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'We Refuse to Create Technology for Warfare and Oppression': Microsoft Workers Demand Company End Army Contract

'We Refuse to Create Technology for Warfare and Oppression': Microsoft Workers Demand Company End Army Contract

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Hololens is demonstrated at the Penn Museum. (Photo: Penn Libraries-TRL/flickr/cc)Declaring to chief executives that they refuse "to become war profiteers," a group of Microsoft workers on Friday demanded the company cancel a contract with the U.S.


I stopped using micro$%&< about 5 years ago. The business model is that of intense colonization of communications by monopoly in order to maximize economic and other forms of control. The Gates Foundation covers for an entire model of colonization, predatory capitalism and shoulder to shoulder with activities like that of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

Any who might want to change to open source can take a look at UBUNTU (I belive means ‘I am because you are’) by Conomical Group, and the variations for different computer capacities (including old builds). It recognizes the monopoly of microsoft and others and has entire spectrum of open source software - pay what you can afford - and if you can’t afford it its free.

Time to retire the overlords.


Thank You, MS employees! It’s about time our government and employers know that we are not a nation of warmongers! Our ‘leaders’ obviously are, and they need to hear the objections of “we the people” loud and clear.


Accolades to the Microsoft workers. Now if only the workers at Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon and other war profiteering companies…would do the same thing!


U.S.A. - warfare socialist nation dispensing unlimited dollars to corporate/industrial welfare. No accountability - zero. Social assistance budgets pale in comparison to the long term largesse of the elite welfare system.

That is why the MIC fights so vigorously to misrepresent the progressive argument to shift the balance of state ‘welfare’ from the few to the many. The dominators think they are the only ones that work and that ‘national security’ is a carte blanche to lie, hoard wealth and prevent democracy from arising. The state intervention they prefer (but won’t admit) is the welfare system that augments the power of the top percenters while impoverishing millions year after year, decade after decade.


how about we begin by calling these sociopaths for what they are! let’s not call the power seekers and greed-ridden miscreants, “our leaders.” i certainly do not chose to follow them!

proud, i am, of the microsoft employees for speaking out! could this be the beginning of the great awakening???


Added the bolded word above for you. (-:

Like Wall Street, the US MIC is a blood-sucking vampire draining our nation’s treasure, what little remains of our citizens’ bank accounts; and polluting the globe. US military leaders should be ridiculed and despised for their ineptness and their greed. When have they last won one of their “wars”? The only thing they’re able to do is to bomb a target country’s infrastructure to smithereens, while unapologetically murdering any non-combatants, who happen to be in the vicinity. They don’t even dare to use their combat personnel any longer, for fear of casualties. So, they fund, arm, and train mercenaries to wreak death and destruction in foreign lands. I hate it when someone says to me, “Thank you for your service.” - They have no idea what they’re blindly offering thanks for.


Yay for Microsoft.
I wish LANL and Sandi Lab would follow. Our elites don’t see climate chaos or nuclear war as a problem; they see it as a solution…hence the climate deniers and the pit producers when it is obvious that we don’t need more hydrogen bombs and the planet proceeds to deteriorate before our eyes.
Some elites!. Some solution!
This is Disaster Capitalism right up front.


Don’t all of you find that Tech is used mostly for Evil? This is beyond unnrerving!


Libertarian bullshit. The rampant, colonizing corporations direct this world of warfare, exploitation and devastation “by any means necessary,” and individuals are powerless to stop it.


Awesome. Is it the beginning of a turnaround?


Let’s hope so. People standing up anywhere are an inspiration to people everywhere.


When Lockheed-Martin missiles were used to kill 40 children on a school bus, it left me wondering whether any of my former students - many of who get jobs at Lockheed-Martin - worked on the tech used to slaughter these Yemeni kills. On hearing about the Microsoft workers, I hope that some of these are former students, people influenced by former students, or role models for students I have now.

A good deal of engineers, even some on CommonDreams, advocate for engineering that promotes war, police repression, surveillance, and resource extraction/expropriation. Some make nuanced arguments related to ‘innovation’, individual freedom, practicalities of the ‘real world’, etc. On the other hand, there are growing numbers of engineers and scientists who are taking a stand for social justice, equity, sustainability, and peace. Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace (http://esjp.org/) and Science for the People (https://scienceforthepeople.org/) are two groups (sometimes maligned by Commondream engineers and folk in STEM fields).


Tin foil hat alert !
Since the Nazi’s were the ones getting alien technology in WW2, where would they stand today? East or West?
G.O.R.T., we may need you, long before you arrive.

Sorry Steve, that was supposed to be a stand alone post.

The entire country of Amerika has been brainwashed with that term, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!
Because the people that serve, like my nephew, are brave, well meaning, and patriotic albeit being misled, but what is so egregious, is their misled bravery and patriotism, in so many wars, are being taken advantage of to serve the masters of war like John Bolton and the corporate war profiteers, not to protect our country but to protect the hegemony, hubris and vested interests of the world wide Amerikan, Empire.



Perhaps we are seeing an emergence of consciousness that corporations must be controlled by the People.

Think that even there may be a tiny chance that a new political party might even arise that is Of the People, and For the People?


Or will the companies double down? Bring in the Pinkertons. Fire everyone and bring in new hires?
Extreme I know, but I wouldn’t put it past them.


Hi Gandolf,

I don’t know about Nazi involvement with alien tech or GORT. I do know that many German scientists and engineers, many of Jewish heritage, left the region when the Nazi’s came into power. However, many German scientists and engineers remained in Germany and developed weapons and war tech, including gas chambers, etc, for Nazi Germany. Among the most well know is Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize winner and considered the Father of Quantum Physics. Heisenberg worked to develop nuclear weapons for Hitler (https://www.atomicheritage.org/history/german-atomic-bomb-project). Heisenberg did not succeed in developing nuclear weapons for Hitler. Nonetheless, the fate of many victims of the holocaust would have been very different if more German engineers and scientists refused to develop Germany’s tools of killing.


GOOD! Everyone that wants peace and an end to the US’s endless wars all need to step up and challenge the Trump and US congress’s military expansion and the false reasons they use to continue its endless bloody growth!


Hi Derek,

I’m not sure where you reside, but that is not what I see. Much of what I see, particularly in my focus -machine learning / intelligent algorithms - much is military related, police related, or fake-it-till-you-make-it BS. I have friends who are trying, but there is little financial opportunities and, so far, few opportunities for career in software development that are promote progressive use of the tech.

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