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'We Rise' Actions Aim to Challenge Rightwing Takeover of State Governments


'We Rise' Actions Aim to Challenge Rightwing Takeover of State Governments

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With working families, women, the environment, people of color under attack in state legislatures and city halls around the country, people are stepping up to say: "No more."

To make their message heard by local governments on Wednesday, supporters participated in more than 20 events—including rallies, sit-ins, and acts of civil disobedience—in 16 states as part of the "We Rise" national day of action.


The best way to help the right wing take over state and federal government is to not vote.


Wrong. While there are few differences between the parties as far as corporate money is concerned, and the continuation of corporate power above the rights and needs of citizens, the republicans are batshit crazy on so many more issues that voting for a corporate democrat keeps the real crazies out of control. In what universe is a Green party candidate viable in an election? Until you (we) build up enough grassroots support for Greens so that there is a chance to win an election, keep the crazies out by voting against them. Only 37% of eligible voters voted in the last election. What do you think is going to happen on the local and national levels when people who hold views vehemently opposed to the republican crazies fail to vote? The crazies take control of everything. At least hold the line on things like Social Security, and a host of social issues while we build up enough voter support (through years of hard work) to finally have a true alternative to the corporate parties. Until then, keep the crazies out of office or suffer the dire consequences that arise from gerrymandering and a probable rock-solid hold on electoral politics in the foreseeable future by people who make Nixon look like a hippie.


Non voters and Republican vote suppressors on CD and elsewhere certainly helped the right wing win the recent Congressional elections.

If the Stupid Party can understand that suppressing the vote helps them win, the Smart Party should surely understand it and vote.


Wrong again. I said nothing about “settling” for fear-based voting. I said we need to work to make Green candidates true alternatives to the corporate parties. Until then, we need to hold the line on important issues that will be protected by democrats and destroyed by republicans. Adopting your “philosophy” will simply hand the reins of all government to truly crazy people for a long, long time. Then, in the future, we will have so much more to sit in our living rooms to complain about. Then again, there is something to be said for allowing the crazies to have their day, utterly destroy any vestige of the social contract, and hope that it will become so bad that people will finally get the message and vote Green. Good luck with that approach.

In addition, I was talking about people who DO NOT VOTE, not about people who quite rightly vote their consciences. When 37% vote, 19% is a majority. It’s no wonder that despite large majorities of people who support Social Security, higher minimum wages, stronger labor protections, better public education, birth control and a host of other issues on the republican chopping block, those views will not be represented in a government that reflects the views of 19% of us. So go ahead and defend our right to not vote in a democracy, and then bemoan the consequences when the crazies control all of government.


“Bobby Jindal: GOP Should ‘Stop Being The Stupid Party’” a quote by the Republican governor of Louisiana.


Um, wrong again, again. Barack Obama has taught me, by putting Social Security cuts “on the table”, by droning brown people across the globe, by allowing torturers to run free while putting Kiriakou in prison, by condemning Chelsea Manning to 35 years, demonizing Snowden and Assange, by trying to fast track TTP, by not including a Public Option (you know, one of those things the people wanted in addition to birth control) in a full throated blow job to the insurance industry, and on and on, that he is not for the people, he is for the banksters. Hillary is not for the people. Most of the current Democratic party is not for the mass of people. So, no, I will not vote for lesser evils any more. You want progressives to win, you don’t roll over and give these douches your vote when they say “jump” and them watch them kick the dirty hippie to appease the conservatives. You demand progressives be put up for vote. If it’s going to take more suffering NOW to get the people to demand a lean to the left a la the 30’s, then that’s what has got to happen. Sorry, no Hillary …


We need a voting system that reflects the will of the voters, not the idiotic “first past the post” plurality voting that prevails in the USA. Plurality voting inevitably results in a two-party system, as voters rightly fear “wasting” their vote on a candidate who will not win.

Above all we need some form of score voting, also known as range voting, in which the voter votes for every candidate on the ballot, giving each one a score on the range provided. The simplest form is approval voting, with a range of two - yes or no, one or zero, for each candidate running. The candidate with the highest total score from all votes is the winner. It’s more effective with a wider range, like zero to ten.

Check out the Center for Election Science, www.electology.org


As long as money can cross state lines for local elections the situation will only get worse. The Koch’s, Walton’s, Edelman’s, etc. are buying city, county, and state seats all over the country. School committees too. Don’t forget judges. Wealth corrupts, monopoly wealth corrupts absolutely. Voting rights and government of by and for people was and is only a chimera controlled by an oligarchy from the start. Great wealth and democracy cannot exist together.


Absolutely agree, and more so, we need to get corporate money entirely out of elections. The state charters the corporation, and puts restrictions on the “rights” of the corporation. Corporate charters need to be way more restrictive than they are.

A constitutional amendment is probably necessary at this point to rein in the extremely distorted power that the corporate sector holds over the entire political economy. It won’t be an easy fight but it must be a fight, and it must go for genuine popular power above corporate power.


With that strategy one thing is for sure. The New UnDeal Democratic Party will continue its steady march to the right while the political kabuki dance continues to entertain the corporate audience.

