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'We Reject Politics of Fear': Groups Urge Congress to Build Schools, Not Wall


'We Reject Politics of Fear': Groups Urge Congress to Build Schools, Not Wall

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

More than 150 advocacy groups sent a letter (pdf) to Congress on Thursday urging lawmakers to reject President Donald Trump's proposal to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall and spend the money on education instead.

Trump's "targeting of Muslims, refugees, and undocumented immigrants...are eroding the trust built by educators, parents, law enforcement, and communities over decades," the letter states.


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We could build a modern school a day with just what we spend against civilian populations in countries that have never attacked us. The American Century of War is against all people, foreign and domestic.


That child broke me into tears, how can we do that to the Mexican or any immigrant, they are willing to live here to make their lives better just like Trumps parents, parents must have done. Mexicans in particular are related to the American Indians and have for thousands of years crossed through back and forth, so i see no pint in stopping them now. Trump is a mentally ill mad dog and must be dealt with accordingly.


Trump's idiot wall. First, a 20 foot wall, you bring a 21 foot ladder, or a rope, and go over the wall, or dig under the wall, and go under the wall, and Trump and his cronies know that. What this wall is I suspect is a cash cow to Trump's cronies who will be entitled to build said wall. The wall will never be completed, just always under construction, costing the American people billions, and billions, than trillions, and trillions of dollars. In the end, I suspect not only will schools not be built, but closed down, as will other major American programs will be closed down that benefit regular folks. The Trump wreckage never ends...!


There many come a time when WE might want to get OUT.

You know, like East Berlin...