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'We See You Stephen Miller': White House Reportedly Considering 'Despicable' and 'Racist' Plan to Deport Vietnam War Refugees


'We See You Stephen Miller': White House Reportedly Considering 'Despicable' and 'Racist' Plan to Deport Vietnam War Refugees

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what critics described as a "consciously racist" and immensely cruel move that has the fingerprints of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller all over it, the Trump administration is reportedly working to make Vietnam War refugees who have lived in the United States for decades eligible for deportation.


As the dominos, such as Manafort and Cohen, continue to fall, I expect to see more of this kind of crap thrown at a wall to see what’ll stick—the effect on real people’s lives is never going to be a consideration to fascists.


America needs to deport Trump from the Oval Office to a Rectangular Cell.

I look forward to the day he’s hauled out by Secret Service, the toes of his shoes dragging across the concrete, tears and snot streaming from his mewling red face.


Mike Duncan sez:
“Yes, we see you Stephen Miller.”

At least Miller will never be subject to deportation based upon ancestry. The rock he crawled out from under is 100 per cent pure USAn.


The only people I can’t stand are those that can’t stand others.


I remember seeing some Vietnamese refugees at De Anza Collegein the late '70s. They were to be new enrolees and they were smiling broadly - they couldn’t stop smiling they were so happy.


In your dreams only. It ain’t ever gonna happen. Just look at ALL the so called white collar criminals that HAVEN’T been questioned for criminal conduct much less prosecuted for crimes. Remember this key fact; in the US poor people get prosecuted and go to jail, wealthy people DO NOT.


Its no wonder his own family despises the odious scum, stephen miller…and why he was made part of the equally despicable trump regime.


Another day, another new low. Just think how low he’ll have to go a hundred days from now.


This is slightly off-topic, but still is representative of the utter ignorance, racism and disregard for The Wild and animal species extinction - the blind imbicilic arrogance of the trump regime, especially with regard to the “apartheid wall” along the southern border, and the wildlife that will be threatened and killed by such idiotic political opportunism and racism!

" Last week, the US supreme court issued a ruling allowing the Trump administration to waive 28 federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Air Act, and begin construction on 33 new miles of border wall in the heart of the valley – and right through the butterfly center."

" On any given day at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, visitors can to see more than 60 varieties of butterflies. In the spring and fall, monarchs and other species can blanket the center’s 100 acres of subtropical bushlands that extend from the visitor center to to the banks of the Rio Grande river"

This the trump regime of environmental & animal stupidity and destruction will jeopardize, diminish and destroy!

““Scientists are not activists. It goes against their grain and training to make political statements,” says Robert Peters, a scientist himself and the senior southwest representative at the conservation nonprofit Defenders of Wildlife. ”So when 2,700 of them sign a letter opposing the [US-Mexico] border wall, you know the wall is an ecological disaster.””

" Thousands of scientists have supported a call to recognise the harm Donald Trump’s border wall will have on native wildlife along the US-Mexico border.

The borderlands are home to more than 1,500 native plant and animal species, and cover some of North America’s most biologically diverse areas.

Placing a physical barrier between the two nations, will destroy this unique habitat, block species migrations and drive others to regional extinction, the scientists have argued."


Not sure who this move was supposed to appeal to.
His base is too fixated on black people, mexicans and muslims to have any hate left over for the vietnamese without a few weeks of propaganda at least, and it is not like they are considering invading Vietnam again, right? Obviously i would not put it past them, but there has been no propaganda efforts to demonize the vietnamese again, and americans neeed a month or so of “news” before get ginned up for yet another invasion.
So, outside of unhinged racism i just cant see a purpose behind this move.


Now can we shoot them all?


Recall that although he STARTED out targeting Jews, it didn’t take long for Hitler to target other minorities, including various ethnicities, gypsies, and homosexuals.

Seeing how the GOP has been following Goebbels’ play book for decades, targeting Vietnamese refugees is nowhere near the end of the groups that Trump and the GOP will continue to add to their list of “enemies” that keep their base supplied with raw meat.


This is why as soon as I heard that Trump and associates were screwing around with the Russian sanctions before he was elected, I said he should have been put on administrative leave until all was sorted out. In hind sight I guess that would have meant we wouldn’t have suffered any of Trump’s crap these past two years. It would have been Pence crap.


If you want to see who is on the future, Trump, agenda look no further than his evangelical Bible trumping, base. That would be: MINORITIES, IMMIGRANTS, GAYS, TRANSGENDERS, AND PROGRESSIVES! And anyone else that wants to put an end to fossil fuels.


Who will be next?


Correct. If that was not a pipe dream, Kissinger,the Bushes, Obama and too many other war criminals to name here would have been locked up a long time ago!


We should have “National White Mask Day” in this racist country. A day to embarrass all white folks for their bigotry past and present. All people of color and white supporters wear the white person mask.


As alluded to above, I think it’s intended to get the Mueller investigation off the front page for a while (not that unhinged racism isn’t a factor).


Stephen Miller had family murdered as Jews by Hitler. He is determined to be on the “winning” side but sadly if he helps bring fascism into the US he will be the first to be put in the camps next to the 3000 Central American children now in a military base in Texas living in tents before what is next if the fascist win?