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We Say, Let Us Live

We Say, Let Us Live

With an indicted Bibi going full racist nationalist before the election - Israel now officially, not just de facto, belongs to only Jewish citizens - his ethnic cleansing enterprise has seized a new "moral low ground" with record levels of Palestinian land stolen and homes demolished. The pace of destruction has surged in East Jerusalem, where Israeli officials have added an uncommonly cruel twist: Desperate Palestinians must destroy their own "illegal" homes, or face ruinous charges to have their oppressor do it for them.

The United Nation is worthless. What would happen if 2 Million Palestinians camped out on the steps of the Israeli Government.


Next up, making Palestinians pay for the IDF bullets used to shoot protesters.


It is time to double down on BDS!


The great enablers of this Humanitarian catastrophe are the Western Nations headed by the United States of America. Even as they condemn countries like Bolovia and Nicaragua and Venezuela for human rights violations , and even as they helped to outright destroy Yemen and Libya and Syria and Iraq under cover of the same , their Governments claim any critique of the nation state of Israel as Anti-semitic.

Israel has taken to oppressing even Jews within their own Country. The Ethiopian Jewish Community of some 160,000 is also segregated and marginalized. Palestinians living inside of Israel have a poverty rate of 47 percent while the Ethiopian Jews are at around 41 percent.

What this means is this NOT about Judaism. This is about White Settler RACISM and nothing more and those people slinging around the term “Anti-semitism” are in fact white supremacist racists.


Has Congress passed an anti BDS law yet? The over the top response to Omar just proved her point as this article points out…

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Well, the leaders of some of those countries, notably Syria, are humanitarian monsters. Assad and the Islamic extremists who took advantage of Assad’s has extermination or exiling millions of decent Syrians on the democratic left, destroyed Syria. The US was only a two bit player. Had they actually wanted to take Assad out (they never did), I really would not have gotten any more upset about it than when a Vito Corleone takes out a Tattaglia…

The radical so-called “antiwar” left, under the thrall of conspiracy theories where “American Imperialism” is behind everything that happens in the world while they support monsters under lunatic notion that the monsters are “anti-imperialist”, has totally lost their principles and moral compass.

Just a reflection…your Mother gives you birth and here you are looking around at what is what…you go through life asking why does it have to be this way, isn’t there a better way?..and at the close you say to yourself, that sure was weird. There are just so many wrongs you can rage about, how we destroy each other surly must be one of them, can’t we do this another way? Or is it going to be “that sure was weird”?

Assad took power in the year 2000. The “Arab Spring” occurred in 2011. The USA started funneling arms to extremists in Syria from Libya under your Hero Hilary Clinton in 2011.

There was no refugee crisis prior to the US Intervention and the amount of violence increased dramatically after the USA started to arm Islamists.

6 Million Syrians are INTERNALLY displaced with 90 percent of those 6 million having fled regions controlled by the Rebels to Syrian Government controlled regions. Close to 2 million Syrians refugees have returned to Syria virtually all of them going to Government controlled areas.

The USA was one of the major players in the violence in Syria. They not only added fuel to the fire but they encouraged the violent overthrow of the Government in Syria, just as they did in Libya, Iraq, Chile , Greece and Countries too numerous to mention. Martin Luther King made the observation that the USA the greatest purveyor of violence on the Globe almost 50 years ago. Nothing has changed. 50 years ago there were also people like you claiming that violence had nothing to do with the USA.


Yunzer prefers the brutality of fundamentalist Jihadis to the brutality of Assad.

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Apparently, Palestinians forced to demolish their own homes don’t understand that “Arbeit macht frei.”


Just by way of further example. Prior to 2014 there was no refugee crisis in the Ukraine. The US sponsors a coup and since that time 2.5 MILLION people have fled the Ukraine and are now refugees inside of Russia.

This is what the USA does. It what the USA has been doing for decades. They foment unrest the world over and than seek to profit off the same.


26 states have passed anti-BDS legislation including liberal California. I don’t think Senate Bill 1 (the national criminalization of the anti-BDS movement) passed, but the reptilian party keeps on pressing for passage to protect Zionist Fascism.

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This is what Rep. Omar was trying to warn us about. Netanyahu and his goons are thugs and not representative of the Jewish people at large. Tragically we end up being part of the human crime with the propaganda paid for by the likes of AIPAC. We do not erase history by credit carding on the Holocaust and creating our own twenty first century version of Hitler’s.

Palestine is not even worth being enslaved by the World Bank and the IMF.

Is it possible the the global community considers Palestinians about equal or having less value than the the Rwandans. Although the situation are not very similar, both peoples have and are experiencing genocide while the wold community ignores the crimes against human rights.

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So sadly amazing----the Israelis are outdoing the Nazis—since 1948.

Don’t most American Jews support Israel?
I’d be curious to know how much commercial real estate (in value dollars) and what number of residential rental units in the United States are under Jewish ownership.
A guest on Demcracy Now! accused Jerod Kushner of treating his poor American tenants exactly like the Israelis treat Palestinians.
And very little of the horrors Israel is visiting upon Palestine make it into the corporate mainstream media. No one I have personnally asked even knew the IDF have been sniping Palestinians this past year let alone shot 23 THOUSAND of them? Same goes for Rachel Corrie who no American I asked ever heard of. I wonder why? Could it possibly be because so much of the corporate manstream media is Jewish cntrolled?

Hi Giovanna-Lepore:
Oh, breaking up Palestinian families. just like the U.S. did with slavery. Making daily life so difficult for families and for futures------and breaking so many international laws—if they can do that so easily, then there really is no rule of law there…apparently rule of Whim rules. : (