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'We Refuse to Be Complicit': Google Employees Protest Proposed Contract With ICE and CBP

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/we-refuse-be-complicit-google-employees-protest-proposed-contract-ice-and-cbp

Refusal to be complicit with a large corporation is fantastic.

Take it one step further and send the entire Uniparty, the Duopoly, a message they cannot deny.

Go online today, with your State Election Board, and if you’re registered as a Republican or Democrat, change your party affiliation today.

Become an Independent, a Socialist, a Green, or any other third party recognized by your state election board.

Be proud of yourself for taking a step that you should have taken years ago.

Do it today.

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this is why enormous corporations like this need to be unionized. google won’t think twice about “H1B-ing” the dissidents with imported, cheaper and very obedient tech workers. They’ve done plenty of that already. They’re always up for more. And I’m sure they’ll have an easy time getting even the flimsiest rationale for outsourcing a job approved if its in the service of the police state.

be careful, Googleites of Conscience. And unionize for a little protection. Your company is very much being evil.


Amazon is vying for a cloud computing contract with the Pentagon

Corporate coup is quite a distance into the end game. Already happening to a large degree, I predict that within a few years US laws will have codified any agency or any company being able to share any individual’s entire data profile, or sell it to any individual or company willing to pay the emergent market price. Understood that is happening already, but imagine how much further it could go.

This has to be established in law, so that a true authoritarian use of it can be realized, where the “good citizen” is always wary that their true identity attached to their every move on line whether it is politically active, or personal can be sold or transferred to whatever entity would like to use it for punitive, or intimidating reasons.

Fascist President calls up search terms he’d like implemented to hone a list of political dissidents to target for whatever reason or for whatever fancy of vindictiveness? AI algorithm at the fascist’s beckon call. AI robots to do the dirty work, and until then AI enhanced (already) militarized police and two bit paid off mercenary thugs sucking up to the autocrat, as private market fascistpreneurs.

Sound far fetched? Stick around.

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Good thing they still have the Chinese govt contracts.