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'We See No Other Options': Youth Activists Lead Global #ClimateStrike Ahead of COP 25

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/29/we-see-no-other-options-youth-activists-lead-global-climatestrike-ahead-cop-25


" We see no other options" and may I add, if you are a young person, and if nothing changes, your only option is climate devastation and hell in your future.

Just asking: is there any young persons Greta Thunbergs age that are climate deniers? Seems to me it is mostly elderly, who will be passing away soon… or woefully misinformed people that are climate deniers.


Off topic but just posting so that you all can know what the monsters are doing in the U.K. with Julian Assange.




My son is going to senior high here in Calgary, read oil city. In a vote before the recent federal election here in Canada, some three quarters of the students voted - Conservative. But all over Canada, the result was very different. Not only were the Conservatives third, but the social leaning New Democratic Party came in first, ahead of the Liberals, and so the youth of Canada would have elected a majority NDP party, who were more on board with the climate crisis than even the Liberals. However that isn’t saying much, as talk and platforms are cheap, and disposable, like the pledges of the Paris Accord - in fact SPIN.

The annual AGU meeting is upcoming ninth of December in San Francisco, it is in fact a Centenary as well, and the Arctic Sea Ice MOSAIC expedition is on the roster.

Here is an excerpt from the Abstract on the MOSAIC group, now drifting across the Arctic Ocean, embedded in what is left of Arctic Sea Ice:

The US MOSAiC education and outreach team presents a framework that aims to broaden MOSAiC’s societal impact. The foundational outreach activities will be captivating multimedia content and dynamic web-based content that offer a window into the field.
ED24A-07 - MOSAiC – a Year in the Ice. Engaging the Public through Captivating Science.

If one combines this presentation, and I presume many soon to be published reports from this AGU meeting, with the most recent bad news from Lenton et al on the ‘cascade of tipping points’ (recently reported on here on CD ‘Existential Threat to Civilization’: Planetary Tipping Points Make Climate Bets Too Dangerous, Scientists Warn “I don’t think people realize how little time we have left,” said one co-author of a new paper warning that the systems of the natural world could cascade out of control sooner than was previously thought. -

we will all be talking “planetary emergency” before long - unless I miss my guess.

Still - I expect nothing from the powers that be.

The only option is to replace them with sane politicians.


“OK Boomer” means what exactly? It sounds to me (born in 1947, like the CIA) as if Karl Rove and Frank Luntz got together in a panic to see what might be done to prevent the climate strike movement from gaining any more traction among the not-so-young.

Here’s a clue: those of us who protested atomic weapons, the US wars in Southeast Asia, the hollowing out of our industrial base and mindless consumerism, the US wars in Central America, the support for apartheid South Africa and apartheid Israel, the destruction of wetlands and the pollution of aquifers by the fossil fuel industry, and the serial malfeasances of Wall Street–among many other outrages–we didn’t wreck the planet, and didn’t subsidize with public money the individuals and institutions that did.

In short, it’s not a generational thing, it’s a systemic thing, the system being corporate capitalism.

It’s not an age thing, it’s a class thing, the class being what used to be called the bourgeoisie, and which is now called the 1%.

“Don’t buy the hype,” as we used to say back in the day.


Thanks, that was grim–yet, at the same time, hopeful, in that it shows Assange’s spirit of resistance still strong against all odds.

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I think democracy is less a system of governance and more a society in which all of the people are taken into consideration, and none left behind.

The great folly and evil of the 1%, or the oligarchs, is to have dismissed this way of thinking.

They are in fact undemocratic in the truest sense of the word.

Now, in The Anthropocene, we must broaden democracy to include the Environment, i.e., all other natural beings and also so-called inert objects - which are not in fact objects at all, but part and parcel of any living system - the biosphere on planet Earth.


Yes. “The first law of ecology is that everything is connected to everything else.”
–Dr. Barry Commoner, scientist and 1980 Citizens Party presidential candidate


Meanwhile, Venice is still under water. Don’t these kids realize that single-issue politics go nowhere? What, in the concrete, has Greta accomplished?

They need to go after the whole damned system. Begging their masters to “do something” is asking to be taken for a ride. They need to make them afraid.

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The climate strike movement is hardly a single issue. To adequately adress anthropogenic climate disruption will require that we tackle a bunch of big issues simultaneously, including, but hardly limited to, corporate capitalism, regenerative agriculture, mass transit, women’s reproductive rights–indeed the sovereign rights of all living things–and war and peace.

Believe me, they already are afraid, and they’ll have more to fear tomorrow. My best advice, as always, is to pick the thing that makes you the angriest and work on that. In so doing you’ll find your work intersecting with the work of others in ways previously unknown.


Thankyou UnclePo. Despicable bloody brits.

I fear that even with some sane politicians, there will be no change. Resistance is futile say the Borg overseers that run our political system. So far they have been correct.
The problem is that even with progressives being elected, the system will fight hard to remain the way it is. I like the policies of Bernie, but even if he is elected, little will be changed no matter how much he tries. Campaign promises are great, but carrying them out in reality is quite different.

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How true - and now, if I read the situation aright, the language itself is evolving quickly, from global warming to climate crisis to the all encompassing “planetary emergency” of Lenton et al (tipping point cascade), and of course includes every one of the issues you brought up in your reply to @Clovis.

Inspiration for the youth of the world - a call to action which is being heeded, and the renewal of faith in the courage of the human being.


Yes, we are hard up against it Skip.

But you know, I’m hankering for the fight. I think a lot of people are.

The gloves are off - we have an enemy - we have to win.


Indeed. The mineral kingdom too is alive as are all things. If in doubt, consider the movement of the atoms in all things.

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Thanks for nice reply. No, from my perspective, you have definitely not missed your guess. It is going to be a lot worse before it gets better…if it ever gets better!

Meanwhile, over in Wiscon-sin, they just made it illegal to protest oil pipelines. Still waiting on my nihilism concerning governmental and capitalists response to Anthropogenic Climate Disruption to be shown wrong and rays of hope sent to warm my old, saggy face. Even the batteries required to created a solar revolution starts with a coup and murder of the indigenous Bolivian people for their lithium.

I just don’t think the powerful and rich are going to listen until they are living in fear. I was young once protesting an unjust Vietnam regime change war and all it accomplished was another country supplying cheap labor for corporations. Maybe this generation is made of sterner stuff and won’t sell their revolutionary souls for minivans and little boxes made of ticky-tacky. I have my doubts but encourage them to give it their best shot. Trotsky was right, society needs to be in a constant state of revolution.


Part of the reason I climbed full time was the challenge - that\s part of the reason Jim Mattis joined the Marines - why a Navy SEAL volunteers.

Since all choice has been removed - the decision is now easy.

We fight back, and we win. Not the worst of situations, when you think of it.

There is a fascinating thought - penned by a man from America, Salinas California actually - one John Steinbeck, who wrote an updated translation of Mallory’s ‘Morte D’Arthur’ (“The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights”), which applies here ~

"Then Arthur learned, as all leaders are astonished to learn, that peace, not war, is the destroyer of men; tranquility rather than danger is the mother of cowardice, and not need but plenty brings apprehension and unease."


Now we are ~