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We Seek Comfort in October, but What Are We Doing to Stop Breast Cancer?


We Seek Comfort in October, but What Are We Doing to Stop Breast Cancer?

Jeanne Rizzo

Breast cancer feels bad, and October is supposed to make us feel better about it.


Shamefully, cancer is a money maker for TPTB. The more poisons in society, the more maladies society experiences and brings to "treatment". "The love of money is the root of all evil." 'nough said...


I find the photo offensive.

On a superficial level, a naïve reader might think: "Gee, isn't it great... girls in the military care about breast Cancer."

The phallic tank painted pink, the entire incursion of militarism INTO the natural world as the ultimate rapist to life in all its myriad wonders--assisted by a plethora of toxic chemicals--largely contributes to breast Cancer.

Ladies, you want to stop it? Get the phuck out of the MIC killing machine! That would be a good start... while also reducing YOUR exposure to toxic chemicals.


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Good to see a "response" to the breast cancer epidemic that's not medical in character, but rather clearly environmental. Addressing the major sources of the problem rather than looking for better "treatments" is strong and sensible.

That pink tank picture does not belong in this article though. The pink tank website (http://www.minnesotanationalguard.org/pinktank/) is all about examination and medical procedures, exactly what this article is trying to go beyond and get around. It's comparable to the way lots of people tell women how they should dress and act to avoid being raped, rather than telling men what they should do; i.e. not rape women.


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It's very odd to read an article about doing something about cancer without any discussion of the role of diet.

Many readers (including me!) might wish that cheeseburgers and ice cream grew on trees and were good for us and the environment, but meat and dairy are powerful factors in increasing cancer rates and in reducing cancer survival. First, meat and dairy contain many of the the carcinogenic compounds that trigger the development of tumors in the first place. Second, higher consumption of animal protein promotes cancer cell growth, with numerous studies finding dramatically higher rates of cancer among those who eat more meat, fish, and dairy. In contrast, plant-based diets result in significantly lower cancer rates, and in one lab study, the blood of women who had been on a plant-based diet for only two weeks killed cancer cells nearly eight times better than did the blood of omnivores. Third, eating more meat and dairy in childhood accelerates the onset of puberty, which substantially increases women's lifetime exposure to estrogen, in turn increasing cancer risks and rates. There's simply no way to get really serious about fighting breast cancer without getting serious about dietary changes, starting with less meat and dairy, and more plant-based foods. Plant-based diets are one of the most powerful ways of stopping breast cancer before it starts.

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It isn't odd at all. Most articles like this blame everything but diet. I get sick from all these articles blaming chemicals for cancer and demanding government to do something about it. Of course these chemicals are unhealthy but to ignore the primary cause of cancer - meat consumption - is outrageous. Meat production is also the number one source of geenhouse gases as well and that also gets ignored in mainstream articles urging people to change their light bulbs and install solar panels. Thanks for posting the research behind your excellent comments! If you visit this site often, you already know that most of the commenters here are hostile to the concept of vegetarianism...they want to blame corporations and politicians for illnesses and climate change...anyone but themselves.


I am also offended. Painting a killing machine pink as if it is a symbol of a good cause is mind-boggling in its perverseness. The people posing in this photo suffer from cognitive dissonance. We want to save lives! Let's pose with a pink people killer!


Build a more perfect union. Use a new sixth branch of government to add the cost of breast cancer to products suspected of contributing to endocrine disrupting chemical burden in women. Private corporate research being required to prove probable carcinogens are not a problem or that the science indicating a probable carcinogen is provably wrong.

The culture change to proving probable carcinogens are not a problem will reduce breast cancer dramatically. Breast cancer is a political corruption problem.