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We Refuse To Be Enemies


We Refuse To Be Enemies

César Chelala
I have just returned from a concert by Gabriel Meyer Halevy, an Argentine-Israeli musician. He is the son of Marshall Meyer, an American rabbi who lived in Argentina during that country’s “Dirty War” in which thousands of people became “desaparecidos.” Marshall Meyer’s work helped save the lives of dozens of people who were persecuted by the Argentine military. His son Gabriel carries his father’s same concern for peace and human rights.


From the article:

“The movement has the participation of Arabs, Israelis and Israeli Arabs united in their longing for peace. The We refuse to be enemies slogan has now turned into an international social media campaign against the unnecessary deaths in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on the need for peace in the region.”

As is noticeable, others are waking up to the creative ways that the word WE can be used in opposition to that pronoun too often being manipulated to imply consensus where there is none.

I am very glad that others are breaking away from identifications with uniform standards that are being imposed and do NOT serve The Greater Good, nor Truth!

This movement–We Are Not Enemies–is not just needed in Israel-Palestine. Heck, many racist Bible belt neighborhoods or those that are Islam-aphobic could also use it!


There have been numerous attempts to find common ground between oppressor and oppressed, in Israel/Palestine and elsewhere, no doubt. I can only hope that this effort will have more success than past ones. Perhaps those failures will inform and guide in a different direction this worthy effort. The first obstacle that has to go, for this to be successful, is the exceptionalism that has undermined past good intentions. Good luck.