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We Should Be Fighting For Healthcare For Everyone, Not Taking It Away

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/27/we-should-be-fighting-healthcare-everyone-not-taking-it-away


Vote only for candidates advocating M4A in the primary and general election. No substitutes allowed.


Something that looks worth investigating: Is the higher level of COVID-19 for minorities due to less air conditioning in their past?

Not as simple as it should be Ray.
I have personally thanked and congratulated Rep. Pramila Jayapal here on CD, for her work and bill supporting EIM4A, only to find out as the co-chair of the healthcare taskforce of the Biden/Bernie taskforce that was supposed help push Sanders platform ideas to the Biden campaign, she never brought up the idea of a single payer healthcare system in any of those meetings or negotiations. A true WTF moment. I don’t know what to think about her now, and she was supposed to be one of the solid ones on this subject.

“Bernie/Biden Task Force Ends In Extreme Failure” / Jimmy Dore Platform

A well meaning article, but quite honestly, why write it?

Both Dems and Repubs are owned by the insurance/pharma lobbies so nothing will change.

Until people give up the charade of the two party duopoly, it is truly an exercise in futility.

you mean the one the DNC platform just voted down?

so sad
~BREAKING: The DNC Platform Committee has VOTED DOWN support for

It’s the media-----

Trump promised the “greatest healthcare ever” —and yet he has done nothing on healthcare except to get rid of it???—WHY ISN’T TRUMP HELD ACCOUNTABLE??? Why do the media let Trump slide on all these issues-----even in this current corona bill Trump is adding items that could help him personally.

The issue of the day should be how many people are being screwed by this corrupt healthcare system.

There are all kinds of reasons people are in the streets and we need to make this part of the fight-----the REAL issue here is the media


Because its an emergency Trump could order that people who had utilities turned off have them turned back on and order a mortatorium on new turnoffs. The WTO rules would definitely let him do that because people need to wash to prevent contagion. If the European water companies really had a problem with our doing that let them bring it up and sue us in the WTO.

We know they would not. So there is no excuse not to do it as long as the emergency continues.

The same thing applies to healthcare even though we committed it in the GATS. As long as the people helped do not have insurance, we are not causing crowd out and destitute people without jobs with a potentially fatal illness are not about to go shopping for insurance. So nobody is violating GATS. Nothing would be happening that inhibits trade in services.

Now do people see how it workd. Disregard all the propaganda thats trying to hide the fact that they traded our right to regulate away. Then you’ll understand it.

Yes, they lied.