No thanks. I will not vote for a corporate Democrat. Don’t blame me, or any other person voting their conscience. Blame the DLC corporate New UnDeal Democrats for abandoning traditional Democratic base constituencies.

Bill Clinton was the first right wing New UnDeal Democrat and he looks like a hippie compared to one Barack Obama.


You do realize that the Democratic Party leadership no longer puts up a solid defense of Social Security right? Obama’s “cat food commission” as being a perfect example along with his adopting in his own budget proposal “Chained CPI” that ultimately would consider that old people not able to afford a spike in the cost of poultry could easily turn to cat food for that protein.

Stronger labor protections? Please point me to any strong push by the current leadership of the corporate servicing New UnDeal Democratic Party that is all about labor protections. Sure there are some Democrats in the House Progressive Caucus that support labor unions but they are thoroughly ignored by the current power center of the Democratic Party.

Better public education? Are you not aware of this Administration’s continuation of Bush policies of teaching to the tests and worse? The Obama Administration’s policies regarding public education seek to weaken teachers’ unions while at the same time having a mechanism ( Race to the Top ) whose aim is to divert public funds to corporate owned charter schools. You have lost sight of where the current Democratic Party stands on this.

And where the hell has the Democratic Party been on championing the rights of women in general, let alone reproductive rights? Don’t you think if the Democratic Party actually emphasized such that might bring more women to the polls?

Don’t you think that the recent dismal voter turnout that allowed “the crazies” to get majorities in the House and Senate is because the New UnDeal Democratic Party has betrayed so many people in the last several years?


I agree with one quibble. No one needs to eat a chicken or any other animal to get protein. Vegetarians are healthier than animal eaters. Your flippant remark about getting protein indicates you have bought into the corporate way of thinking about animals. Meat is murder.


Go preach to someone else.

Given the context of my post that you are replying to, your point is off the mark. Following your logic, there is no sound argument to be made against Chained CPI as long as those affected are merely meat eaters.

One thing that annoys the hell out of me about sanctimonious vegetarians is that they act AS IF they have always been such. On average, very few human beings are born into families with vegetarian diets.

Obviously that doesn’t enter into your moral grandstanding calculus.


And just what would a “true alternative” look like? How would it be different from, say, the Greens …

How will you know when there is enough grass roots support? What keeps folks from voting Green now? Is part of it maybe because we keep being told that they are not a “viable” party, and so we don’t support them? What makes a “viable” party? In '12, Stein was on enough ballots in enough states to get enough EC votes to actually win - one of only 4 candidates, including D/Rs, that were - all we had to do was pull that lever …

We can do it now - the means are there, we determine who is “viable” - by the choices we make - any candidate “can” win if enough folks vote for her/him …

Have you noticed that as long as we vote LOTE that evil keeps getting worse - have we so little self respect that we will settle for crummy Dems because maybe Reps are a bit more crummy? How sad - how low will we go before we say “Basta!”


Again, what would make Greens “true alternatives”?

And what important issues are Dems protecting? They would have sold SS and Medicare down the tubes with the “Grand Bargain” if the Reps hadn’t ironically, in a fit of pique, refused to go along - the Dems are at best facilitators, at worst instigators …

Folks don’t vote for a number of reasons, but i suggest a big one is they don’t perceive that the duopoly has anything to offer them, so why bother - and they don’t know there are other choices …


Sure, neat ideas, but how do you propose to get them enacted? You need to put those on office who will do that and that leaves out D/Rs …

As far as “rightly fearing” of “wasting their vote” every time we vote D/R we are wasting our vote …


“They’re ready for leaders who will work for, not against, people and the planet.”

Well then, why the hell don’t they VOTE for them, for Pete’s sake …


The Republican shills came on this site and every other progressive site during the midterms to suppress the vote. They were very successful. Only 36% of the public voted and the House and Senate defaulted to insane fascist Republicans.

Some of these shills disappeared from these sites soon after, but they are back in masse, often using psych tactics like pretending to be progressives and complaining that they are fed up because the Democrats are every bit as bad as the Republican fascists or worse. As we see daily, Democrats may also be owned by Wall Street, but are nowhere near as insane as Republicans. These Republican shills are hired by fascists like the Koch Brothers to suppress the vote. Its the only way Republicans can win.

I hope progressives are sophisticated enough to be able to tell a shill when we see one. These are sometimes not your ordinary dumb Republican shills. They are well paid expert manipulators. Make no mistake, if Republicans take the White House it will be Orwell’s 1984. War will be permanent and progressives will be persecuted, prosecuted, jailed and murdered.


i know AQ, you say almost the same thing all the time, but y’know i only wrote a very brief comment, not a manifesto. Like i said, “It won’t be an easy fight but it must be a fight, and it must go for genuine popular power above corporate power.”

But maybe you can quickly explain how YOUR “plan” will work? Like you say, “Sure, neat ideas, but how do you propose to make it happen?” And don’t just say “Everybody vote like a say!” That’s not a practical plan, that’s just your dream.

And, i still recommend you look at electology dot org. They are working their asses off to change voting systems, and to build a movement and a track record to do so.