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We Should Be Excited About the Bottom-Up Wins in Virginia's Primaries

We Should Be Excited About the Bottom-Up Wins in Virginia's Primaries

Laura Flanders

A certain handshake in Singapore dominated the news June 12, so you might have missed Virginia's Democratic primaries. Call me crazy, but I put more faith in Anthony Flaccavento and Leslie Cockburn than in any part of that Singapore handshake.

Excellent! I put the 5th and 9th together and got 59th (new math, don’t you know) and then this came to mind (the reference is for NYC and not Virginia, however):

The 59th Street Bridge Song

It will be great if the Dems gain control of the House & Senate if they say what they mean by not catering to Wall Street. They should be in favor of Trump’s meeting with Kim & be in favor of withdrawing troops abroad. So many Democrats supported Obama’s war in Libya & Bush’s war in Iraq. Now, they along with the Republicans want endless war in Syria, Iraq & Afghanistan.

This sounds great if we can make it happen, and it will have to happen locally against quite a bit of pressure before there is a chance to unseat the current DNC regime.

It’s predictable, though, that there will be attempts to usurp any leftwardly movement within the party that cannot be shut down entirely.

There is a possible test, though: these people have to be willing to strike against the corporatist right within the party and the antidemocratic Democratic practices, including the superdelegates and counter-popular nominations.

It would be nice to see how willing these candidates might be to bell the cat, so to speak.