabbard, the one candidate in my lifetime (73 years) who is truly and deeply anti war, is polling at 1%.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:

Yes, to what you wrote!
Who came up with the awful idea of the, “preemptive strike?”
That is a completely insane idea so it must have been the CIA that came up with that, as they seem to be looney—in a lot of ways. Like the growing of opium In Afghanistan. I remember reading that those mountains in Afghanistan are filled with a big lot potential of expensive gems----but apparently the CIA thought opium??? And then what does America do? Blows up the mountains!
Imagine what the living standard would be like for the people of Afghanistan, if they could have been suppliers for Tiffany----instead of poppy growers and making their own citizens bodies a boon for the plastic bag people.
Sometimes I think that military people do NO investigation for any reason to start a war—so I guess that’s what Preemptive Strike is so popular----but action without thought ends up killing the whole world. : (


“Why do we spend trillions of dollars to create more enemies and destabilize our own national security?”

  • the question that answers itself.

to benefit rich people. That is all this is about. War is profitable or have you ever met an arms dealer that went broke?


I happen to like, and fully agree with, Ray McGovern’s expansion, or more what you might call ‘inclusion’, of Eisenhower’s futile attempt to alert us to the dangers that had evolved, even during his administration, and have only grown so exponentially more since.

He calls it the "Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academe-Think-Tank (MICIMATT) complex"


There is nothing funny about this Tom. Its no time for snarky sarcasm We are living in the belly of the most colossal monster the world has ever seen. And now after all that’s gone down, just in this century, you don’t lead a story telling us we are not the good guys. This country has been a monster of aggressive war this whole century, and it is so bad now the USA with all its deadly weapons, driven by its evil billionaires, is on the point of waging terminal warfare against the entire planet itself.


The biggest cheerleaders pushing the Good Guys bullshit narrative, is the Democrats and the Republicans.

Since the majority of American voters buy the lies of these parties, voila, they also buy the Trillions spent by the military for “keeping us safe.”

I’m afraid Hopalong Cassidy and the Lone Ranger were some of the only Good Guys we’ll ever know.



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I. Am. Ashamed.


I do not believe he was trying to be funny, but rather draw attention to the fact that in spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary the average American still genuinely believes “we” are the good guys.
For which you can largely thank the most extensive and successful propaganda apparatus in human history.