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We Rise Together, Homie


We Rise Together, Homie

So this: Over 100 mostly Latino construction workers were on an Indianapolis job site when a white boss known for hassling them tried to fire several workers over a slight. In an impromptu act of solidarity, they all walked out - and were filmed by Antoine Dangerfield, a black welder who exultantly narrated the act and its giddy result: "The Mexicans shut this motherf*cker down!" He got fired for the now-viral video, but also got a vital lesson: "We can all come together. "


I left Indianapolis about 40 years ago; racism is a pretty strong characteristic there. This is how it should be: The bosses figured they would just put up with the crap, because “they need a job”, but didn’t think respect and dignity were necessary for these workers, so en masse, they walked out. Good. When we stand together our voice is much louder than any shouting through a bullhorn. (Hope management knows how to operate all that machinery; I believe they have orders to fill).


They always count on that, don’t they? These kind of direct actions are needed across the board and is one reason the racists don’t want non white immigrants in the US. Hats off to them all!


This act of worker rebellion is heartening. My question is why hasn’t the Laborer’s Union and other building trades unions on the job organizing them. My mom’s dad, an Italian immigrant, was organized into Laborer’s Loacl 1 (Chicago) when he was working.

I know organizing is one of the hardest, most complex thing there is to do; but if the Laborer’s organized immigrants in the 1920s and 30s in the face of massive violence, they can do it now.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH


Exactly. The only “votes” that really count are our actions.



The framework of fascist behavior for the future is being built in Indianapolis.
I was an instructor at a technical college there for nine years - the administration sided with the bigoted students even when i was physically assaulted.


Here is home boys go fund me page


THIS is what non-violence looks like!

Powerful stuff


Thank you for this inspiration, and for the link to the GoFundMe page!


I knew the union movement was in trouble in the late 1970s when, while living in Tucson, I saw Teamster ready-mix drivers cross a carpenters local’s picket line—and mind you, this was before Reagan took office and fired PATCO.

It’s been a long time, but I think the tide is turning.


It hard to find a day where a news article brings a smile to my face. This one did.


WORKERS UNITE! There is a new media out there----use it----show the world what is happening in your work place.


My personal motto was always, “Never give up!” It still applies but I think my new main motto will be
“Come together!” It’s what we need to do if we’re going to solve today’s problems. No more one man against the world mentality. We have to flood the streets with “WE the people” if there’s to be any chance of combating the greed and destructive selfishness of the powers-that-be.


The Safety Director hassles everybody.
No English skills equals no citizenship in most cases, but, neither of us has done complete research, have we now?
Tt’s likely a two gate system- one for Union, one not. The "other contractor "is likely a non-union outfit.
Did you know that the Union’s are essentially free of responsibility to know of their member’s origins? That means they provide a service that offers illegal aliens, putting the onus on their signatory contractors in case of violation of law…
Of course these guys stand together., They had my back and I had theirs. When we’re paid cash, we are essentially independent contractors. I was in the IUPAT for 35 years. We’ did it all the time. We faster and better than most so we got bennies and extra $. Up until 2002 or so, then the DNC and AFL-CIO got it together with the Bush Administration to change the Demographic of the voting bloc. With the appropriate Gov agencies standing down, the unintended consequence was the creation of a mult-billion dollar industry of fraud.
If you need help with research, for you are sorely lacking in background having run with the Emotional Appeal, then I can help.
I’ll be doing it with or without you, since I see a Exploitation coming on.
btw , this #repealAUMF … that is the key to all of our problems, and the Congres is the WEAK LINK in TPTB machinery to keep us under their thumb.
Please, Abby, please don’t help their cause?


How many assumptions do make in a day, do you think?