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“We See You, Fossil Fuels, and We Are Coming”


“We See You, Fossil Fuels, and We Are Coming”

Andy Rowell

In the end, after two weeks of tortuous and exhausting negotiations in Paris, the UN agreement on climate reached on Saturday has been hailed as “historic, durable and ambitious.”

But we should remember it has taken twenty years of fighting huge political inertia and the oil industry’s multi-million dollar denial and delay campaign to get to this point.


My heart skipped a beat when I saw the banner demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies in five years.

Sanity. Hope. Intelligence. People know and then it is inevitable once that happens.

Love of life. Love of people. Love of the planet Earth!!!
Fossil fuel subsidies kill all three.


I pray these don't become Pyrrhic Victories... as would prove the case were horrible treaties like TPP and TIPP to come into effect to override these measures:

"This has been a year like no other for victories for the climate movement: the abandonment of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline; Shell putting out of the Arctic; the American Arctic being put off limits, for now; and the New York Attorney General Office’s investigation into Exxon’s climate denial misinformation."


I see no reduction in demand, nor any alternatives, for fossil fuels for transportation - which is where practically all petroleum is used. There are not even the most preliminary studies for a national high speed rail network - and AMTRAK almost certainly will make cuts to what little service it has outside of the E and W coast corridors. There are no improvements pending for urban public transit - indeed service cuts are more likely in my and every other city in my region save for maybe the wealthy and lavishly funded Washington, DC area. With record cheap (in constant dollars) gasoline, car driven-miles and SUV sales are way up. And while I consider it questionable solution or at best a temporary measure for the transition from car-culture, always-miniscule electric car sales are crashing and sales of most EV's models are being discontinued aside from a handful of states.


I think James Hansen summed it up quite well. He believes we need a fee on carbon and I would agree. The basics of reducing emissions are well known. The most important step is improving energy efficiency. The other important step is employing renewable energy such as solar and wind. But the main thing is getting a price on carbon. When you do that investing in energy efficiency measures makes a lot more sense. And so does investing in solar energy and wind. When energy efficiency and solar and wind make financial sense and burning fossil fuels doesn't then rapid reduction in emissions finally become possible.


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'We are the many, not the few', and we are coming to change a few things. Fossil fuel subsidies are on the list. Also, likely serious consequences await cos. like Exxon and others who have participated in questionable ethical practices regarding you know what. History is on our side. We will prevail. And, at least it's something to do til the climate overtakes us. Better that, than sitting around worrying,j as our World melts out.