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‘We’re Only Getting Started on our Climate Campaign’

‘We’re Only Getting Started on our Climate Campaign’

Mark Matthews

We do this because for too long not enough action has been taken to address the breakdown of the climate and the destruction of the living planet. These threats now represent a very real existential threat to our futures and the future habitability of the planet itself.

We have three demands:

If we are going to talk about climate change and geoengineering, it’s important we discuss chemical-genetic alternative symbiosis (C-GAS). They all go together with terrible results.

We must also talk about ownership of land and the world’s resources .The world’s resources must be managed sustainably and be held rightly by us all for the common and highest good of all.

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The world’s first self-funding near-zero CO2 plan was invented in the 1980s, so give it a google.

When I hear the term “net-zero emissions” it makes me sick. My heart sinks to find yet another wimp, purporting to be “getting started.” I’m afraid not, Mark, throwing around horseshit terminology like that isn’t any kind of a new idea. It’s the same mollycoddling crap we’ve been drowning in.

I demand better demands. Just one is enough: stop the ecocidal crime of fossil fuel extraction immediately. Anyone not addressing that demand is not understanding the current emergency.

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Much of what I’ve seen published at the site you reference has put it beneath contempt, in my opinion, for playing fast and loose with very vital truths. There may be (and certainly have been) illicit geoengineering projects pursued on the sly now and then. But the proposition that such clowning around bears any comparison to the gigatonnes of carbon emissions we know about is irresponsible and absurd. Real scientists don’t have anything to do with this nonsense.

One more thing: Geoengineering is a serious issue which, in my opinion, needs to be seriously opposed using real science. Fluffing up irresponsible geoengineering fluff could inoculate the real adherents of geoengineering from legitimate challenges.

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I wish the author and XR good luck. I also openly warn them about the reality of ‘too little, too late’ and just how strong the fossil fuel oligarchy is.

Climate chaos is baked in, and all the peaceful protesting in the world won’t stop it.

If only now that we are getting started on fighting Climate Change we might as well kiss our asses goodbye.

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Talk isn’t cheap

It’s unconscionably costly

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Just as important, probably more important, to enfranchise voters first.

Why should climate even become political? We’re talking about our planet, our home for pete’s sake- the home of all of us.

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I hope you’re not forgetting that it’s money first in $merica. The planet is somewhere down the list.

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It’s always been money first- forgetting that Earth is our home, but if sleepy, self satisfied boomers sometimes called the mistaken generation sit on our proverbial rear ends- then we will get what we deserve. Young people did not create this mess- our generation did along with help from Gen X. Hope you’re not asleep in your easy chair with your paper resting on your lap.

Keep an eye on this Special77. When I see someone refusing to even acknowledge serious issues with the conspiracist sites they share, I start to suspect we’re being trolled by fossil fools, who are interested in spreading confusion, and not getting charged with ecocide.

Does Special77 engage around here at all, or only share fossil-fuel sponsored conspiracy sites?

I strongly believe that tinfoil-hat sites like Geoengineering Watch are sponsored by fossil fuel profiteers. It only stands to reason. There is zero scientific legitimacy to the crap featured there, by and large. Who would sincerely get so excited about this particular branch of pseudo-science besides those who mean to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt?

You intentionally conflate my wariness of fossil fuel trolls with some lack of knowledge about geoengineering – when I’ve already said the problem with fluff sites like this is they distract from genuine, serious concerns about actual geoengineering plans. Your intentional ignorance of what I just said is insulting – and I don’t think you’re as dumb as you pretend to be.

I’ll not be convinced that you’re for real until you stop acting like a troll – in particular, I’m sick of conspiracy sites showing up on ecological threads.